Aug 20, 2005

Afro-Asian cup

The Afro-Asian cup, which is currently underway, is slated to be an annual event. For those who dont know, 12 players are selected from various teams in Africa and Asia respectively and they play a tournament of three matches to win the cup based on best-of-three. When I heard the name first, I thought and remembered of the 'Australasia cup' tournaments held in Sharjah in late '80s and early '90s in which various teams from Asia and Australia would compete in full strength to win a cup. The current one is simiar to the 'One team vs Rest of the World' -the (in)famous Kerry Packer kind of matches. The twist is that, these matches are given international status.

When there is complaint about too much cricket being played, I thought, Jagmohan Dalmiya, who was the mastermind behind the tournament (and also the president of the Afro-Asian cricket committee.. Damn.. he cant stay without a major position in cricket), is putting the players into more trouble. The first match was a nail-biter, with Africa XI winning by a slender 2-run margin.. It was depressing, though, since there were 11 balls to spare, and two Indians were there in the middle. Today's match seems to be going the Asians' way. Nevertheless, now I find it quite interesting and exciting..

Imagine a bowling attack of Shoaib, Zaheer, Nehra, Razzaq and Kumble/Murali.. They did a wonderful job in the first match and doing well today too.. The mood and cameraderie in the dressing room and on the field would be soo different.. It is like the European Championship Football.. I find it thrilling when people from different countries join hands together, mingle nicely and play sports.. It would be a good learning experience for everyone, since the culture and tradition of cricket in each country are different.. Batting and bowling partnerships established between players of rival countries.. I dont think it would reduce the competitiveness of cricket.. After learning so much, one would try and like to put all that into effect in regular tours..

So, I totally support these kinds of action for shortened versions.. ODI's and 20-20.. Of course, test matches should be left pristine.. To reduce the load on the players, the ICC and the respective boards can reduce the number of some meaningless tournaments and number of matches during a tour (we are gonna play 7 ODI's against Srilanka later this year..).


Nitin said...

so GP, what is the next tournament India is participating in, and any chance Sachin will be ready for it?

ram said...

I too watched that match in my home. It was nice.

tt_giant said...

I guess the third match is going on now. Edhu epdiyo, Sehwag seems to be getting back to form. I think that is vital for the forthcoming test series..

tt_giant said...

oops.. spoke too soon.. sehwag gaali..:-(

Raju said...

Nitin, next one-day tournament is starting this W'day.. No Sachin. He has been included for the tests vs Zimbabwe.. will be selected if he produced fitness certificate. The first test starts 13th Sept. Hope he gets fit by then..

Ram, do they show it on TV? Thats good..

Deepak, Sehwag continues his form well.. His average is below 32.. From a 'Only One-day' player, he has become 'Only tests' kind. Runs have totally dried up. I think Ganguly would team up with Sachin from the Srilankan series onwards.. The Zimbabwe series would be the last hope and chance for Sehwag..

Raju said...

Final match update: Raining hard now.. If it is washed out, then the cup wouls be shared.. No hard feelings !!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

well these matches make economic sense so theyll be held, enna pannulom, even if we reduce indias matches, india doesnt seem to perform, pesama players ikku VRS kuduthu vettila okara sollunam

Raju said...

Vatsan, economic sense for sure.. They will be held in one of the Asian countries next year..

Some players certainly need to get the pink slip.. Time we create a pool of 15 or 16 and just keep rotating them.. A non-performer like Sehwag should not be given a chance to play against Zimbabwe next week..Rather, some promising guy (Venugopal Rao for instance) has to be supported to help him find some feet.. Sehwag should be tried only vs NZ against the likes of Bond and Martin..

Ram.C said...

Unfortunately, i lost the complete interest in the game of late. I should blame blogging as well, as one of the reasons in addition to lack of my time.

Ram.C said...

I can even say 'Fortunately...'

arnolderickson8647 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Raju said...

Well, Ram.. to start with, how much interest you had in the game is what governs whether you can keep it up against busy work, hobbies, housework, etc. Right?

Anonymous said...

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