May 17, 2005

Star Wars

No, this is not about the forthcoming sequel.. It is about the war-of-words between some of our tamil heroes… Vijay-Ajit and Dhanush-Simbhu duels are well documented. When I think about it, this is what I get: In the case of latter pair, people have ascribed it to Aish marrying Dhanush. There were once rumors on Dhanush-Aish relationship, since they both studied in the same school and also kids of cine personalities. Some dialogues in Manmathan, even I felt, seemed to be attacking Dhanush and Aish. Even though both parties deny it, I think that’s the reason.

The “Vijay-Ajit” stuff also seems to be along the same line. Vijay and Shalini gave a blockbuster “Kadhalukku mariyathai” and they joined again for “Kannukkul Nilavu”. Looks to me that Vijay fell for Shalini… both were Christians too.. I cant say about the response and reciprocation of Shalini but she married Ajit after “Amarkkalam”. The hungama started only after that, with Vijay being the first one to vent out his anger against Ajit, and, Ajit too gave it back to him.. It goes on till now.. Vijay married Sangeetha and is living happily but, I have the feeling that he cant forget Shalini.. my evidence is “Sachein”, where the girl he craves for answers to the name “Shalini”!!!! In several of his dialogues with her, I felt that he talked from the heart.. and I have never seen him at this much romantic best in any of his movies. He says "Shalini" moochukku munnooru thadavai.. His only motto in the whole movie is to make "Shalini" say "I luv u" to him.. Poor man, he has his own version of love story deep in his heart and may be ruing his missed chances to convey his feelings to Shalini,, thinking that, with successes galore and a great position in the industry, how happy he would have been if……