Nov 8, 2006

New York Nagaram - Some Insight

I was thinking aloud about this song for sometime and realized "whats the real great deal even if it is not shot in NYC".. In the movie, Jo starts reading Surya's diary and all she sees is the lyrics.. She hasnt visited NYC, so she could only imagine some Western city. Since tamil movie songs have been mostly shot in Europe, she would have imagined something similar to what she had seen. And, she has seen Surya dancing only at home, so his dancing in the song isnt great. He is always happy; she hasn't seen him at any emotional moment probably.. so thats why his expressions suck in the song.

Lastly, the relationship b/w the two was at its lowest just before she read that diary, so the chemistry b/w them was in the song too.. Moreover, I think it had a director's touch as well.. Lemme explain.. By showing some other city in place of NY, the director probably gives us a hint of what is coming. Those who have watched the movie know how bad her imagination is (her imagination/dreaming of the interaction between Surya and Bhumika in the climax). One more thing... Jo is seen shown as doing some job.. may be it had something to do with preparing powerpoint presentations.. Thats why this song also runs more as a PPP.. (Thanks, KK, for helping me choose the 'right' word). Good direction, no? OK folks.. take it easy.. Enjoy the song.


G3 said...

First comment!!

Aaha.. Enna oru optimistic thought.. chancae illa :)

Oppicela FM kettukitae unga posta padichittirundhen.. Correcta appo paathu indha songa poduran suryan FMla.. :D

Janani said...

Athu enn intha song vitu vekaratha idea illiyo??? Mathi mathi ithey song araichi pannitu irukeenga??

Anonymous said...

lol! What an analysis of this song .

KK said...

Hello, antha director unga sontha kaarara?? :) yeppadi yeppadiyo yosichu justification kodukureenga :)

Nitin said...

heh. Raju, SOK was crap, why over analyze this movie. When I watch movies like SOK, Vallavan,Godfather, I think to myself, do the actors & actresses, think about the story, and look at it from the audience point of view and say this movie is crap, why am i acting in this, or do they just think we can make whatever crap we want, and people are going to enjoy it. All the movies that I mentioned had tremendous hype, and it just falls flat when we actually get to see it. btw,waitin for maniratnam's GURU audio release on the 18th. hoping for some good tunes from arr.

Me too said...

Mrs not back from India yet? CD-ye theya panniteengala? ;)

I actually liked this song & picturisation! There are songs where Surya's dance and expressions are worse!!

Raju said...

G3, First comment pannadhukkaga ungalukku oru soodana Kashmiri pulav parcelllll... :)

vaazhkkaiyile ella vishayathuleyum optimist-a irukkiradhunnu mudivu pannitten.. :) I was also listening to this song when I typed this blog.. so konjam othumai..
Janani, idhu oru azhagana paattu.. arumaiya padiyirukkar ARR.. even Vaali kooda special-a romantic-a ezhuthiyirukkar, kittathatta Vairamuthu range-la.. And, oru super jodi vera.. adhellam irundhum indha paattai pic'zation-le eppadi sodhappa mudiyum-nu ninaichappo ippadi ellam karpanai aruvi madhiri odichu.. adhan kottittenn.. :)
Anon, siricheegala? Paravalle.. ;)

Raju said...

KK, I wish Krishna was my relative.. Phone adichu oru naal poora thittttttttitte irundhiruppen.. Nalla velai thappichar.. :D Adhukku vazhi illadhadhunaale ippadi ellam ezhudha vendiyadha pochu..
Nitin, I wouldnt call it a crap.. Was OK except for the last half an hour or so, as I already mentioned in one of my earlier posts. IMHO, this was far better than Vallavan and Varalaru..

I am waiting for Guru's audio as well as Dhoom-2's release..
Aparna, Mrs vandhachu.. but paattudhan innum ennai vidale.. :)

True.. Surya in this song did better than 'Suttum vizhi sudare' but still, it could have been better.. since he has recently improved his dancing skills.. My head started reeling after watching the song.. Its like my eyes wont be on one place on screen.. would be moving from left to right or the otherway, thanks to the 'PPT' effect..

Nitin said...

but Raju, SOK had no story development throughout the movie, it was just interaction between surya and jo, and then flashback of surya. then the last 1/2hr after bhoomika comes back was also boring, again the director who showed jo's dream, should have also shown what really happened between surya and bhoomika. it was a bad ending, and hte movie was very slow,songs were so out of place. I am not looking forward to dhoom2, it seems like hrithik hasn't come out of that krissh phase, where all he does is stunts, no scope for acting, but i guess the dhoom franchise is not to be seen for the acting, but the action. im lookin forward to Guru, looks like its going to be antoher Iruvar. Any idea when Bheema is relasing, cannot think of any other movie in tamil that could be good. btw,that is cool pic of kamal with the shades, looks like its from mmkr days. also have lost hope of India doing well in the world cup, all the other teams seems to be constantly getting better, but India looks like its going downhill, raina and kaif really need to get their act together, or get Ganguly & Laxman back in. Its so pathetic to watch them play, throwing away the wicket just like that, they need to learn from Australia how to stay in the pitch, and not go for careless shots.

Raju said...

Nitin, true.. storywise there was nothing in SOK, but I considered it similar to a masala movie with no story but an interesting screenplay. I agree also about showing Jo's dream vs reality.. I think that is where the movie disappointed most people.

My interest in Dhoom2 lies in its action and some fun moments involving Abhishek and Uday.

Bheema, as I heard last, seems to be in some financial trouble and its shooting has been stalled. God knows what will happen.

Cricket.. mm.. my thoughts exactly. In fact, I was thinking of writing a post saying that 'India can not win this world cup'.. but u wrote it. Unless some miracle happens, our chance of even reaching the semifinals is a distant dream.