Oct 1, 2006

Weekend melodies: Unakku 2; Enakku 1.

Missing you so much this weekend... so some songs dedicated to our memories..

1) Kanmani...
Though this song as a whole is classic, my favorite moments lie in the first minute.. As the saying "Well begun is half done" goes, it lives upto the expectations generated by those lil moments..

* First, a chuckle before the song begins.. and another small one as Kamal asks her to write..

* Oru 'kadaikkaN pArvai' as Kamal says 'Kanmani'.. and as he says 'kadhalan', another glance and a smile after nodding 'aan'..

* When he says 'naan', she too whispers 'naan', and when he says 'padi', a deep but short look at him as she starts singing.. Her head nods were soo cute and natural. Where did you go, Roshini???

An unforgettable song..

2) Kannaley..
What to say of this one? I started liking it from the very first time I heard it in 1992.. and it wont be an understatement to say that I went to watch the movie especially for this song. Didnt get disappointment with the picturization.. White angels.. Sensuously sung by Yesudoss and Janaki.. beautiful camera work by Madhu Ambat. I lovvvvvvvve singing the song everyday.. :)

Now, my choice.. ;)

3) Vennilave...
How can I leave out my all-time favorite song? I can go on and on about this one, but I better shut up and let you see and enjoy the magic of full moon.. :)


ram said...

hmmmmmm explored through the net and got the videos.. here net is too slow, will watch the songs to check the quality of the video.

First one I too like very much.

sks said...

Oh Raju,
i am in this forbidden land of obscurity and misery, and my husband beats me up almost everyday, will you come and be my angel in shinning armour.
Your Roshini

Jaimi said...

I was too young when Guna first came out, but when I was old enough to understand it, it was an instant favourite esp due to this song. It still makes me smile everytime I hear it and Roshini's disappearance after this role still remains a mystery to me.
Vennilave reminds me of being 13 all over again.. the time when frizzy hair was super cool!

Me too said...

Only one half came back from India, eh?

Lovely songs, all of them!! One of my collegemate used to resemble Roshni so much that the roadside romeos used to call her 'Abirami', (much to my envy)!!! For one of my friend, a kamal basher, even if it is just to irritate me, 'Guna' is one movie he doesn't have the heart to criticise!!

Raju said...

Ram, youtube is a ons-stop site to get most of the songs.. I think Google videos and Yahoo! videos are also good.. Need to check thoroughly for some 'precious' ones.. ;)
Sanjay, LOL.. that was a good one.. Instead of having revealed urself (SKS) in the beginning, had u used some other identity, may be u would have stirred a horner's nest.. ;)
Jaimi, welcome here...
Mmm.. yeah, a true masterpiece by Ilayaraja.. Breathtaking location and imaginatively shot song..
'Vennilave' is probably the most-heard song by me.. That is one song during which I can never press 'Forward' button..
Aparna, mmm.. my other half is thousands of miles away.. :( Why is earth so big? Wish we had a smaller planet like Jupiter..

Oh, interesting.. so, u gals enjoy the comments (harmless) of roadside romeos in Chennai, huh? Adhule envy vereya? mmm..
Guna is one movie Kamal and Santhanabharathi can be proud about, when they look back at their career anytime.. Climax-dhan.. paarkkavey pidikkadhu.. :(

tt_giant said...

Thanks for the link Raju! Was singing "kanmani.." song all evening yesterday.. well atleast the times when I was not doing other things! ;)

Sanjay's comment and ur response - LOL!

Anurama said...

"Kanmani".. how can anyone not miss such a lovely song. Unga description-um superb.

mitr_bayarea said...

Guna song remind panni you brought back memories of school and college, when we used to make so much fun of the lyrics and had one custom made for our Maths teacher.....nevertheless, melodious one....

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Raju thanks for visiting my blog..
Kannaley is a lovely song and my favourite too.
venillavae song reminds me of my college days. I had gone to the theatre to see the movie with my friends..
enjoyed reading ur blog.Thanks

Anu said...


Love kanamani too... its an eternal romantic song... funnily enuf, i just wrote abt my fav tamil songs this week:D

Nitin said...

what an acting my kamal in the kanmani song, no other actor can come close. great song, antoher good song is valai osai from sathya, its has some good melody, and expressions from both kamal and amla. Sachin seems to be in good form, what is the next series that they are playing?

Raju said...

Deepak, u r welcome. Enna, neengalum romantic-a?
About sanjay's comment, I wrote pretty much what you had told me ;)
Anurama, thanks.. Someone forgot.. yeah, urs truly... When I wrote a blog on my alltime favorite songs, i somehow missed this one.. Adhukku ippodhan prayachitham thedikitten.. :)
Mitr, adhaney parthen.. Enna idhu, Rajini fan indha paattai praise panramadhiri irukke-nnu.. LOL on ur custom-made lyrics.. How about sharing it with us? ;)

Raju said...

Prema, u too r welcome here.. thanks for the compliments. :)
Anu, 'eternal romantic song'.. well said..
And, yeah, I was surprised to see ur post on ur fav songs at the sametime.
Nitin, yeah, Kamal's acting was just terrific. mm.. Valai osai will also find its place soon.. thats another fav of mine.. for those sweet romantic moments..

On cricket - u must have known about the forthcoming Champions trophy.. After that, India is touring South africa.. a real tough tour.. likely to separate men from boys.. ;)

Me too said...

Oh, apdeena, ungalukku super apt-aana song SOK-le "New york nagaram" dhaan!!!

Raju said...

Aparna, LOL.. yeah... that is a song i keep humming a lot nowadays... nijamavey poruthamdhan.. :)

Ram.C said...

One of my top favourite seems to be your favourite.. yeah.. I'm talking about 'Vennilavae...'. It rekindles lots of my memories... hmmm.

Raju said...

Ram, mmm.. vaanga vaanga.. romba naalukku appuram ippodhan vazhi therinjudha? :)

yeah I remember that you too like this one.. Lots of memories, huh? Nice.. :)

Awatts said...

Long time since I heard Kannale Kadhal song...one of my fav songs.. very nicely sung and very soothing music

Raju said...

Ajitha, I was also pleasantly surprised that youtube had this song.. Terrific song indeed.. I sing it often for my sweetheart.. :)

randramble said...

My favourites too!

Raju said...

Randramble, cool.. :)

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