Jun 8, 2007

Why I love U2

Unnale Unnale, that is.. :)

(Pic adopted from Dinamalar)

* The songs rock.. all of them.. Esp. 'June ponaal'.. superb dance and picturization.
* It has got rich looks - Nice locales, good cinematography.
* Its urban feel.
* Totally youthful... probably one of the rarest with over 95% screen time occupied by actors below 30. Raju Sundaram is the only 30+ guy.
* I absolutely loved Tanisha's role.. Many people had trouble accepting her playing cupid, while at the same time falling in love with Vinay. I felt that, being the 'happy-go-lucky' gal she was, all she wanted was her love to be happy always. She knew that she can be an excellent match for him, but since he was still longing for Sada, she would help him trying his best to woo her back. This, she despite knowing that Sada and Vinay can never get along.
* Tanisha proposing to Vinay was something new to Tamil cinema. She was genuinely in love with him, so her awareness of Vinay's on-off relationship with Sada didn't prevent her from confessing her love to him. It came along genuinely, I felt.
* There were many sweet moments - when Vinay tries hard to control his temptation to turn back and look at a girl passing by but then he does, and the girl shows mocking face and moves away; Vinay and Tanisha's first meet in flight; the discussions on man vs woman and the simple, emotion-free but nevertheless strong climax.
* Hardly any tears are shed..
* The casual friendship and conversation throughout the film. Ever since 'Before Sunrise', I look forward to good, if not brilliant conversations in movies; U2 had quite nice ones.
* Welcome, Vinay! For a newcomer, he was excellent as the harmless flirt. Looks most promising among the heroes introduced by Jeeva.

PS: Managed to get a ticket for the Shankar's movie releasing this friday.. ;) 4:30 PM show.. After finding the first two days completely booked, I was surprised to find the sudden availability when I checked y'day.. mins. after I booked, the tickets were sold out.. :) Why not any thursday show in NJ? :(


J said...

Just read your review for "Before Sunrise". Awesome! Oh, looks like I missed U2 when it was screened in cinema 12. hhmm.
And, yes, I too LOVE the songs. my favs are June ponaal and Vaigaasi nilavae :-)

5mouse said...

i was expecting this line frm u:

" i love U2 because the hero is almost as tall as me "

J said...

About your PS:

YEYYYYY, exactly SAME here, Raju. Usually, I get an e-mail from Indiaglitz if any new movie is screened. I kept checking for Sivaji, but suddenly I saw all tickets booked for the first 2/3 days on Friday. Sat chumma marubadi paatha, 4.30 pm was available on 15th. naan India'layae, first day first show paathathu illai. elaam neram dhaan ;-)

Raju said...

J, glad u liked the review of 'Before Sunrise'. One of my all-time fav movies.. :)

I like all the songs, except the 'Hello miss'.

U have also booked the tickets for the first show huh? Cool.. I was thinking that, for that show, it is impossible for software people to attend without taking leave, so there wouldn't be much rush.. Looks like u and ur 'A' have indeed done exactly that..
5mouse, welcome here!! :)

True.. Rendu kuttai heroines-aiyum parthu kazhuthu suLukki irukkum paavam.. ;)

J said...

:-) yep, naanum adhaan nenachen. btw, A is not coming :p work + being a Telugu guy he wants to see in Telugu first :D Telugu shows start from Saturday. And I am gonna accompany him again on Sat :p konjam over dhaan, enakae theriyuthu. couldnt avoid. hhmm :-)

Me too said...

Neenga ivalavu solliteenga. Paarkaame irukkalaama! :)

Watched both 'Before sunrise/sunset' after your recommendation and absolutely loved them! Totally changed my opinions about sequels matching/over taking the original. The funny part was I brought 'Before Sunset' first without realising my mistake and waited 1/2 hr for some sort of flashback wondering how they were gonna been shown young!!

Friday suda suda jilebiya! ;) Ensoy!

Raju said...

J, looking at the way the shows were getting full, I was thinking that the hardcore Rajini fans, who couldnt get the tickets would consider watching atleast the telugu version for the time being..

You could have asked 'A' to watch the 9.30 PM show.. Seeing it twice in 8 hours.. Idhu ebdi irukku? ;)
Aparna, parthuttu eppadi irukkunnu sollunga..

'U too' watched 'Before Sunset' first? Sundar said he did.. Did u manage to stop it after 1/2 hr, or went ahead and watched it fully? Hmm.. I s'd have posted a warning regarding the title confusion. So, u liked the sequel more than the original?

Ungalukkum Sivaji-Jilebi theriyuma? Romba varusham kazhichu ninaivukku vandhadhu.. :)

i think therefore i am said...

i loved the songs too. But I think that the June Poonal picturisation was a direct lift off from Bluffmaster-Sabse Bada Rupiya. All including the costumes of the hero and the others.
A lot of the scenes were lifted from Kal Ho Na Ho- Like the day 1 day2 and also the strategy involved. Sada was a direct rip off of Preity including the black rimmed glasses. The Raju Sundaram getting his friend caught scene was lifted of from Dil Chahta Hai.

The movie was a hotch potch copy of several Hindi movies. Maybe a new concept to Tamil Movies though.

And with regards to the certain Tamil movie. We gonna watch it Saturday. :-)

Nagesh said...

wow! lucky fellow, u cld get the ticket

Raju said...

Cogito, yeah I observed the similarities too.. especially the Day 1.. sequence.. About the 'June Ponaal' song, I felt that the guys here danced far better than what Abhi did.. :)

Though small scenes such as these were lifted from Hindi movies, the story and the treatment were pretty different.. We have seen triangular love stories between college students in Hindi, but among the working class, which can be put as 'non-infatuated-and-hence-mature' love, the love shown was pretty novel, I felt..

Watching The Boss on Sat? Cool.. Are u too a Rajni fan like Deepak?
Nag, what man, in Boston, the first show was Thursday itself.. For a while, i thought of driving up there to watch it and meet you too, but then dropped it.. R u going to Boston this weekend? If so, why dont you try to watch 'your' version? :)

harshita said...

hiiii vinay...i loved u in this movie,..i hav seen u for the 1st time today...u hav a gr8 talent....