Mar 7, 2006

Got it ?

I am waiting for some fast bowler who can take the New ball, moving it both ways to the batsmen, and York them off, helping us win the one-day series in April.


ada-paavi!!!! said...

and we shall keep waiting coz he doesnt seem to eist in the horizon

NaiKutti said...

so only a month left to enjoy the amazing weather in florida... hope NY welcomes u with equal warmth (and cold?)

Vinesh said...

Haha, creative!! :-)

Paurna said...

isn't there a lot of difference in the weather between florida and new york?

as for the fast bowler u r talking bout may be munaf patel cud be the answer.

Raju said...

Vatsan, isnt it ironic that when bowler from across the border can easily clock 90+ mph, we havent produced a single bowler with that kinda raw pace?
Veda, u got it.
Karthik, yeah.. Florida weather has been terrific. Thank God we are moving in April, when the place starts to thaw..
Vinesh, welcome here.. Thanks.
Paurna, quite a lot of difference in the weather. Whereas we have to turn the cooling on in Florida, in NY, it would be the heater.

Munaf Patel was the one in my mind, and his selection to the team made me club both the events together. Hope he gets a chance to play atleast in the one-dayers..

Me too said...

Congratulations! So, going to the 'big city', eh? Nice timing too! April to August is a fabulous time to go around. Inime NJ-le neraya padam paakalaam!! ;)

Nitin said...

Cool raju. Did you get a job there? Have a great time in New York. Where in New York exactly?

tt_giant said...

Good one Raju!. So you moving to NE... it would be a good experience for you guys.. all the best!

Adaengappa !! said...

Varuga Varuga to NY !!
Please tringtring me soon !!

Adaengappa !! said...

mail me at adengappa@gmail.
Thanks !

Marutham said...

Flying away!! Happy journey!! Btw,I have blogrolled you! Bye for now.

Raju said...

Marutham, I am already in the USA. Pinne eppadi flying away-nu solreenga? In fact, as of now, it looks like I would be 'driving away' all the way to NY.. :-(

Thanks for blogrolling..

Marutham said...

Hi Raju,
I din't know you would be DRIVING AWAY!!! All the way to NY???!!! I thought a flight would be safer!
Visit my post on IWD. Tell me your list!

Raju said...

Marutham, yeah.. 1100 miles.. That seems to be the only option if we dont want to face our initial days without a car in NY. There are a couple of factors which are favoring the decision: To get a chance to visit a friend half-way through; and drive through the scenic coastal eastern states.

Sundar Narayanan said...

i miss upstate new york sometimes these days.. especially winter..

enjoy raju..


Raju said...

Sundar, you miss the winter of NY sitting in warm Bay Area? mm.. though I hate cold, me too look forward to the winter there..

Thanks... :-)