May 22, 2006

Hit or flop?

The summer of big releases begins with this week's Pudhupettai.. here are my two cents on the recent trend in the tamil movie box office results..

I was truly amazed to hear that the movie's "Hit or flop" status is decided by the opening 3 days' collection.. With the theater owners openly selling the Fri-Sun tickets at exorbitant prices, those three days are apparently enough to collect a major chunk of the distributor's money.. Crazy, isnt it? Firstly, the government should have banned such illegal high prices.. When it was expected of the theaters and government to go hard at the black-ticket sellers, things have taken such a wrong turn..

What this has done is to create the 'star-value' for pretty much all the actors.. The fans of a star are ready to spend all their hard-earned money to make sure that their thalaivar's movie is a big hit.. I dont understand how we got such huge crowd of crazy fans.. There are three types of movie-goers, according to me: 1) The hardcore fans of a particular star; 2) those who are fans of the heroine/director/music director; 3) those who want to watch 'some good movie' with their friends or family. I have also watched so many movies on the first day.. may be little bit of planning is done but I havent paid over Rs. 50 for a ticket any time..

A movie takes about 6-12 months to get completed.. when one can wait that long, why not another week or two until the tickets are sold at 'normal price'? "Aakka poRuthavanga aara poRukka koodatha?" Someone told me that, with so many youngsters getting into well-paid jobs early in their careers, that they dont know how to spend their money.. and they dont understand the value of the money.. may be such crowd doesnt mind double prized-tickets for the fun of watching a new movie.. Unless the public shows thumbs-down or a flipped finger to such tactics of the theaters, this bad trend would continue.


Nitin said...

in my experience, getting into the theatre to watch a movie has always been tough for me, and my friends whether its the first day or a couple weeks later. lots of planning is required,we have to get there about 2.5hrs early, scout the place, look for some way to get in. There is always someone who says give me Rs100, i will get a ticket confirmed. Then we have to wait outside a gate, with 100s of people, and then they open the gate, and people run to getinto that cave like booth, to get a ticket. but here, its very very organized, first of all,even if there are hardcore fans, they dont show that physically, there they have garlands, and pour milk on actor cutouts, extreme affection towards these stars, and that too, its for stars like Simbhu or Dhanush. I hope Pudhupettai is good, and VettaiyaduVillaiyadu releases soon, only these two are worth waiting for, i dont think there are any other good mvoies comin out for summer.wonde r when sivaji will be released?

Nag said...

i think its just the crazy fans who spends 10 times of actual cost of ticket, as its a prestiage issue for him (to prove his claim he is the greatest fan to that hero)

TamilPonnu said...

I hope it's a hit..

raju- did u see pattiyal.. lol ( i know, I'm so late, I just got to watch it recently,I liked it v.much)

Raju said...

Nitin, yeah true.. there have been times when movie-watching was a 'project' in itself.. esp. the ultra-new ones.. During my II and III years of college, I was a little crazy on watching new movies.. the kind of work that we used to do - like catching hold of someone in the area where the moive is released, trying to get some 'contacts' from the theater/rasigar manram and then of course bunking classes.. :) It used to be chaotic to mayhem, depending on the theater..

Nowadays, there is huge fan following for everyone... I read somewhere that before 'Rojakoottam' was released, someone opened a 'Rasigar manram' for Srikanth with the hope/trust that he would make it big in Kodambakkam...

I guess Sivaji is set for release on Diwali..
>Nag, stupid act, isnt it? When people are ready and waiting to be cheated, there will always be people who cheat..
Priya, the industry and media has got a foregone conclusion that it would be a hit..

I saw Pattiyal.. I liked it too..

mitr_bayarea said...

Pudhupettai is the movie that is going to determine if Dhanush is going to continue to be an actor. Read somewhere that so much of Selva's planning, re-shooting, changing the story/scenes etc. has been made and if this movie fails to bring limelight to Dhanush, he would probably quit acting and take to running hotels etc. as per his father-in-law's wishes.

Nag said...

Again a close match!

Raju said...

Mitr, yeah.. I agree with you.. It would be sad if Pudhupettai fails and Dhanush changes his career. His skeletal shape notwithstanding, I consider him to be one of the most promising actors of the current crop.. in fact, IMHO, I prefer him to Vijay.
Nag, heart-breaking finish again.. too many close matches for comfort.. I think Rao is not fit for one-dayers.. we should invest more on Uthappa..

Nyneishia said...

Just realised i am lagging in my tamil movie viewing. I shud catch some of these movies. Either i am getting old, losing patience to sit through a 2.5 hr movie.. or these movies are really not worth spending the time or the money.

OK.. so next in my list is Pattiyal.

Me too said...

With 'thiruttu' VCDs getting released before the movie, 3 days aalunga varaangale!!

Your post reminded me of some Kamal movies that I have watched with my other 2 Kamal crazy fans at Udayam theatre on the first week of release, waiting in the Rs. 2.90(yes, really 2 Rs and 90 paisa!)ticket queue for 2-3 hours!!

Raju said...

Nyneishia, what do you do in US, BTW? Pattiyal is a good one to watch.. An extra 30 or 60 mins is OK.. not that bad, ille?
Aparna, your point is well-noted.. the nervous theater owners make hay when it shines..

Those good old days...!!