Aug 15, 2005


One of the things that I have to learn is to be 100% patient during all the shopping that I have to do for home.. Invariably, once I enter the shop, I start getting terrible yaaawns.. It is as though if I get a bed, I will be in sound sleep right then.. and even my inner mind feels bored about shopping .. And whenever I enter Best Buy, I start jumping around and even said that "this is the best place in Gainesville"..

Yesterday, visited a friends' home and this discussion came up. My friend said that he never goes for shopping nowadays, since his mother-in-law is around to accompany his wife. She said that once her four-months old kid started crying in a shop and a lady came to them smiling and said "This must be a boy.. no wonder even at this age he doesnt like shopping, he doesnt let his mom do her shopping" !!!

A Very Happy Independence Day, My Friends !!!


tt_giant said...

hmm.. a wise man learns from others' experiences. Thanks GP!.

Jai Hind to you too.

Nagesh said...

Happy independence day GP

Raju said...

Thanks Deepak and Nagesh..

ada-paavi!!!! said...

onmaia pesanom, annal eppadia? apporam pinala pinvalivagal konjam dangerousa irukkalam
(even today i hate shoping, even for stuff like razors and all, only hsopping i like is when i walk into a book store)