Feb 28, 2006

Dream before sleep

There are days I feel so sleepy before going to bed that I doze off as soon as I hit the bed; and there are days when I go to sleep bcos it is 'bed time'. To minimize the sleepless time, many people resort to things like taking deep breaths or close eyes and imagine a sheeps jumping over a fence. For me, it has been a time to realize my cricket dreams. I would imagine myself as a batsman or bowler taking apart the opposition players and make the teams win.

Post-World Cup '03, I used to imagine myself as a tail batsman facing the Aus bowlers in the finals when all seemed lost and then start blazing sixes, to clinch an unbelievable victory. Especially creating new records like reaching fifty in just 9 balls, a hundred in less than 20 balls, and max. no. of sixes. If I sleep today, it would be me hitting five sixes off Harmison or Hoggard, getting a 1 or 3 to retain the strike and continue the onslaught the next over; this way the team score would be over 1500 when India bats first; or if it is bowling, I would make all their batsmen bowled within my first 10 balls. Never it has failed to bring sleep to me within 5-10 minutes.

Since I hardly get a chance to play cricket, this super-dreaming doesnt affect me negatively. When India loses, and when I feel bad, I sometimes console myself that they lost because I didnt play !! hahhaa.. might sound funny, but thats my way of coming over such demoralizing temporary emotions. Logic cant take a beating; so, when I sleep today, I wont imagine playing the first test vs England (which would have started by then) but rather catch a flight to India, and 'somehow' get into the team before the second test. It is hard, u know, without having played a single Ranji team. So, I would imagine me impressing either the captain or chairmen of selectors or coach (the way Wasim Akram impressed Imran Khan on the eve of a test and literally hand-picking him).

Now, with the team in desparate look for real fast bowlers and the selectors declaring that anyone bowling above 135 kph is welcome, it would make the logic during my dreaming easy. If I clock 160 kph and above, wouldnt it be among the easiest way to enter the team? :-)


Nitin said...

Heh, very funny Raju, I have had such dreams too. I sometimes imagine myself playing with sachin tendulkar, or beating roger federer in tennis. when i was in India, cricket and tennis was my sport, and my exercise. when i came here, exercise became boring, so when i am jogging, and i get tired or bored, i think to myself that I am running on the boundary line, and I am about to stop a 4 near the boundary line, it makes me run faster.

Yours Truly said...

Vot an imagination :D
For me, almost always, itz always been sleeping instantaneously once I hit the bed, while waking me up in the mornings is considered a feat by my parents.

And on those occasional days when I find it difficult to sleep one "Aayarpaadi maaLigayil" is enough to make me snore by the end of that song :)

Raju said...

Nitin, wow.. playing with Sachin.. my dream too. :-) Interesting bit on ur jogging..
YT, imagination has no boundaries... :-)

You seem to be of my category in sleeping; unless I sit in front of PC, I am destined to doze off if I sit to read for sometime. 'Ayarpadi...' is a lovely song.. Do you recall that song or play it?

Me too said...

'Koduthuvechavanga' those of you who sleep as soon as you hit the bed! Your imaginary cricketer avatharam is funny!

kaushik said...

hey, these were some of my 'ambitions', around 7-8 years ago!!!!

Yours Truly said...

Oh yes!! A beautiful song it is. Itz mostly recollection - of the lyrics, associating them and picturising Krishna's mischiefs. Would doze off before I reach the 2nd stanza. And on those rare days when am not too lazy, I do play it :)

Raju said...

Aparna, LOL.. sometimes it becomes 'over-koduthufying'; as I said earlier, I have been notorious at times when I doze off in the middle of an important lecture. Once I snored so badly that everyone in the lecture hall (including the speaker) turned around and looked at me. So embarassing..
Kaushik, nice to know of that. I have to tell that I seek divine intervention to do such things in my dream. Sometimes, it also happens to be the first step to glory and fame. I dream of using my clout to eradicate the problems of our country. During Kargil war, and the gory latter half of 2001, I used to dream of getting the 'unique power' of identifying the anti-Indian culprits within the nation and across the border and teach them a few lessons so that they wont even think of harming our country.. Imagination has no bounds, ille?
YT, thats what I thought too. The song, which puts Krishna too sleep mustbe based on the appropriate raagam to induce sleep among the listeners also.. There is something special about 'thaalelo'..

வேதா said...

hi raju,
i cannot sleep without reading books. oru 1 hr book padichutu appidiye konjam konjaama thookam en kangalai thazhuvatume-nu padikite thongida vendiyathu thaan.
some times thookam varum pothu thaan nalla nalla kavidhaigal thonum, atha ezhuthi vachuka sombal pattu adutha naal varigal maranthudum.

susubala said...

It was nice reading this post and u lucky enough to get dozed off as soon as u fall on bed. That's great and iam sure all of them doesnt posses this quality !

Cheers and enjoy ur daily sleep !

Raju said...

Veda, reading books before sleeping is a very good habit; How about my problem of falling asleep when I sit to read a book? :-) It is very hard to control it..

Thookka nerathil kavithaiya? wow.. pakkathuley oru chinna walkman-cum-tape recorder vachu record panna engalukku ellam arumaiyana kavithai kidaikkum ille?
Sumi, romba naal achu.. my policy while going to bed is to leave all worries outside the bedroom; that helps me in dozing off immediately.

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