Feb 10, 2006


A prelude to the Valentine’s day..

My first DG was Amala. From 'Satya' until 'Kodi Parakkudhu,' she was awesome; after that, she became horribly thin and faded away from my thoughts slowly. She was replaced, strangely, Kimi Katkar. I first saw her in the movie ‘Abhimanyu’, which was the remake of our ‘Sakalakala vallavan’. She looked very gorgeous and stunning in that movie and for a few years (until Hum) she was my DG.

Then, one day in early 90’s, I saw the ad for Pepsi.. a cute girl said ‘Hi, I am Sanjana.. can I have a pepsi plz?’ to Aamir Khan and that was it. She was one of the 5 most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Yeah yeah you know who she is.. she was my DG until I saw Sonali Bendre in ‘95.
That was the time the internet was booming up; she was the girl whose pictures were the most famous in the web.

In ’96, I saw ‘Tere mere sapne’ in which Priya Gill was introduced, along with Simran. She acted as a Tamil girl in the movie. I was totally lost.
Then came 'Keerthi Reddy'.. a special one.. she was the only actress to whom I have sent a fan letter.. ;-)

Next year, the mettle was passed to Mahima Choudhary, who was deadly in Pardes,after a great ad for Wills during World cup '96..
Lisa Ray replaced her soon. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's album 'Afreen' shown on DD those times was such a lovely song.

As you can see, mid 90's had me drooling over 5 beauties; the transition from teenage to the 20's.. It was inevitable.. ;-)

After that, love happened and research also took over. Still, few other girls to be my DG of late are.. Divya Khosla and Tamanna.


smiley said...

Dreamer, wake up and get a real gal. First time to your site, very interesting

Nitin said...

I think for me righ now its Asin & Priyanka chopra, they both look kinda alike if you have noticed.

Paurna said...

@smiley,if i am not mistaken raju found his real gal long back.

mitr_bayarea said...


hmmm....pleasantly surprised at your DG list, hate to admit it, am not familiar with the others except Amala, Sonali Bendre, Priya Gill and Mahima. Ellarum romba hi fi penmanikal-a irukanga, guess after love happened and G came into your life, she has been your DG since, illeya?

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

kalakkarenga..ellaroda picsum poturundhaa...nanna irukkum :)

Balaji said...

so many?! looks like u're changing them too fast. no loyalty? :) i think as long as simran was in the field, she was my only DG :)

TamilPonnu said...

interesting.. ur taste in grrls.

who are the last two.. I've never seen them

Me too said...

mm... Prelude-kku DG(s) and V Day-kku real Gal, eh?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

amala , ash and lisa ray are the ones id also agree with,sooper. nalla irukkum. enna the latest tamil heartthrob ASIN kanum? too much competition for u?

Krishnan said...


Kadhal mannan, Kadhal ilavarasan varisaila ungallukku "Kadhal Blogger" pattam tharuvadhil peru maghizchi adaigiren :-)

Nallavan said...

hi dude,

y no tamil girls after amala

ashok said...

nallavan..who said Amala is tamil?
she is Irish-bengali!

raju..first time to ur blog and plesantly greeted by beautiful faces...maybe u shud post a seperate list of ur Tamil dream girls!!

Raju said...

Smiley, its good to dream sometimes.. Paurna has answered to ur point...:-)
Nitin, I sure like Asin but she hasnt gone to the DG level yet.. and Priyanka.. though i liked her initially, of late, I dont want to see her. I dont agree with the similarity that you have mentioned.
Paurna, thanks for answering on my behalf..
Mitr, due to blogger problem, I couldnt upload some fotos. The Sanjana I meant was Aish.. Most have one thing in common- they havent made it big in the cine industry (except Amala and Aish).

Raju said...

Vijay, Ippo santhoshama? Blogger fails to upload fotos at times..
Raz, I dont show her all my blogs myself.. She knows well about it and reads it once awhile.. I am also curious to get her 'response' for this post.. :-)
Balaji, yeah.. I have also observed my non-loyalty.. What to do.. I couldnt help it.. Why to be forcefully loyal to someone, rather than being liberal? :-)
I didnt like Simran that much in 'Tere mere sapne'; but liked her in 'Nerukku Nerr' and 'Vaali'; but I thought she initially trusted on her 'iduppu' more than her acting skills, which I didnt appreciate. Another thing was, her entry into tamil movies coincided with my reduction in movie-watching.. As I said earlier, i watched countable tamil movies from '98-2001, which was her top-period.. so my opinion of Simran was based on some of the songs I saw on TV... The movies of her that I missed are 'Natpukkaga', the movie with Prabhu deva and Abbas, 'Parthen Rasithen', etc.

Raju said...

Priya, enn rasanai eppadi? ;-)

Divya Khosla acted in a single movie, 'Ab Tumhaare Hawale Watan Saathiyo' before marrying a producer; and Tamanna is a new girl in Tollywood; I wish some tamil director imports her to Kodambakkam soon..
Aparna, hehehehe... u got it.. but probably no post on the 'real gal'.. :-)
Vatsan, as I said earlier, Asin is my favorite actress in Tamil now; but not DG yet..

Raju said...

Krishnan, ayyo thalaiva.. appadi ellam solli ennai kavuthuraadheenga.. Ennoda manasule ulladhellam unga ellarkitteyum sollame vere yaarkitte solla porenn.. Ellarukkum oru DG/DG' (guy) list irukkum... tagging madhiri edhachum pannadhan konjamaavadhu unmai veliye varum.. ;-)
Sarathy, adhu ennamo theriyale... for almost 2 decades-a tamil heroines ellam avvalava 'dashing'-a illavey illai.. Naan enna pannattum..
Ashok, Amala is Irish-Bengali? That is interesting news for me.. thanks..

Nalla varaverpu kidaichudha? good.. :-) in Tamil, there wasnt any DG from movies.. there were a few crushes in real life, though.. ;-)

Smiley, Krishnan and Ashok, welcome to my blog.. :-)

Nitin said...

did Kimi Katkar or that pic after amala act with Rajni in Athisaya Piravi? Where, Rajni dies, and come back and takes over another rajni's body? just wondering

unknown said...

so many crashes....do ur gal know abt ur crashes...lol

ashok said...

raju...to be more precise : Amala's mother is Irish and father is bengali...interesting combo..eh?

real life crushes!!?? that will be more interesting!! wen r u going to post on that?

thanks for ur invitation raju...u r invited to my blog too!

visithra said...

adada ivlova?? seri ungeh love story sohlungeh nalla iruhkum kekah ;)

Raju said...

Nitin, No, it was Sheeba (I dont like her at all), who acted in Adhisaya Piravi. Kimi acted opposite Amitabh in 'Hum', which was the original for 'Batsha'. Her 'Jumma Chumma' song in that movie is pretty famous.
Ammu, :-) no, I havent told about all to her.. ;-)
Ashok, real life crushes would be of 'Autograph' type.. ellor vazhvilum Nanba, ezhu kaadhalgal undu!!! :-) Posting that would require quite a bit of guts from me... I may not want to do that before V-day.. Why take risk before this important occasion?

I visited ur blog.. interesting.. I studied in Madurai too.. it was quite nostalgic..
Vis, ennoda love story? adhu onnum avvalava interesting illai.. ;-)

ashok said...

which school / college in Madurai?

Nitin said...

back to cricket, India doing amazing. especially Sachin, seems like he is back in form. Dhoni is damn impressive. Hopefully, gambhir contributes more.

Raju said...

Ashok, TVS School and SN College.. neenga?
Nitin, yeah.. it was a great match. Sachin, Yuvraj and Dhoni all played wonderful innnigs. Good to see Sachin among his runs, and also helpping the team revolve around him. In addition, I think he bowled pretty well as the 5th bowler as well, for an entire 10 overs for less than 6 r.p.o. I dont think Gambhir would have any great role to play in this series; he has been off-color lately.. IMHO, I wish India seeks replacement for Sehwag soon and brings in someone like Dinesh Mongia to partner Sachin at the top and provide some option as a 5th bowler. I sincerely wish we beat Pak in the remaining two games as well and return home with heads held high..

Vanathi said...

Beautiful ladies...

Raju said...

Vanathi, arent they? :-)

ashok said...

SDA School / and 1 sem in American college..then left Madurai to join Engg. college/'anna versity.

good to know u r from TVS...never missed LOSA in my school days.....U might find a lot of mention about LOSA in my blog.

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

Your number of DG is OK for me when I compared to my friend's list. He is maintaining atleast 5 as DG simulateously..I saw many like that...

Raju said...

Ashok, 7th Day-a? mm.. I had a few friends from there. You forgot to add '"The" American College'... :-)

I wasnt from TVS Lakshmi.. TVS Sundaram was my school. I participated in LOSA only once..
Karthikeyan, Welcome here!! 5 at a time? Idhaithaan 'handful' endru solvargalo? :-)