Nov 26, 2005

Thanksgiving shopping

Has been a hectic day.. Got up at 6, instead of the planned 5. Saw Indian team struggling against SA.. Went for early morning shopping.. nothing much to buy this time... Bought Sony Home Theater (online). Will drive now to Ocala to pick it up.

Then, a 512 MB MP3 player for Geeta

and a 512 MB USB drive, both in good deal.


Bose Home theater


a 32" LCD HDTV.


kalai said...

yebbbaaa...podhuma??!! :O

Nitin said...

nothin much to buy..but just bought a sony home theatre. heh. thats funny. where in Ocala did u buy it from? looks nice.

Me said...

thalaiva...indha list podhuma innum konjam venuma ....:)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

i like ur wish list, ippo engai irundhu panathai surutti adai ellam vaangalam nu dhaan pakkanam

Anand Prabhu said...

aaaha... raju.. ithu pothumaa... thanksgiving sale potaalum poduraan.. chance illa.. ellarum vaangi kuvikureenga:)

nice to see you got lots of deals..

narayanan said...

hehe andha Sony home theater evlo aachu? ;)`summa oru Gk'kaaga dhaan ketten. I have a craze for sound related electronics stuff (I have a doubt you too are ;) ).

hi-fives Bose home theater is on my wishlist for a looooooong time. Someday..someday I will buy it. The headphones was'nt too much $199, should see a deal if it gets below 100. I window shopped it last year. Ah the effects were bliss :)


visithra said...

men and electronics! ;p

Vanathi said...

You bought this much only ?

Eclectic Blogger said...

came here thro visit's blog.. nice shooping list... "nothing much to buy this time"... i can see the not-so-obvious sarcasm so obviously!!

Adaengappa !! said...

Thats a kill !!

Congrats !!

Nag said...

after buying plz put the cost.
might be useful for others

Raju said...

Kalai, wish list innum niraiya irukku.. ippodhaikku podhum. :-)
Nitin, honestly, I was thinking of buying a laptop, a camera and few small items and keep it.. could be useful while going to India to gift to relatives.. but somehow didnt fall in place.. I bought it from circuit city in Ocala last evening..
Me, hahahaha.. ennoda list and my wife's list sertha adhu oru periya list.. ;)
Vatsan, LOL... Panathai surutta ellam thevai illai.. Americans madhiri manasai maathikkitta podhum... I saw soo many people buying lotsa things.. When I went to pick up the home theater, I saw someone buying a 50" flat TV... wowwww.. my dream.... The Americans enjoy a lot, dont emphasize on saving much.. Nammalaaley appadi irukka mudiyuma?

Raju said...

Anand, pothaathu thalaiva.. manasukkulley innum evvalavo irukku... :-) Unlike the 'Mall' shope like JCPenney, Macys, etc., the electronics' shops really give away items very cheap.. thats a reason its worth buying... I saw one Indian couple standing from 11 PM in front of Walmart for the Dell laptop.. and they were #11 and 12 in the line..!! This is the time to buy!! :-)
Narayanan, Sony home theater was about $190 incl. tax.. I thought it was a good deal.. Not the earlybird sale.. but still good. I can see this changing the whole outlook of our living room.. I have a tremendous craze with home theater and stuff.. as you can see in my post..

The thing with Bose is that their items hardly come under the 'doorbusters' sale.. The 3-2-1 home entertainment system was about $740 (normal price is $1000) this time... I know one Indian couple had it nice.. Not lucky so far.. And, Bose window shopping - Awesome experience.. Every possible time I would go and get the demo.. My favorite demo was "Lord of the rings"... man, it was something.. East or west, Bose is the best...:-)
Vis, pirikka mudiyaadha jodi.. ;-)
Vanathi, yeah, only the first three..

Raju said...

Eclectic, welcome here.

No sarcasm, boss.... I was serious... This time I spent only 20% of what I did during last year's thanksgiving sale.. I was looking forward to buying some cool gadgets on sale this time - mostly for gifting purpose, but couldnt find anything attractive..
Prabhu, thanks.. :-)
Nag, I donno if and when I will buy.. I can 'see' that not atleast for a year now..

Balaji said...

the home theater looks nice :)

Sundar Narayanan said...

i envy you.. usually we go to fry's and best buy for our annual pilgrimage during thanksgiving..especially when my brother in law is around .. this year we missed it !!

narayanan said...

Since you seem to love audio related gadgets, did you come across/missed this deal ?


NaiKutti said...

great work raju :-)... vangunathu thaan vanguninga, a 1 GB USB drive for urself would have been ideal ;-?... so enna just watch more movies with ur sony home theater>???... have fun...

Raju said...

Balaji, mm.. it sure does... Yesterday we used it first (though for 'Father of the Bride-2', since my wife prefers comedy).. a totally new experience... I am looking forward to watching some recent action movies..
Sundar, envy ellam padaatheengo.. Over 90% of what we spent was not on typical 'Earlybird' items..
Narayanan, I already have Noise-Cancelling Aiwa headphones, purchased during last thanksgiving.. And, I never visit amazon (I should.. but not used to yet..). Like you, I also have a big eye on the Bose headphone.. Eppo niraiverumo..
Karthik, I wanted to buy the 1GB drive.. but it was sold out.. :-(
Yeah, just only movies with TV... no cable TV.. :-)

tt_giant said...

So you did do shopping. I was in orlando the past 3 days - had some relatives come down from Atlanta.

The home theatre seems nice. I got a similar MP3 player (512 MB) as a gift from my friend when I was in India. It also had a radio and voice recorder built in it.

So, I did not do any shopping as such!!

Raju said...

Deepak, mm.. hope you had a nice time in Orlando.. We were so busy these four days, no time for sneaking out..

Nallavan said...

pudhu home theatre,mp3 player,usb drive.

Kallakara Raju, Pramadam

VK said...

Bose System - $3999

Raju said...

Sarathy, hahaha.. reminds me of the Asian paints ad.. :-)
VK, the one in my wish-list is not that one.. about half the price you have quoted..

Rael said...

Its been two years since your post, and times have been a-changing, so how about some year ender Home Theater News? Shock and awe, CNet's Most
agree--*sic*--on two home theater choices, the Philips HTS3555 selling at $189 to $250, and the $337 to $599 Panasonic SC-PT750. Both have an integrated DVD player.

Belinda said...

Wow…. lot's of wonderful shopping for Thanksgiving.