Dec 11, 2005

Best of 2005

While we are approaching the end of the year, it is time to have a look at the Tamil movies released in 2005. Though over 100 movies were released, only a handful went on to make it big in the box office; and very few were worth mentioning in terms of quality. I have created pollboxes for various 'bests'. Of course it is highly subjective and the options were made from my point of view. With less than 20 days to go, and no more decent movie on the verge of release, the poll, IMHO, covers pretty much the best of what happened in tamil cinema this year.

I would appreciate any type of comment on this; I will try to keep this as the second post from the top after the next post is made. So, plz. take your time, you can vote anytime from now till new-year eve. The voting starts NOW:

Best actor
Jeeva (Ram)
Surya (Ghajini)
Vikram (Anniyan)

Best actress
Asin (Ghajini)
Jothika (Chandramukhi)
Laila (Ullam Ketkume, Kanda Naal Muthal)
Padmapriya (Thavamai Thavamirundhu)

Best movie
Thavamai Thavamirundhu

Best director
Ameer (Raam)
Cheran (Thavamai Thavamirundhu)
Murugadoss (Ghajini)
Shankar (Anniyan)
P. Vasu (Chandramukhi)

Best music director
Yuvan (Raam, Arindhum ariyamalum, Kanda naal mudhal)
Harris (Anniyan, Ullam Ketkume, Ghajini)
AR Rahman (Ah Aah)
Vidyasagar (Chandramukhi, Kanaa Kanden, Majaa)


Barani said...

thavamaai thavam irundu Nalla padamaa? Neenga unga previous postle edaavudu reviews ezhudi irukkengala?

Ungala ellam paathu inspire aagi Naanum oru Blog create panna aarambicurikken! check out my first post! awaiting ur frank feed back

narayanan said...

unga pechu doo. how did you miss Kadhal and Kannadi Pookal (picked from this list, i still haven't personally watched Kannadi Pookal to talk about it) in this list :(

But even adding these 2, it appears to me like a shameful year of Tamizh cinema. Not just this list, this year's Filmfare awards are heading to some silly commercialized movies. What a pity.


Barani said...

yes, this has been a very Bad year for tamil cinema. Though I liked Suriya's performance in Ghazini and vikram in Anniyan , i don't find them to be best of their performances.

I can say Jo's performance in Chandramukhi is her personal best. But not really a one which would deserve a filmfare.. Hope 2006 turns out to be a good year.
Better films/ Better performances..

Nitin said...

yeah, it was tough to choose the favorite actor, and movie. because all the movies in the list were not anywhere close to good, even anniyan. i wonder how thavamai thavamarindu is, i hear its good? so im guessing that will win without evne watching it. I was to see kanda naal mudhal, and thavamai thavamirindhu. ahve u seen aaru yet, i hear mixed review, people saying its great, people saying its too violent.

Sundar Narayanan said...

raju i havent seen the new cheran movie.. so cant be fair to that one.. why cant we just click vote once after we choose all the individual buttons. i had to vote for each one and go back to your page..

Raju said...

Barani, thavamai thavamirundhu nalla padam, though a long one. Just watched the movie yesterday so no reviews yet.

Good to know about ur blog. I will visit you soon.. :-)

Yes, one can say it is a bad year; some veterans like Balumahendra, Fazil, and Singeetham bite the dust; only masala movies went on to became hits.

The list is not for the best of the career performances; it is the list for the best of the year..
Narayanan, Kadhal was released in dec. 2004 (Balaji has mentioned that since he watched it in 2005, he included it among the 2005 releases). I havent seen Kannadi pookkal either, so, as I said, it was a list from what i thought was the best.

U are right about the year 2005 in tamil cinema. I was forced to add pretty much similar movies in all the list since they were best among the bad.
Nitin, the definition of 'good cinema' is now changed to 'whichever runs well in the box office'. So, for the distributors/theater-owners/producers, movies such as 'Thiruppachi' and 'Sivakasi' are good and they would hesitate to make/buy a 'Kannadi pookkal'. Thats sad. No Aaru yet; it might become a hit like the two other movies that I mentioned ..
Sundar, mm.. TT kudumbathodu parkkavendiya padam.. but watch out for theh time..

I am sorry for the many boxes.. I am an amateur with the softwares, so I had to put up individual posts.. Konjam poruthukkonga..

Sundar Narayanan said...

i dont think i will get permission to escape for 3 hour movie + 20 min interval (typical in bay area theater for tamil movie) + 40 min commute back and forth.. have to wait for dvd or indian store vcd !!


Vanathi said...

Me finished voting...

ada-paavi!!!! said...

romba avasara padarangal, thalais AARU is there, best masala padam nu oru award ku,

apporam its not fair comparing TT with AARU,

ada-paavi!!!! said...

no masala padam ll ever make it here, but making a masala padam isnt a joke. think of it, making a movie with just one word VIJAY, and making ppl watch it, joke-a?

San said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog :)

I've not seen any tamil movie si I think I'll pass with the voting :)

Raju said...

Narayanan, mm.. I can understand the 'permisssion' part.. It is more than 3 hours.. :-) Cheran had to trim it a bit heeding to the request/demand by the theater-owners.
Vanathi, thanks.. :-)
Vatsan, I was waiting for 'Aaru' before posting this one; read that it is pretty violent. So, though I didnt see it, decided to discard it for 'best'. I hope Aaru was in pretty much the same league as Thirupachi and Sivakasi.

Best masala padam-nu oru unconventional award create panradhukku 1 or 2 years agum.. but it will surely happen, the way the industry is leaning into such movies.

Certainly it is not a cakewalk making a masala movie.. IMHO, many directors create movies keeping Rajinikanth in mind and then rope in someone (like Vijay) to do that role..
Sangeeta, welcome here.. thanks to u too.. :-)

tt_giant said...

best film should be a no-brainer after CM's record.

music.. would be a close call between yuvan and harris..

actor.. hands down vikram..

actress.. of the lot, jo would be it..

director.. most likely shankar.. although there was nothing earthshattering..

TamilPonnu said...

havent seen Cheran's new movie...

Me like Vikram, Jo, Anniyan- Best Movie, Shankar- ofcourse!!!, I can't believe it.. I liked YSR for 2005- He really broke through this year! ( I still love ARR)

narayanan said...

Finished seeing Thavamai Thavamirundhu too. Here are my preferences:

Best Actor: Vikram for Anniyan (if I were to chose from your list), Rajkiran for Thavamai Thavamirundhu (otherwise)

Best Actress: none

Best Movie: Thavamai Thavamirundhu ('Kadhal' would come closer if it were 2005)

Best Music: Yuvan

Best Director: Cheran


Me too said...

romba kashtam!! None seem to deserves my full vote. Can you change your voting system so that I can give aadha-aadha points to my favourites?

Nitin said...

Raju, did u listen to songs from Rang De Basanti? good songs, good music by arr.India has a good chance of winning this test match, good game by pathan man, he played marvelous, hopefully ganguly comes back to his old form in this game, i am disappointed with gambhir, he has been getting out in single digits for the past few games.

Me said...

i saw c.mukhi and i t wouldn't be fair to vote....btw y no voting for supporting roles?...i think rajkiran also acted well in that film....

Raju said...

Deepak, on best film award to CM, mm..expected from you.. :-)

Music.. true.. I thought quite a bit b4 voting.. Actor-good choice; actress-Jo is leading, isnt she? Diro choice - :-)
Priya, since you like drama, I strongly recommend 'Thavamai thavamirundhu'. Innoru Kleenex buy 2 get 1 free vangikkonga.. :-)

How come u didnt choose CM as the best movie? *SURPRISED SURPRISED*
Narayanan, you know what.. I had a tough time about actors' choices after watching TT. Thought of including only Rajkiran first, then both Cheran and Rajkiran, and finally only Cheran.. b'cos I thought our voters may not appreciate Rajkiran.. He is one of the most under-rated actors of our time.. IMHO, he is a natural actor; his performances in 'En rasavin manasile' and esp. 'Aranmanai kili' were terrific; he has been tagged 'the village guy' so doesnt go well with city audiences. That was the reason I had to leave him out.

mm.. looks like totally impressed with TT.. I was too..

Raju said...

Aparna, hahaha.. unga 'aadha' concept-ai ippadi explain pannitteengaley.. :-) Sorry, enakku avlo software theriyadhu.. In hindsight, I could have chosen for 'many choices' option for voting instead of just 1. That could have helped in vote-splitting.. Learning experience..
Nitin, no, I am yet to listen to RDB. Kinda busy for a while since I have an important review meeting coming up on thursday. This weekend I should get time to listen to it..

On cricket, yes.. since my reply to you is after 4th day's play, India's victory is guaranteed.. It looked good at stumps on day 3 too. Pathan is turning out to be India's best cricketer of the season. His knock was the defining punch, IMHO.. Ganguly was well above average in this match; his partnerships were crucial, though he himself didnt score that much. Suddenly it looks as if Gambhir's position in the team is in some danger, since Viru is set to make a comeback for the next set. Apart from Gambhir, all batsmen shined in this match; are we gonna see Pathan opening both batting and bowling for India until he fails/is sorted out by bowlers? C'd be interesting.. His technique is good enough to be an opener.. To me, it makes sense, b'cos of the two reasons:

a) When India bats first, if he opens, he would get out probably long before the innings ends, so he would get some good rest before bowling. Isnt it better than him coming lower down the order and batting just before the innings ends?

b) If we bowl first, with Kumble and Bhajji, we are likely to have them bowling to the opposition tail; the lesser batsmen would fall prey to the high-quality spin bowling of the duo. So, when Irfan opens the batting, he would have had some rest after bowling. Makes sense?
Me, mm.. I didnt have time to put the vote boxes for the entire categories.

TamilPonnu said...

Anniyan was a total entertainment! and I saw it in the theatres.. so that might have something to do with my choice.
---CM is my 2nd pick---

Raju said...

Priya, me too saw Anniyan in the theater and enjoyed it. :-)

Ram.C said...

good work GP

I would rate T..T.. higher in most of the cases, than others.. anyhow that's my perception.

narayanan said...

Offtopic -->
Raju: neenga Peachtree cinemas'laya Anniyan paatheenga? I saw it in the same Peachtree Cinemax, Friday it was released.

We once drove to Columbus OH to see Panchatantiram. padam avvalava pidikkale'nalum, we visited Udupi Palace twice that day :) it was an inexpensive yet enjoyable trip we went.


vee-jay said...

My vote would be for
Vikram (Best Actor)
Jothika (Best Actress)
T.T (Best movie)
Cheran (Best Director)
Yuvan (Best MD)

I havent watched T.T yet, but considering the reviews and Cheran's past record, I think it will make it to the Best movie. Cheran, IMO is a better director than the movie choices for the Best director.
Being the ardent ARR fan I am, I would have voted for him, but considering the options, I guess Yuvan has really scored good music this year.

RandomThoughts said...

Best actor is Vikram while Asin was brilliant in Ghajini TT the best movie and Cheran the best director and HArris JAiraj for "oru Maalai" "Suttum Vizhi" "Iyengaar veetu".
Great movies but u left out Sivagasi in the list of best films!

Raju said...

Ram, thanks.

I too rate TT very high.. Like Kaadhal which was released at the fag end of the year, TT has been for this year.. a saving grace to Tamil cinema, IMO.. but, while that movie has overall been very good, its slowness and length work toward its disadvantage..
Narayanan, yep.. it was Peachtree cinemas indeed.. but we saw it on the next day, saturday, the 25th of June. It was a great experience..
Vee-jay, good choices.. Being in Chennai, you should take time to watch TT soon.. :-)

Actually, I have found it difficult to compare directors.. Like Vatsan asked earlier, how can one compare TT and Aaru? My most memorable film of the year has been Anniyan... but that and TT are both very good movies, albeit in different way.. mmm..
Rashmi, Welcome here..

good choices..

Prabu Karthik said...

en choice idho

Best Actor: Surya

Best Actress: Asin

(2005 la naan partha orey padam hehehe)

Best Movie has to be TT from what i read

Best Director: Cheran(of course)

Best Music : Yuvan

Ofcourse i will vote too.

Raju said...

Prabu, neenga Chennai-vaasidhaana nijama? Indha varusham orey oru padamdhan partheengala?
Anyway, thanks for voting..

Anonymous said...

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