May 13, 2005

New Singers Galore

For the past few weeks, I have been listening to three albums - Yuvan's "Arindhum Ariyadhadhum" and "Daas" and Harris's "Anniyan"... Can't help noticing so many new singers being used by leading music directors nowadays.. A refreshing change from the old time of "Mano and Chitra" and "SPB and Janaki" announcements in radio. But, too many spices spoil the taste of food, right? Nowadays, it is hard to differentiate between the singers' voices. It is almost impossible for me to differentiate between Kavita Krishnamoorthy and Mahalakshmi Iyer.
Apart from the few well-established ones like Hariharan and Shankar Mahadevan, there are some 'irregulars' like Karthik, Srinivas or Tippu. It is a huge list in the case of female singers in the last 3 years or so. For the music directors, it not only bring fresh voice and variety but also they can be paid quite cheap.. so economical too!! But, in this flood of fresh blood, most are washed off after a handful of songs while only a few stay. Is it good or bad?

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