May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones series has been one of the top 10 best Hollywood series of all times, what with two legendary film-makers - George Lucas and Steven Spielberg joining hands together. I had watched and enjoyed the first three movies in this series, and so when I came to know that, after nearly twenty years Indy is back, I had mixed feelings, bcos I didnt like Harrison Ford's movies of the past decade and I was doubtful about his having necessary energy to carry a movie entirely on his shoulders. Now, after watching, I can tell that old is indeed gold..
For an Indy movie, you dont need a super-strong story; and you invariably know the ending as well (pretty much like our masala movies) .. so the challenge for the director is to show the events in an interesting fashion, with intelligent screenplay, some twists here and there and with quite a bit of help from graphics. Spielberg mostly succeeds in the latest version too.. but he liberally borrows ideas from movies that have been released in the interim period, making us feel a sense of deja vu. For ex, several scenes remind us of some classy shots from Jackie Chan's 'Operation condor', 'Mummy returns', and a few James Bond movies.
The movie has its nice moments too.. the scenes involving insects and reptiles are hair-raising, as usual.. and the ride in Amazon river is amazing. The climax is a little disappointing and made me wonder why recently Spielberg and alien-centric climaxes dont go well at all. For many people, this might be their first Indy movie on-screen (like my case), many oldies might feel this to be their last, so just for the sake of it, I am sure that there will be a good audience to see Indy on silver screen.


Matrix said...

I was turned-off by Cate's extreme bob-cut and accent, but as soon as they go to Peru, I started loving it. Though went without expectation after reading the reviews, I was taken by the jeep racing and the falls scenes..and infact was expecting more. The climax could have been made better especially with Spielberg being the master of CGI.

polynag said...

I liked the movie too. Definetly climax could be improved.

Raju said...

Matrix, turned-off huh? Cate Blanchett, after her appearances as Queen Elizabeth, looks too pale and skinny to be attractive anyway.. and in this movie, her hair-cut was a let-down indeed.. I didnt like it either..
The jeep-racing was quite energetic.. I agree with u..
Nagesh, yeah, I agree.. It will be interesting to see what he says in his commentary when the DVD is released.

mitr_bayarea said...


watched it on Friday evening, the story line was much weaker compared to the earlier IJ movies, but, of course, Harrison Ford made up for it to some extent.

matrix said...


Dasa is releasing on 12th. damn !

Anu said...

My hubby is a major fan and Im not :)..With this review, Im definately going to let him go alone :)

Raju said...

Mitr, yeah I agree with you on the story. It looked more like a Spielberg film rather than an Indy one..
Matrix, well.. now it doesnt look like next week release as well.. How about a Diwali release? ;)
Anu, you wont miss much if you skip this one.. I advise Iron man, though.. Watched it twice and it rocks..

Nitin said...

yeah, Raju, booked my tickets for dasa in tampa already. cannot wait to see what kamal has come up with, hopefully it lives upto the hype, who cares, its kamal, whether its crap or not you cannot miss it. btw, a little disappointed chennai lost in the finals, poor fielding. but yusuf pathan, gony are good finds. i wanted to see anirudha srikkanth play more, he got to play 1 game, and scored just 1. he was my classmate and good friend in school in chennai.

Raju said...

Nitin, I just saw that the release date in NJ is Thursday, like in Tampa and other cities. That is awesome indeed.. I had a dream last night about me going to watch Dasa and the movie going slow until first half with only one or two Kamal characters revealed, and the story happening in India. I remember being disappointed in the dream about it, and hoping that the second half is full of action compensating for the first half. So, you know how much I am looking forward to it.. :)

Cricket: yeah, though I was hoping for a Chennai win, Rajasthan were the deserved winners. I was watching the last few overs, and thought Chennai will somehow pull through..

Interesting to know that Anirudha was ur classmate and friend. Hope he gets better exposure in the future tournaments.

J said...

Just came from the movie. completely agree with you. first half was sooo fast and thrilling. aama Asin erichal. onumae puriyatha maathri nadakarthu neriya places erichal vanthathu. I liked the movie overall :)

btw, 70 crores ku enna selavu aagi irukumnu nenaikareengha?. Me and A were discussing. Tsunami, makeup and 2 yrs shooting cost, actors salary - ellam setha avloo aaguma?

Raju said...

J, hmmm.. neenga solradhu correct-dhan.. but 60,70 crores ellam ippo Indian cinema-kku sarvasAdhAranA ayiduchu..