Dec 12, 2006

Best of 2006

Little over a fortnight to go before bidding adieu to this year, and it is time to look back at the events of the year that would be remembered after a long long time.. Similar to the last year, I have created a series of polls to decide the best of 2006 in tamil film industry. Barring a handful, rest of the movies disappointed big time. It appears as if the quality is declining each year.. This year has been dominated by movies based on Underworld, and I really hope that the trend is over.

Please cast ur valuable vote to the deserving candidate(s) under each category (Do I sound like a politician? ;) ) Some of the entries might spring a surprise, but that pretty much sums up the story.. it is hard to think of genuinely 'best' ones.. Anyway, here we go..

Best Film
Chithiram Pesudhadi
Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi
Em magan
Vettaiyadu Vilayadu

Best Actor
Kamal Hassan (VV)
Vadivelu (Imsai Arasan)
Bharath (En Magan, Pattiyal)
Jeeva (Dishyum, E)

Best Actress
Sneha (Pudhupettai)
Sangeetha (Uyir)
Reema Sen (Vallavan)
Jyothika (VV, SOK)

Best Director
Mishkin (Chithiram Pesudhadi)
Gautham (VV)
K Bhagyaraj (Paarijatham)
Simbudevan (Imsai Arasan)

Best Music Director
AR Rahman (SOK)
Yuvan (Pudhupettai, Pattiyal, Azhagai Irukkirai...)
Harris Jayaraj (VV)
Devi Sri Prasad (Something something..)

PS: For Non-tamil friends, a couple of polls concerning only the best Hindi movie:

Best Hindi Film
Rang De Basanti
Lage Raho Munnabhai

I was surprised that 2006 was a better year for Bollywood than Kollywood.. I had to exclude movies like Krrish, Corporate, Fanaa and Dhoom 2, which were pretty good as well..

I hope and wish that 2007 is better for Tamil cine industry.. Eagerly waiting for Dasavatharam and Sivaji..


Nag said...

what about hindi movies? for readers like me

mitr_bayarea said...


Yes, 2006 has been a whirlwind for tamil movies, its hard to pick and narrow down, but you have managed to short list stuff.

Can't wait to watch Sivaji and Dasavatharam next year which would definitely top the list.

Me too said...

'VV' was my biggest disappointment this year! Thank God, atleast bollywood had RDB!!

But there are some promising youngsters in kollywood keeping our hopes alive!

Raju said...

Nag, ok.. one poll has been added upon popular request.. Dil kush hai?
Mitr, interesting that you have mentioned the same two movies but in the reverse order, in acc with the loyalty to the star..

somehow, despite the Rajini-Shankar-Rahman combo, I am more keen on Dasavatharam..
Aparna, I wouldnt say VV was a disappointment.. I enjoyed the movie, though not upto 'Pulagangitham' extent..

U mean talented young directors or actors of Kollywood? They overkilled the underworld subject.. I hope we have already seen the last in that series..

Anonymous said...

Hi Me Too,

How was VV a big disappointment as compared to other movies such as SOK ?

Anonymous said...


How come you didn't include best supporting actor , actress , villain , and comedian in your poll ?

KK said...

nice poll man

Raju said...

Anon, idhukkey ivlo neeLama aachu indha post.. neenga solra madhiri add panradhunna avlodhan.. Hanumar vaal madhiri ayirum..
KK, danks ba..

Anonymous said...

1. Best film : V V
It was tough though, to choose between VV and Em magan. VV is my choice since it wasn't the mundane soap opera.

2. Best Actor: Kamal
Haven't watched the other movies except Em magan. To me, Vadivelu's acting seems to be better than Bharath's. Kamal potrayed a natural character .

3. Best Actress: Reema Sen
Sangeetha isn't a bad choice , Jo did a decent job . But when it comes to Reema, it was an unexpected performance although she looked like aunty in school uniform.If I am to rewatch Vallavan, it would be for Reema's acting .

4. Best Director : Gautham (VV)
He needs a pat on his back for bringing new dimension to tamil cinema : psychotic serial killers, more than a killer , homosexuality (supposedly), matured love.

5. Best Music Director : AR Rahman( SOK)
Am a big NO for music.I've voted Rahman by default for Munbe Vaa

6. Best Hindi Film : KANK
It made me to step out of box ;) ( Just Kidding )

Raju said...

Anon, idhai idhai indha madhiri comment-aidhan edhirparthen.. :)

Most of our choices are the same.. in fact 5 out of 6.. :)

5) Well said.. Munbe vaa alone can potentially overtake all the good songs of VV.. Add Newyork nagaram, and the album is worth the money..

6) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Raju ,

All we know Ajith is one of the best actor in tamil film industry ,why u have missed out his name ...........My is vote for Ajith

jegan .k

Raju said...

Jegan, welcome to the blog..

well, i didnt feel that his performance in Varalaru upto the mark. In fact, he did better in some of his earlier films, such as Vaali, Mugavari etc. If there was a 5th slot for the poll, it would have been him, for sure..

Anonymous said...




narayanan said...

Veyyil is a 2006 release too. is'nt that worth the top 4 in 2006 ?

Raju said...

Narayanan, I havent seen Veyyil yet.. and most probably many of the blog readers havent as well.. thats the reason why I havent added it.. Sorry about that.. After I watch it, if I find it good enough to be in the top, I can add it for next year as well.. what difference do some 15-odd days make, ille?

Anonymous said...