Dec 30, 2006

Before Sunrise

There cant be a more appropriate time than now to write the review of one of my all-time favorite movies - when a largely forgettable year of 2006 ends and a potentially bright and exciting 2007 arrives. This movie and the next one that I would be writing a review shortly on, have a very special place in my heart.. the movies that are never boring how manyever times I watch and so beautifully visualized and made. A close friend recommended me to watch it and I am very glad I did. Thanks, Buddy!! I know this is a 1995 movie and I am 11 years late in writing a review but what the heck.. better late than never, rite? (Optimist, optimist..)

Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) are two strangers on a Eurail. They start talking and soon strike a wonderful chord. Jesse, an American, has to get down at Vienna to catch his flight the next day and Celine, a French, is on her way to Paris. In Vienna, Jesse proposes Celine that she gets down the train and give him company in spending his day before his flight, to which she agrees. They keep talking all day, while visiting some of the most beautiful places in Vienna. How are they gonna bid adieu to each other when his time to leave comes the next day?

'Before Sunrise' is by far the best romantic Hollywood movie I have ever seen. We have two very simple, down-to-earth people, who have their own views, experiences, and observations of their lives thus far. Most love stories are based either on love-at-first-sight or one falling for the other's extraordinary ability like singing, dancing, etc. or physical attraction or some other weird reason. The best way to know a person is by talking and thats the central plot of this movie, in a very believable, intelligent and soothing manner. True there is the admiration of their beauty as well, but that only adds extra romance to their conversations. Thanks to Youtube, I can post some of my favorite moments of the movie.. plz. watch them to know what I mean.

Jesse's unique way of asking for Celine's company

Jesse is a handsome, sensitive, romantic, witty, caring guy and so is Celine. Her French accent adds further beauty to their interactions. The chemistry between them is just perfect. Most of their converstions are based on their childhood experiences, love, philosophy, God, birth, death and relationships. Despite talking non-stop, they dont get tired of each other, so didnt me, listening to them. It is as if the director/scriptwriter wanted to convey all his thoughts and ideas to the world and he has used the couple for that. Thank god, there was no blogging those days.. ;) Each and every one of those conversations tells us something the intricacies of the thinking process of men and women, and their views on diverse subjects.

There is one scene (of conversation, what else..) on a tram, which is a single shot of 6 long minutes.. Wow.. that was amazing.. Many of the conversations are very funny and evoke hearty laughter. And if you think there is only dialogue between them, hold on.. The romantic moments are so cute and lovely. Have a look at the following bit to get a feel of their liking towards each other. Each try to outperform the other.. superb scene..

And, oh yeah.. the best scene of the movie.. Oh my god.. I havent seen a more innovative and beautiful 'telephonic' conversation in any other movie. No heaps of praise would be enough for this one.. Plz. watch:

I can go on and on about 'Before sunset', but I have to stop.. so, I leave you with another small clip on the wonderful concept of love and life.

The climax is very unique.. quite surprising, actually.. Leaves the viewer with a lot of questions and guesses. That is, of course, if you dont watch the sequel. See.. I still cant stop raving about it.. I have to mention some other fav moments..

a) In the tram, her hair falls on her face, and Jesse wants to move it aside.. so he brings his hands near her face and hesitates bcos he still isnt that friendly with her.

b) He talks about 'quaker wedding' in which the couple just stare at each other's eyes before being declared married. Then, he starts looking into her eyes.. she grins a lil and breaks the eye contact.

c) The 'milkshake' poem penned by the streetside homeless guy

d)The concept of 'early goodbye'

e) Logic of reincarnation

Last, but certainly not the least...
f) Jesse says, if he and she were together always, she would be sick of his mannerisms, his telling the same-old stories, etc. And, Celine says later that she feels that she would feel the opposite. She thinks she can really fall in love when she knows everything about someone; thats when she would know she's really in love.

The last-mentioned moment, IMHO, is based on the solid foundation of love. Imagine a love that keeps growing day-by-day, till the end.. I would wish to be part of such a love. Amazing.. 'Before sunrise' is like a mini-guide on love and relationship. There are dozens of such beautiful scenes throughout the movie..

In short, it is a MUST-WATCH MOVIE, esp. if you are a romantic-movie lover. I have already watched it thrice in the past 3 months and this would soon be 'my most-watched movie ever.' After writing the review I realized that I have never written one for an english movie, this shows how irrestible the movie cud be.

Have a Very Happy, Prosperous, Memorable, Fun-filled, Successful New Year 2007 !! May most of your ventures lead to fruition and most of your dreams come true!!


Reel Fanatic said...

As a package deal, these two flicks do indeed represent two of the best romantic movies ever made .. if there's one thing the world definitely needs, it's more Julie Delpy!

Nag said...

Nice review

Happy new year

Princess of Arabia said...

"Before Sunrise is not flashy, but it's quietly great - and at times wise "

Before Sunrise is the kind of movie where you cannot afford to miss even a small dialogue.The first thing that would strike anyone after reading the review is, how can a movie that are essentially 2 ppl walking and talking work at all? But when you're done watching it, you would realize that many of the most intense moments of your life have been just the 2 of you, conversing.

I wasn't surprise that it got 100% +ve reviews in rottentomatoes :)

Do watch it and don't regret later, for not watching it earlier like Raju did ;)

Raju said...

Reel fanatic, welcome to my blog..
I agree with you on Julie Delpy. Its a pity that she acted in only these two movies.. Hollywood certainly missed a talented actress..
Nag, Thanks and happy new year to u 2!!
Princess, cant agree more on what u wrote in ur first line.. Quietly gr8..

From their very first conversation till the end, there are dozens of highly intellectual and thought-provoking perspectives of life from both of them.. all the while adoring each other and slowly fallig in love..

Very well said about how 'just walking and talking' worked.. It makes the the viewer striking a chord with the ongoing conversations on screen..

C'mon I am not regretting at all.. I am happy that I watched it at a time when I am at my romantic best.. ;)

Me too said...

Romantic best, eh? :)
Will add it to my to-see-movies list as I watched 'Godavari' on your recommendation and really liked it!
Happy new year to you and your family(counting down at the Times Square, this time?)!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Yet 2 c any of these movies.. :)
Will try watching them soon and lets c if they stand 2 the standard as u have said ;)

Happy new year! :)

Raju said...

Aparna, :)

Glad you liked Godavari..

Thanks for ur wishes.. Happy new year to u too.. Times square count-down celebration has been postponed for next year.. This year, it was a quite celebration.. avlodhan..
Ponnarasi, any of these movies huh? I wrote this post for only one movie.. ;)

Anyway, happy new year wishes to you too!!

sks said...

obviously you have gone head over heels on this movie. There was recent sequel to it which to me was a disappointment. However, i agree with the princess that the first time i heard about this movie i couldn't comprehend how could just walking-talking movie be so engrossing.

Sundar Narayanan said...

will try to get it on BB online..


happy new year 2007 to you and your family Raju.


I havent seen the clips in this post. . just going to get the movie .. you have given it 3 thumbs up..

oliveoyl said...

Happy New Year

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Balaji said...

have been recommended this movie b4 but still haven't watched it. maybe seeing it should be my resolution for this year :)

Wish u a very happy and prosperous new year too :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hehehe..Typo'nu solla mudiyathu..
Enna solla..Vidunga :P

Raju said...

Sanjay, head-over-heals is an understatement.. ;) I wasnt disappointed with 'B4 sunset' but yeah, it wasnt as charming as this one..
Sundar, thanks for ur wishes. This is one movie which critics say is 'difficult to find glitches in'.
Oliveoyl, that was a gud work.. thanks and you too..
Balaji, u havent watched it yet, huh? I thought u would have.. Plz put it in ur Netflix queue..

Thanks for ur wishes ..
Ponnarasi, ok .. New Year-um adhuvuma sandai podalai.. free-ya viduren.. ;)

Anu said...

Happy New year.. I know im a bit late with the wishes.. but blame it on being home/..
Will definately watch this movie now

Raju said...

Anu, Thanks for ur wishes. Hope you had a gr8 new year..

Watch this unmissable movie and lemme know about ur opinion..

Sundar Narayanan said...

asked the Mrs. to go get this one on blockbuster and she got "before sunset" which is the sequel. watched it. loved it. camera follows two people having a flashback of their encounter 9 years earlier for two full hours.. very engrossing and well made.


now I have to go find Before sunrise.

thanks for the pointer Raju.

Raju said...

Sundar, Oh, you should have watched B4 Sunrise first, b4 watching B4 sunset.. Anyway, since u liked that, I am sure you w'd love this one even more..

J said...

OMG, the clippings are soooo lovely to watch! Thanks for the review, Raju. I really feel like watching the movie immediately. let me see if I can get this movie in the dvd rental shop.

Raju said...

J, I am glad u liked the clips.. Do watch it... I am sure u would enjoy the movie. It's different..

Virtually Yours said...

Before Sunrise/Sunset are two of my all time favourites!! I can still watch them as if I'm watching them for the first time!! So nice to see you promoting them big time! :)

By the way, you must watch Two Days in Paris, if you still haven't. You have Julie Delpy again - giving an incredible performance with her typical romantic-but-not-so-romantic kind of dialogues!

Virtually Yours

Raju said...

Virtually yours, welcome here..

Nice to know another fan of Before Sunrise/Sunset.. will watch Two days in Paris very soon.. I just located a library close to my home where i can find it.. :) Thanks for the recommendation..

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