Jul 8, 2005

Ponniyin Selvan - Anyone ???

For long time, I had a wish to read Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan. During my childhood, I have read several classics like Sivakamiyin Sabatham, Kadal Puraa, Chithira-p-Paavai, Parthiban kanavu, Kanni maadam, etc. by both Kalki and Chandilyan. I was really fascinated by the way the authors portrayed the Chola and Pallava dynasty by their amazing imagination and depiction. Ponniyin Selvan was around, but it was too long for me to read (when I first got access to it, I was 11).

Now that I wish to read it, I saw a few websites (Amazon and Indiaclub) but couldnt find the Tamil version. Only place I found it was udumalai.com, which is located at West Mambalam. So, if anyone of you knows where I can get it in the US, plz. let me know.. I would really appreciate you I promise..


tt_giant said...

GP: I have read some chapters of it, but not the full book. An epic, definitely.. I know that you like to get the book, but check this site in the meantime..


I think you need to d/l some font.

Ram.C said...

Eventhough, I didn't have the opportunity to read kalki's works fully, I remember reading Kadal Puraa & Kanni maadam of Chandilyan.. i hv the bound books (Taken out of 'Kumudum') still in Chennai.... Nice ones.

GP said...

Deepak, thanks a lot.. You made my day !! I didnt realize and believe that such an epic can be available FULL online... Amazing work..

Ram, yes.. Kalki wrote only a few.. Chandilyan penned quite a lot.. I too read them as bound from Kumudam or Kalki.. Pazhaiya Ninaivugal..

tt_giant said...

you are welcome!

Anonymous said...

Try this:

Raju said...

anon, thanks..

Rajesh said...

There were some PDF's available here :


Check fully.

Bhuvaneswari said...


YOU CAN READ KALKI'S BOOKS ONLINE AT http://www.chennailibrary.com/