Nov 21, 2006

One 'quick' idea

One is driving and suddenly sees red and blue light flashing behind.. cops pull over the car and accuse the driver of overspeeding. In countries like US, they have a 'radar scan' to support their claim, but what about in developing countries? I am not aware of such hi-tech monitoring systems. Moreover, one often encounters speeding vehicles in the absence of any cop car. Assuming that speed kills and is dangerous, I thought of an accessory. On the week when a 'fast movie' (Dhoom 2) is released, I think the timing of this post is appropriate..
The device is electronically attached to the speedometer and has a 'short term memory' of about 30 minutes. What it does is, it memorizes the speed of the vehicle for the past 30 minutes. Suppose you notice a dangerously speeding vehicle running scot-free.. all you need is to call the cops, and give them some useful descriptions about it.. (like the road, vehicle's color/make, number, whichever helps identify that better). The cop patrolling nearby would be able to trace the vehicle. Most cars slow down upon seeing a cop car; even the culprit might have.. but then the cop pull the car over and then clicks a button, my device (call it, say 'speed-monitor') plots the speed of the vehicle for the latest 30 mins, and the driver gets a ticket. How cool is it?
There could be some complications, like, e.g., speed limits vary on a single road; they obviously vary depending on the type of the road; but, still, if the plot shows a speed of 85 or above in any road, it is an offense, rite? I have a feeling that it shouldnt be too difficult to design such a gadget.. and it can be made tamper-free/fool-proof as well.. Like how it is mandatory to get insurance/registration, and in some cases, inspection done from time-to-time, having this device could be made mandatory by a State/Federal law. I am sure it would keep the 'fast people' on check and reduce accidents.


KK said...

What's this Raju you giving ideas to get a ticket... I am also one of the drivers who slow down on seeing a cop :)

tt_giant said...

hmmm.. part of me wants to say that it is invasion of privacy(!). part of me agrees to it.

some of the insurance companies have a small USB kinda device which you can attach to the car - which records your driving patterns (sudden brakes, excess acceleration, swerves, etc) and you can upload it to their site and you get reduction of premium if you had been a careful driver!

Kittu said...

ada ada ada
from kittu

maela ezuthu maams..ill be back

Syam said...

epdiyo engaluku ellam ticket vaangi kudukanumnu irukeenga...

ethukum idea va seekiram patent pannidunga :-)

Anonymous said...

lol- must be watching lots of Shankar's movies lately , concern about society- accident rates

Ram.C said...

BTW.. hv u patented this idea? LIkely to be snapped up by some entreprenurial mind... soon

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Ayyooo Enna idea :P
Ungalukku matu mthan ipdi ellam thonum ;)

Anonymous said...

Raju, can't believe you are thinking too much on tickets..any close link with traffic police ?

Raju said...

KK, no boss.. I am not giving ideas to get ticket.. ennoda ennamellam 'safety'dhan..

I think it is a natural tendency to press the 'brake pedal' upon seeing the cop car.. ;)
Deepak, invasion of privacy-ya? LOL.. I remember ur '120+' speeds on the benign, harmless state roads of Florida; but I didnt write this article keeping u in my mind.. ;)

That is an interesting info about gadgets of insurance companies. Makes total sense.
Kittu, welcome here..

Izhuthuren Machi.. plz do keep visiting.. :)
Syam, you know something? For the past 7 months, I rarely exceed even 5 miles above the speed limit since I got a speed ticket while returning from Atlanta 8 months ago. Adhule irundhu fast-a poravangalai (maattikkama) kanda oru vayitherichal.. adhuley vandhadhudhan indha post.. ;)
Deepak sonna vishayathukku appuram idhellam already 'in test' stage-le engeyo irukumnu ninaikkiren.. Parkkalam eppo idhu pathi news varudhunnu..

Raju said...

Anon, though I am a bigtime Shankar fan, the reason can be seen from my reply to Syam.. ;) Edho, ennale mudinjadhu..
Ram, i dont have a lawyer or any big company to support and put forward my application for patent. lemme see.. after a few years, if it is still not seen in market, I will try.. ;)
Ponnarasi, scientist aachey.. ellamey plot pannidhan pazhakkam.. heheheeh ;)
Anon, no boss.. thanks to my ticket (as mentioned above as reply to Syam), my insurance premium has sky-rocketed, and I am ultra careful on roads.. from being the fastest on the road 8 months ago to among the slowest, the transition has been a very humbling one for me.. Thats why this post.. :)

Me too said...

I already have a speed monitor, my husband!! Even if I go 46 m in a 45 m zone, he would sound the alarm!! The worst part is even when he is not there, I hear him!! ;)

Raju said...

Aparna, surprised by ur hubby's speed-limiting tendency.. usually, it is the otherway around.. :)