Oct 1, 2007

Hey Ram!!

(Pic adopted from NASA)

Still having no internet at my new home, I was out of touch with my usual update on TamilNadu and Indian News. Just realized that Ram has been politicized (again). Hailing from the contentious place (i.e., Rameswaram), my two cents on the whole issue:

* It is clear that the Sethu Samudram project is more of a prestige issue for the Dravidian parties. The canal is not even remotely as important as Suez or Panama canal, where huge landscapes prevented easy access to financially and industrially important places. Sri Lanka is too small an island for ships to worry about extra costs to reach India's east coast. Sure, it would make a difference for, say, a cruise from India's west coast to east coast; but, road is a far more viable option than the sea route. So, bypassing Sri Lanka through the new project, causing irreversible changes to the water world of Southern Tamil Nadu is, IMHO, literally, dissolving hundreds of crores of rupees into the sea.

* For those religious ones to protest against the damage to the 'Sethu Bridge', I donno what to say.. If we assume that the thin line of rockbed seen in many NASA photographs is indeed the bridge built by Ram, what has anyone done so far to increase its importance, than it being merely on photos? I can say that less than 10% those who visit Rameswaram, go to Dhanushkodi, the Indian tip where Ram is believed to have started building the bridge. And, no pilgrim takes a cruise or even a motor boat to travel the path of Ram in the ocean, atleast until the Indian limit. So, make a big deal about something which we haven't cared about at all, for centuries?

* Having said that, the remarks by Mr. Karunanidhi on the existence of Ram, and questioning which Engineering college he went etc. were totally unwarranted. Which Engg. college did Karikalan, who built the great 'Kallanai' attend? What degree did the architects of many wonderful Tamil Nadu's temples, such as the 'Thanjavur temple' and the 'Rock temple' of Mahabalipuram have? Such frequent and uncalled-for comments of his, spoil the good impression I have on him.

* Lastly, his hunger strike and his call for a Bandh, especially against the court orders, are shocking. People say he is just following Gandhian ways of showing his protest by Satyagraha, and by non-cooperation; but, if Gandhi was alive, all he would have said is "Hey, Ram!"


Me too said...

Yet another issue to politicize and dodge from real problems!! Even before the environmental effects/usefulness of the project is analysed, it is given a different colour!! *Sigh*
But the SC's order to bandh the bandh was a surprise and welcome verdict, isn't it?

There is a nice article "Poli bhakthar poli pagutharivalar"(Advani and MK) by gnani in the latest Ananda Vikatan. It is available online at vikatan.com but it is a subscription site.

tt_giant said...

I agree with you on all the points. Yea! why was nothing done to "protect" or "sanctify" the bridge till now?

perhaps if that was done, LTTE may come in more easily to India?!

Anyway, the fact is that MK is against anything which is hindu or brahmnical. idiot people forget it when it is election time.

Raju said...

Aparna, actually, this seems to be a 'no issue' at all.. Now the court has asked the center why the TN govt should not be dismissed, since it has clearly violated the court orders.. I wish TN govt is made to sweat and bend down in front of the court defending its situation..
Deepak, interestingly, the 'Archeological Society of India' has said, after doing some research, that the bridge doesnt seem to be man-made.. And BJP has protested against the ASI's findings.. We can't continue to claim Ramayana to have taken place in 'Threthayuga' which is supposed to be 17 lakh years ago. Several historians believe it to have happened around 500 to 1000 B.C., which is fair enough to believe.

Munimma said...

Is the old bugger atheist or anti-theist? If God doesn't exist, then whether he attended an engg college or not is moot.

Balaji said...

raju, could you send me an email? bbalaji [@] sbcglobal [.] net.

Raju said...

Munimma, good question.. His comments and activities show that he is an anti-theft bugger.. bcos, according to him, Hindu means 'thief'..

good point about the question.. that was one of the silliest questions i have ever heard from someone such a high position..
Balaji, sent.. :) Enna dhideernu?

Nice Guy Eddy said...

I think the issue which should have been dealt from an environmental prespective was hijacked by the politicians who have made it a question of faith.I dunno if it is going to be a an environmental disaster for TN but the right authority to decide it should be the political executive.If the political parties are unable to reach a consensus,which happens quite often, then the judiciary should appoint an independent committee,whose findings should be binding to all the parties concerned.It is the best way forward for the intrest and the pressure groups and to the people in general.

As for the 'rationalist' comment of our CM,the less said the better.How could he make such a silly statement ? Wears an yellow towel all the time and then talks about of 'rationalism'..hypocrisy at its best...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Controversial subject! Well handled!

Raju said...

Eddy, welcome here.. :)

Yeah.. the voice of environmentalists just doesnt get noticed at all. People concerned in this matter take sides conveniently based on their party affiliation. Your suggestion sounds like a perfect solution, but then when was the last time a TN government take a sensible solution like that?
Ponnarasi, thanks.. Enna, romba naala aalaiye kaanomennu parthenn..

Nice Guy Eddy said...

To expect the political parties to reach a consensus on an issue like this is like asking for the moon...lets hope the SC works on a PIL and then comes to a solution..but we know what's happening to sardar sarovar project in gujarat...the same thing might befall for sethusamudram....