Nov 19, 2005

Story 2 - Blogger Love: Part 1

First part of the story.. full story is ready.. it would be too long to publish at once. So split into two. Since this is my first fictional story, no great twists in it; in line with my previous post. The second part would follow a little later.. the fun part of splitting into two is to give you friends a chance to see how you would end it.

He was getting bugged up with proposals from his folks. He was not sure he would be satisfied with an arranged marriage. He had a few wishes on how his wife should be - modern, outgoing, broad-minded, sensible, with sense of humor, intelligent, caring, and charming. He wanted someone equal to him. He is a comp. engineer, working in the US of A. He is an active blogger.

He came across the blogsites of a lot of Indian girls - some of them from India, some from abroad, some married, some unmarried, some in love, some in single. He liked the blogs of a handful of girls and would visit often. They would reciprocate too. Within a few months, he had set up a 'family' of bloggers involving guys and girls, most of whom he has never met/talked to. He liked the blog of one girl in particular. She seemed to be 'THE ONE' he was looking forward to. From her posts, he could make out her intelligence, and other qualities mentioned in the first para. One day she displayed her foto and his liking became complete. And then there was a tag post (7 X7); he liked her answers.

They were good friends. He didnt want to propose to her and end up with the possibility of losing her forever. She was single and lived in a city a few hundred miles away from his place. He wanted to know the maximum about her, so on a weekend, he sat down, read all posts and comments, including the ones she wrote before they became buddies. He was convinced of her. Just wanted to know whether anyone has entered her life. He was worried about that because he didnt want to look like a fool falling in love with and proposing to someone who is already engaged. She had mentioned in a post that she would be watching a new tamil movie that saturday.

He drove to her plaec and was anxiously waiting for her near the movie hall. She came with two of her friends. She looked more beautiful in real than in the foto. He was bowled over by her. Their eyes met and she too seemed to look at him a big longer than usual. He stood behind them in the line and bought the tickets. She was full of life, with a smile always on her lips. She looked true to the image he created based on her posts and comments. He sat on the next row so that he can be near her. The movie ended. With mixed feelings, he came out, had one final look at her and sat in his car. He had made up his mind. A few days later, she posted a Q&A tag. He covered himself as an anon and asked her "what would be your reaction if one of the blogger friends proposes to you?". Her answer was she was not into love marriage, so she would politely say no.


kalai said...

ohoooo...idhhukku thaan tag ellam keedha??? :D

Balaji said...

raju, 2 postsa split panni ippadi torture panringale... stopped at a very interesting point. intermission over. continuation post panunga :)

visithra said...

adada ipdhi stop pannitingehle - story pls ;)

Me too said...

Happy ending-nu soliteenga. So, nimmadhiya thoongittu varen!!

Sundar Narayanan said...

nice.. almost resembles something a friend here was going through.


NaiKutti said...

no love marriage nu sollitinga... so simple a partha it shld be arranged marriage and her parents or his parents would find the same guy or gal and they lived happily ever-after :-)...

Nitin said...

Raju, did u watch 2nd odi, the bowlers did good job, but sachin must have been a poor performance, 2 in 22balls.he needs to get back to his old form soon, sehwag's new position was a good decision. pathan has proved to be an excellent allrounder again. he should get the man of the match, btw who did?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

hey raju ippo cricket samacharams, did u watch the batting?? good batting performance, but 2 horrible run outs. plus dhoni last match, seems like indians think they r still playing against the lankans. they don seem to get the point that SA is a way better fielding side than Lankans, too many risky runs, especially gambhir totally uncalled for. he cud have gone on.

Raju said...

Kalai, hahaha.. may be.. yaar kanda? Computer vidum thoodhu..
Balaji, sorry.. Full story was running quite long, since the second part is a bit longer than the first one..

Unfortunately, I cut the second half, and before pasting into a new post, I copied some other link and thus lost it.. :-( So, I have to type it all over again.. Let me do it soon today.. Rather than intermission, this becomes another new movie altogether.. :-)
Vis, varum varum.. konjam wait pannunga..

Raju said...

Aparna, in hindsight, appadi solliyirukka venamo-nnu ninaikkirenn.. Innum konjam suspense koodi irukkum, ille? :)
Sundar, hahaha.. really? Thats nice.. so enna achu unga friend story?
Karthik, avvalavu seekkirama mudichitteenga.. mm.. see my second part..

Raju said...

Nitin, yeah, I followed it for a few minutes before their 20 over mark and then the entire innings.. I couldnt watch it, since the paysite didnt find any stream for this entire series. :-(

All the bowlers did a wonderful job.. esp. Irfan. His early wickets put the blocks on SA's march. But, SA's real nemesis would be our slow bowlers.. Until they know how to tackle them, they are gonna struggle.

Sachin's was a sorry innings. I think he was in two minds, since the target was small.. And, again got deceived by the slower delivery.. I hope and wish he comes back strongly..

Sehwag's demotion down the order was long time due.. His handling SA's slow bowlers was a good revelation.. I think he would be batting at #4 for quite a while.

Indeed, Irfan got the man of the match award. Post-Srilanka, his form has been terrific.. I will write a post on him sometime soon..
Vatsan, I followed the game through scorecards and Prem's blog . I totally agree with you on run-outs.. the trend is a bit worrying.. This, despite the absence of two of their finest fielders - Gibbs and Dippenaar. This is a point to be noted by Chappell, not to be repeated in the subsequent matches. Aggressive running is OK but the run-outs were largely suicidal. They cant afford to tap a slow bowler to offside and take off for a single.. the ball doesnt cover a good amount of ground, and the good fielder at point/cover is able to attack the ball quickly.

Sehwag's innings was special today.. He calmed down Indian nerves.. Hope you would watch another Sehwag special and dont get to watch those pathetic run-outs LIVE in Chennai.

tt_giant said...

ada daa.. nalla edathula fuse pudingi utteengaley!.

looking forward for the next installment.

yay! India wins.

BTW, whats plan for the thanksgiving weekend?

Kris said...

Hmmmmm......He will then look for someone , who says "yes" to that question and live happily :-))

Raju said...

Deepak, fuse pudungunadhu konjam nalladha pochu.. Hope you will like the concluding part..

Thanksgiving weekend, mmm.. no plan.. Our contract here ends soon.. so planning to wind up a few things. We may need to work sometime.. Thursday shops-ellam oru round adichu Friday morning endha queue-le nikkanumnu decide pannanum.. Friday will pass off in shopping and catching up some sleep.. My wife wants to shop on saturday too.. So, weekend will be spent in Gainesville.. What about you?
Kris, ippadi kaalai vaari vittutteengaley.. LOL.. OK.. ennoda second part-ai padinga.. :-)

Smyta said...



Smiles etc.,


Raju said...

Smyta, :-)

Someone has to say yes, then he has to propose to her, she has to say yes for that, then the parents' approval.. ivlo irukkey...

sukhanya said...

first time as my frnd recommended this story of urs..

2nd post in 2 days referring to blog love.......

Raju said...

Sukhanya, Welcome here..

Oh, recommendation ellam kidaikkudha enn story-kku?? cool.. And the 2nd post is of Vanathi?

Ramya harish said...

hey am reading the love stories in different order. First, second, then third and finally first,.. initially i thought i thought they were different stories.. a twist comes to my mind for the third part too.. will write it there..

Raju said...

Ramya, ohhhhh.... if u read them in different order, u will lose the real fun, I guess.... hmmm.. Ur twist was interesting.. :)