Jan 3, 2007

Wasting the talents

On New Year Eve, while on a casual chat on the movie 'Thiruvilayadal Arambam', Dhanush's performance in it, etc. , my friend remarked that in Tamil cinema, the talents are getting wasted, and history is repeating itself (cf. super-heroism, mindless masala etc). A few hours ago, I watched 'Chennai Kaadhal' and suddenly that point seems to make even more sense. During the discussion, I said that it looks like we can count only on Jeeva and Bharath to act in sensible movies.. How I was proven wrong.. Bharath, and Vikraman, for a change or what God only knows, have both resorted to Gilli, Edhiri-type masala movie. Bharath walks in slow motion, his hand movements make the 'Whishhh' sound aka Rajini, etc.. Welcome to the long queue of 'Next Superstar' aspirants, Bharath!!

Lemme take the case of Dhanush as an example. He won our hearts and made the biggest impression after his performance in 'Kadhal Kondaen'.. In the scenes with Nagesh and in the climax, he really showed a lot of potential of being an excellent actor. Even in the masala entertainer 'Thiruda thirudi', he played the role of a carefree adolescent with aplomb. Later, only in 'Adhu oru kanaakalam' and in 'Pudhupettai', glimpses of his talent could be seen. Now that T.A. has become a hit after a string of flops, we can trust him to take a safe route and act in similar movies.. Here, I have listed a few promising movies by our young heroes to give u a glimpse of how they excelled when given opportunities and how later they 'veenapoyittanga'..

Vijay - Kadhalukku Mariyathai, Thullatha Manamum Thullum, Poove Unakkaga
Ajit - Aasai, Vaali, Kandukonden, Mugavari.
Simbu - Kovil, Manmathan.
One can even add our Captain for his performances in movies like Chinna Koundar, Vaidehi Kaathirundhal, etc..

We were glad to see that Vikram and Surya havent joined the aforementioned bandwagon yet; and I sincerely hope that 'Chennai Kaadhal' is an aberration in Bharath's resume. May be he wouldnt have expected a veteran like Vikraman to choose such a lousy plot. We were left wondering if there would ever be actors like Karthik and Prabhu of 80's again.. May be, if our directors believe in good scripts and stop depending on Telugu flicks for remaking.
PS: Me being a staunch Kamal fan has landed me the opportunity to write in an exclusive Kamal blog http://kamalhaasan.wordpress.com I am gonna start there with some stuff I have already posted here... Hopefully in the near futue I will have some new concepts to write on my fav actor.. All Kamal fans, plz do check it out there..


Kittu said...

vanakkam raju..first time unga pakkam varaen.

wish you a happy new uear 2007

i accept that bharath is the only real good performer in tamil cinema recently..no gimmics and no masala..he is doing is roles with good dedication...

naanum theevira kamal and rajoni rasigan..unga wordpress blogla kalakkunga

oliveoyl said...

super innoru bloga? kalakkunga.. btw happy and a prosperous new year!!!

randramble said...

Actually, I feel like supporting some of these guys. Maybe, they need to do some popular movies to stay in the market and do meaningful ones. Vikram was advised by Rajni during Kasi / Gemini time-frame to do both masala and meaningful movies. Vikram did do masala and so did Surya, as recent as Aaru.

PS: Great to see your excitement on joining All Things Kamal. Hoping to rope in more of your kind...

Raju said...

Kittu, enna boss.. u have already commented twice or thrice.. Marandhutteengala?

Anyway, thanks for ur wishes. Wish you too a happy new year!!

About Bharath, if you watch Chennai kaadhal, you would change ur opinion..

U r theevira rasigan of both Kamal and Rajini? A very rare case indeed.. ;)
Oliveoyl, it is an already existing blog so nothing new, except for the presence of my post there..
Thanks for ur wishes and wish you too a happy new year!!
Randramble, well.. I think I didnt put the point across.. I am game for these actors mixing good movies with masala ones.. Even Kamal used to act in movies like 'Sagalakala Vallavan', 'Singaravelan', 'Kadhal parisu' etc. in the middle.. I am game for it.. but, these guys stick to one formula and seldom deviate from that. What I think would happen, unless something miraculous takes place, is that we can probably never see the four actors in roles similar to the ones I mentioned.

I am looking forward to some interesting times in the Kamal blog.. :)

Anu said...

hey ur absolutely right with the "Popular movies".. frankly dont peolple get bored with the same slow motion scenes and poor/rich girl story. Even "Alternate" filmakers start on a masala movie after their first movie.. but i applaud movie makers like shankar who support movies with a difference

Me too said...

There are no safe routes anymore(Eg. Vijai, Simbu), I guess! Danush & Bharath(a 'Feb 14' came before 'Pattiyal', right) have to follow the Kamal way (unless ofcourse FIL advices otherwise to the former!) if they want to satisfy themselves, their fans and their producers!

It is sad that Vikraman joins the huge list of directors who think they can change their style to stick around!

And congrats to you for the chance to write in a Kamal blog!!

Raju said...

Anu, yeah... Shankar is high in my esteem bcos of the variety he shows, even in his lighter-theme movies. In the highly competitive cine industry, masala movies are the 'way-to-go' for most directors, unfortunately..
Aparna, the failure of Aadhi and only moderate success of Vallavan must ring bell to those super-star-dreamers.. Kamal was very impressed with Dhanush after KK but his track took a totally unexpected turn.. as u r suspecting, FIL is more likely to advise him to 'settle down' first with T.A. kinda movies..

Thanks for ur wishes.. That site admin. is waiting..and I am unable to write any post yet..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha..Kamal kitta next time meet panum bothu solren :P

Ungalukku cinema mela enna thidir paasam pozhiyuthu? :P

2 many posts on cinema??? ;)

Marutham said...

long time... :)
Happy new year!!
Neenga indha cinemava vidalaya innum.. :P
i mean cinema innum ungala release panalaya? ;)

Marutham said...

And neenga edhukum our friend NIREK blog'a parunga...his recent post abt linking videos! :)

Munjakradhay irukrahdu nalladhu dhaney! :)

Raju said...

Ponnarasi, oh sure.. Kandippa oru varthai pottu vainga.. Cinema mele paasam-nu onnum perusa illey.. Discussion-le adhigama cinema vizhuradhale appadi.. :)
Marutham, ungalukkum happy new year!! Nandri..
Cinema-vum naanum ottippirandha rettaiyar madhiri.. :)

I saw Nirek's blog.. It is a subject of concern but, since youtube itself provides the URL for embedding the videos into the homepages, I still think it is OK and it wont be a problem for bloggers.. let us see... Thanks for the link, anyway.. I will probably restrain myself from giving the link in the future, unless it is absolutely necessary..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Next post pls ;)

Raju said...

Ponnarasi, enna pressure ponga.. New post ready.. :)

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