Jun 21, 2005

No Entry for Entrance Exam

Recently, the Tamilnadu government decided to make life simple for the young students aspiring to join professional courses by bringing up some changes. One, to abolish the entrance examination which meant that the criteria for selection would be solely based on the marks of 12th standard, and two, to do away with the 'improvement' examination system. Certainly welcomable decisions, considering that so much money and time is spent specially for taking the entrance exam. But, to implement the changes from this year itself, after the students had taken the entrance exams and improvement exams, is blatantly wrong.

As a result, a lot of students were negatively affected and a few of them decided to go to court against the new rule. It is worth noting that they certainly welcome this new system but not from this year. They have already spent quite a bit of money and time (one student has been waiting for 2 years !! ) to get above the cut-off marks.. Certainly, the government should have thought well before taking such a decision..

The entrance exam method is followed by a lot of reputed institutions for various degree courses. They are mostly based on 'objective questions', with an emphasis of being 'objecive'. I have seen that, by and large, those who do well in +2 exams do well in the entrance too, since the syllabus is same.. But, to make them more competitive, a good way would have been to modify the entrance exam quetions to the quality of IIT-JEE, with subjective questions. This would surely propel more Tamil students into IIT's and get them prepared with and for a higher level of knowlege. If not, let the entrance exam be abolished, but from next year..


Ram.C said...

TN govt. should not have implemented this so, immediately. Those who prepared for the entrance exam, for the last 2 years are the most disappointed souls. I knew one girl who worked very hard and is going around medical colleges, due to this sudden change in the rules.

Nitin said...

last year was bad regarding college admissions. my friends got high marks in tnpce, and also their board exams, but they had to go to counselling, and everything. its a real pain, the education system in INdia, even if you work hard and get high grades, its likely you are going to get into a good college.

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