Apr 9, 2006

Please Do's and Don'ts..

Yuvan Shankar Raja - Do compose music; don't sing.
SJ Suryah - Do direct movies; dont act.
Simran - Do act in movies; dont enter into politics.
Vivek - Do comedy roles; dont try your luck as hero.
Ajit - Do acting; dont indulge into car racing.
Captain - Do politics; dont act in XYZ movies.


Nitin said...

heh. good dos and donts. agree with all, except vivek one. his mvoie solli adipaen is not out, but im really hoping it comes out soon. he is a smart guy, and i bet his mvoie is hilarious. great pic of simran, i miss her, although she doesnt know a grain a tamil, she has a lot of talent, and is a great actress. Hopefully, she comes back to act in mvoies as her old self. I hear she only wants to acts with her husband as the hero, hopefully that changes.

Nag said...

may be u shd start with jayalalitha or rajnikanth

Anand Prabhu said...

hehe..raju good list of dos and donts... I liked the YSR one a lot...got bored of his voice...over dose...that too in AIBI almost all songs he is there...

வேதா said...

well donts of vijaykanth,sjsuryah 100% right,
donts of simran and ajith, their own business, so 50%
donts of vivek, no idea.
donts of ysr, well i like his voice, it suits some songs actually.

Raju said...

Nitin, Vivek acted as a co-hero in a Sundar movie.. didnt suit him.
About Simran, yeah, I really hope she changes the condition of 'hubby only'.. then she can as well forget chances here. Her husband, though looks good, is pathetic as an actor.. even in the miniscule role in 'Kicha vayasu 16'.
Nag, they have pretty much decided on their career.. so no comments.
Anand, AIBI is released? I need to listen to it.. He, like his father in some of his movies, sings too many songs for liking.
Veda, I also like the voice of YSR, that is if he decides to sing not more than one song per movie. His 'ல' and 'ள' mix-up is awful.. that sometimes kills the song totally. Have you listened to 'Pattiyal'? He has three songs..

NaiKutti said...

ajit -- no car racing?... yen raju... we have very few ppl take up and he might actlly do better into auto racing than in movies :-)

Ram.C said...

good collection of do's and dont's..

Vijay was clear with his do's and dont's till last year.. Seems, he is reassessing his position now, due to Aathi.

Anurama said...

//Captain - Do politics; dont act in XYZ movies.

ha ha.. ultimate.. LOL!!

Raju said...

Karthik, yeah I agree with you.. but aathuley oru kaal sethuley oru kaal vacha ennathukku aradhu? We have seen his potential in movies... he is above average in acting.. so IMHO he should focus on good roles and movies.
Ram, thanks..

Yeah, Vijay had a good couple of years before Aadhi happened.. I think he had several near-failures such as Madurae.. somehow escaped.. Hightime he focusses on good stories and screenplays..
Anurama, :-)

mitr_bayarea said...


Most appropriate do's and don'ts. Wish SJ Suryah, Simrin and Captain would visit such blogs and get to know what the people think about their changing careers.

Me too said...

Good ones! Oru genuine rasigar-in adhangam! Engavadhu ivangalukku theriyara maadhiri maatti vekkanam!

Raju said...

Mitr, yeah.. if you analyze, you would realize that blogs are the best ways for any celebrity to know what the public (a selected section, though) think about them.. I dont think they read blogs....
Aparna, poster adichu ottunadhan undu.. :-)

Ramya harish said...

nice post..
ajit - y no car racing..? he s a good sportsman.. its good to be versatile no.. he s a good badminton player too.. shalini s a better player.. they play in kottupuram grounds where i also played for few months..

SJ surya.. adding more to 'dont act' u shud say dont act like a heroine.. i feel like saying tis after watching 'mayilirage'.. actress nila ku naliname varadhu..ava hero madri aaduva.. namma surya avaulukkum sethu nallinama aaduvaar.. sick.. he n his dance.. konjam karan nyabagam varudhu..;)

actors aavadhu blogs padikardhaavadhu.. en office la naraya per blogging na ennanu kekraanga.. asingama irukku.. blogging awareness day nu onnu kondaadanum..

neenga 2006 la ezhudina post ku 2008 comment panra aalu naa oruthi ya dhan iruppen..all credits to my bench status at work n ofcoz's GP's interesting posts..

Raju said...

Ramya, though Ajit is a good sportsman, he plays a sport which involves quite a bit of risk and he often injures himself. Since he is better at acting than in racing, I advised him to focus on movies only. Oh, interesting to note about u playing badminton, that too along with some VIP's..

LOL on SJ Surya.. He is a good dancer (thats why he is a judge in Vijay Jodi No. 1); but as u said, he ends up dancing like a gal.. Problem-dhan..

Bloggers' Day-nu onnu irukku.. forgot when it is.. Yeah, very weird to note that even techies dont know about blogging.. Sometimes, when I go to Tamil movies here and see the tamil crowd, I would be wondering how many people there would have read my blog and remember me.. I also think of a situation when someone comes and asks me "Neenga Raju-dhaney?". It has not happened so far.. But I have managed to bump into three old friends (on three different occasions) from IISc in theaters.

Thanks for finding my posts interesting.. I am in fact glad to receive comments for my old posts.. It happens only rarely.. the only post that I am still getting comments from various strangers is on 'Brahmins and Jews'.