Mar 3, 2006

Happy Birthday, Hari !!

Ever since 'Konja naal ', Hariharan is my favorite singer. I still love SPB but Hari is unique. After Bombay, Hari was AR Rahman's favorite singer. For over two years, all the albums of Rahman had atleast one song by Hari. In the period '95-'97, Hari sang some unforgettable numbers, such as 'Vennilae' (which is my all-time favorite song), 'AvaL varuvaLa', , 'Vidukathaiya', 'Hai Rama', 'Telephone mani..', 'Konjum manjal' and 'Colonial cousins'.

'Vennilave' is a special one.. One of the rare songs of Rahman which stunned me at the very first listen. That was the time of 'cyberspace', and I met a girl, Lavanya, online from Orlando, who also happened to be a big time Hari's songs, esp. 'Vennilave'. We became good friends. She was seeing a Madurai guy that time, and we chatted long hours on tamil film music, esp. on Hari. Hari visited Orlando for a concert and she was all 'ooh aah' on him - he was so down-to-earth, interacted with fans very friendly, blah blah. She was the very interested in creating a homepage for him and there it was - the first and only official homepage of Hari. Another internet-friend of hers, P. Sundaram from Singapore, was a secondary and I was the database guy.

Due to my research career, I couldnt contribute much to the webpage. The only connection I have with that is through the translated interview from Kumudam. Though Hari has performed a few times in Bangalore, I havent had a chance to meet him. Lavanya got a personalized autograph for me from him and mailed me. And since Mrs. Hariharan was computer-savvy, we have had a few e-mail exchanges.

I have a CD 'Hari special' which have my most favorite songs of his. My choices for that CD are:
1) VennilavE - MinsAra Kanavu;
2) Konjum manjal - Ullasam;
3) Konja naal - Aasai;
4) AvaL varuvALA - Nerukku Nerr;
5) EngengE - Nerukku Nerr;
6) Telephone manipol - Indian;
7) VidukathaiyA - Muthu;
8) HAi RAmA - Rangeela;
9) UyirE - Bombay;
10) NilA kAikiRathu - Indira;
11) MalargaLey - Love birds;
12) Yaadein - Yaadein;
13) Pachai niRamE - Alaipayuthey.

Happy Birthday, Hari !! and thanks for enthralling us with your mesmerizing voice.


Nag said...

Happy birthday to hari!!!

Me too said...

Oh! Belated birthday wishes to Hariharan! [Minadi oru hint kuduthirukka koodadha :(, 'FM'(adhaanga Friday melody!)-le kalakki iruppene!!] I guess, one can say he is this generation's Yesudas!!

Raju said...

Nag, mm..
Aparna, kuduthirukkalam.. adhu pathi yosikkave illai.. Adhanal enna? Adutha varushathule kalakkirunga.. :)

வேதா said...

well, i am a fan of hariharan, but i like the song from indra. very nice one.

Marutham said...

Hi, First time here. Nice BLOGGING! And never knew it is HARI's B'day. My wishes to Him....

Anand Prabhu said...

thanks a lot for letting us know abt hari ji's bday....

Many Many happy bday hari ji.. he has created magic...Love his songs a lot

Raju said...

Veda, I imagine at times how it would be if Unnikrishnan had got the numbers of Hari and vice-versa. There are some songs which Unnikrishnan can sing equally good, but when a high pitch is required, Hari's metallic voice is the unbeatable one. 'Thoda thoda' is a lovely melody.
Marutham, varuga, varuga!! Nandri. I was hoping that some hardcore music and movie lovers would have written a post on it; but it seems I am the only one who remembered his birthday. How can I forget.
Anand, idhukkellam enn thanks solreengo..
'Magic' is the most apt word..

Nitin said...

Late Happy Bday to Hariharan. I went to one of his shows in Tampa, it was fantastic. He was singing Ghazals, then he was singing Hindi songs, suddenly he switched to telephone manipol seripu. great singer. Last year or the year before that, there was a hariharan show on vijay tv, i think it was last year, when he turned 50, great show, with lot of artists, and he sang a variety of songs. i think i have it on dvd.

Ram.C said...

Eventhough Karthik has replaced him in my favouries list, his 'Vennilave..' and 'Anbe Anbe...'(Jeans) are my all time favourites. Surprised that 'Anbe..' was missing in your collection..

tt_giant said...

Excellent singer!. Happy B day to him!. I am not sure if you have heard "Yamahaa nagari" from a movie called "Choodalani undhi" - a telugu movie. Although it is a straight lift from Raghuvamsa sudha (carnatic), he had it taken to unchartered levels.

But SPB is my all time fav!. ;-)

Raju said...

Nitin, yeah.. he is a master of all forms of Indian music.. Nice to know about the DVD.. Would like to have a copy of that, if possible.. :-)
Ram, Karthik is my favorite among the youngest crop of singers. Somehow, 'Anbe Anbe..' didnt go well with me from the very first time. Though I have it in my huge collection, imagining Prashanth singing with a gaudy dress is a turn-off. Another reason has been that this song has caused mix-ups with the SPB classic 'Anbe anbe' (Ennai kaanavillaiye) from Kadhal desam when I want to play the latter song.
Deepak, I think I have heard it. Will listen to it anyway.

Anonymous said...

sari Lavanyakku enna achchu sollave illaiye. Did she marry the madurai guy ?

Raju said...

Anon, LOL.. romba curious-dhaan.. :-)

She married the Madurai guy 3 years ago and happily settled in Idaho now.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »