Mar 8, 2007

Pleasant to be plump

.. in winter, that is, esp. in the US.. For two reasons - one that I was aware for a long time, and another a new enlightenment.. ;)

First is that plump people have more fat to 'burn' to generate heat inside the body during the winter and thus wont be feeling the outside cold that much.

Lil bit of chemistry now.. Secondly, their excess fat, which is made of long-chain organic compounds, is a bad conductor of electricity. This reduces the extent and the intensity of their getting static shocks. On the other hand, thin and athletic people have low fat and high amount of water and muscle in their body, both of which are good conductors. This makes them more prone to the shocks.

Nowadays whichever metal object I touch at home, I get a shock, many a times with spark as well.. This is more so after I return from gym.. This is the price I have to pay for getting my body fat cut down from over 25% to less than 7% in the last 9 months..


tt_giant said...

< 7.. super!

funnily, i dont seem to get a lot of static shocks here. was getting more in FL. worst static shock would be via water from a water-fountain.. cha!!

Nag said...

u r lucky in a way that u get only shocks from metal stuff. I get even for wood, rubber and plastic also.

Princess of Arabia said...

Lord, if I can't be skinny, please let all my friends be plump

Me too said...

Pochu da! Now my husband will have all the more reason not to go to the Gym!! Aiyo, enna pannaalum en ponnu therave maatengaraale!! :(

I too seem to feel that we experience static electricity more here in GA(south) than MA(north)!

Janani said...

Wow.. It's totally a new story or news for me. Read all your linking posts too.

Nandri hai.

Raju said...

Deepak, yeah, < 7 is 'supreme', according to my gym instructor.. atleast some achievement in life.. :)

I get more shocks here than I used to get in FL. Water fountain- ya.. I think u are talking about WATER in the water fountain and in taps.. I get it too.. how on 'earth' can that give shock? Desperate charges, i think..
Nag, wood, rubber and plastic also-va? I can understand the last piece.. we both are doomed to get that shock bcos u know why.. Wood and rubber? hmmm... strange..

Raju said...

Princess, LOL.. that was one hell of a wishful thinking.. :) Yaan petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam.. ;)
Aparna, does your daughter complain to you about the shocks? I am wondering how the kids react to the weird feeling..

I am surprised that you and Deepak have got more shocks in warmer places. I wish me too can join your club.. Summer, summer, please come soon...
Janani, welcome hai..
hmm.. this is a warning to those who wish to come to US.. India-le indha thollai ellam illey.. :)

Anonymous said...

yes US does suck

i don't notice much shocks in canada.......or am i just immune to them? or too plump enough to be not getting them??? hmmmmm


ram said...

Good post

Sonata said...

wow!!i never knew abt this phenomenon.. well living in a city where the weather is like hot, hotter and hottest this doesn't really matter..:-P

Anu said...

Let me get this straight , if i am fat im less capable of getting electrocuted but im overweight. and if i loose weight.. i can set off sparks.. I prefer the weight... i guess:D

Raju said...

Priya, no shocks in Canada, huh? Surprising.. Ur immunity explanation might be valid.. ;)
Ram, Thanks..
Brindha, yeah in India we never get such a thing. Big +ve at times.. :)
Anu, LOL.. well, 'electrocution' is a lil strong word for this phenomenon.. And, ur logic really makes me laugh... ennamo seinga..