Nov 15, 2005

A shocking news from across the border

Just came across this news from Mid-day. It says Hindu girls from Sindh District of Pakistan are increasingly forced to convert to Islam and get married to Muslims.. Some bits from the article:
An alarming trend — that of Muslims kidnapping Pakistani Hindu girls and forcing them to convert to Islam — in Pakistan’s Sindh province is forcing the worried resident Hindu community to marry off their daughters as soon as they are of marriageable age or to migrate to India, Canada or other nations.
“Kidnapping Hindu girls like this has become a normal practice. The girls are then forced to sign stamp papers stating that they’ve become Muslims,” says Laljee Menghwar.
I was thinking that only the politicians, religious extremists and terrorists are messing up with India-Pak relationship and the minority in our countries. Public outrageousness is atrocious, to say the least.

Another news from UK's Telegraph - now an attack on churches.

As a result, christians held an open-air mass .

Cricket followers would have known about the ex-Christian Yousuf Youhana's conversion to Islam and his name-change to Mohammed Yousuf. Though he said that it was his wish to do so and denied any pressure on him, cricket writers of Pak did mention about the disadvantage of being a minority cricketer in Pakistan. For no reason, he was earlier stripped off his vice-captaincy. Now it seems he is back in contention for that job and also for the captaincy of Pak team after Inzamam.

I wonder what would happen to the other minority in the team, Danish Kaneria.


susubala said...

Raju : Dreadful information about Pakistani Hindu Girls !!!

Anniyan said...


Its a shame in India,that Hindus doesnt deserve what they deserve but the minorities enjoy a decent status..IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA..

This baadu karunanidhi hasn't greeted people on DIWALI but rattled out EID wishes..Aint they praying to GOD too ? Is that the minority votes that get him to CM chair again and again ?
i dont know what the fuck
"madha saarbinmai arasu " means ?


Raju said...

Sumi, mmm.. Add to these two news, the explosion in Karachi near the Hotel where England team would be put up.. All gloomy out there..
Anniyan, welcome here.. The pic in your profile is something that attracted me.. I had put up the same picture for my post on the "Spirit of Anniyan". Vikram with long hair, dry lips and moustache looks even more scary..

Coming to ur reply, muslim appeasmemnt would go on.. b'cos, Hindus are sooo much divided that whatever one does for or against them will make hardly any difference to the votes.. So, these politicians do the 'divide and rule' policy.. They have divided Hindus into the castes and then deal with them.. More than religion, unfortunately, the caste has become more important for a majority of hindus..

Karunanidhi would say "Hindu is a thief", "Hinduism is not a religion" blah blah bull shit.. and easily get away.. mm.. 'madha sarbinmai' means 'majority madha sarbinmari'..

NaiKutti said...

pretty bad it has been for the hindu girls in pakistan... if by choice they convery it is OK but if they are forced into it (thru kidnapping etc.) thats really atrociuos... but we could just feel bad and hope things improve!!

Yousuf Youhana and Danish Kaneria -- even if they are forced to convert to muslims, they would still lead a similar kind of life, but for the others, its a lot lot lot more different!!

Vanathi said...

good post...

visithra said...

engehluku shocking ah illeh enna ingehyum sela rules iruhku - onlinela discuss panna mudiathu ;)

Raju said...

Karthik, yeah.. I agree with you.

Well, I mentioned the case of cricketers to show how even high-profile personalities find it difficult to escape from the clutch there..
Vanathi, what is good in this post?
Vis, ange koodava? Ada paavamey.. mm.. idhu enakku oru pudhu 'news'. Ippadi ellama rules irukkum? Kashtam..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sad to read about all this.!! I hope all these things come to an end.

I read about Yousuf Yohana...! I also heard that he could become a captain only if he converted to Islam. Don't know the truth though.

Yeah, Danesh is the only non-islam player..!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

BTW - Just read that Danesh Kaneria bowled Pakistan to victory.!! What a test match.!!!

Nitin said...

yeah Danish Kaneria did very well.Poor batting performance by the Indian top order, I think Sehwag,Sachin should start working hard,and get some runs. Good innings by Yuvraj Singh, dont they usually award the man of the match to someone from the winnin team, dont know how yuvraj got the man of the match. But was very upset with the batting.

Kris said...

Really atrocious...people are not given even the basic rights that they have ....

I wonder what will happen , if the same happens (i pray not to but still for the sake of arguement ) India , which is a Secularist country

Raju said...

Narayanan, yes. Very sad indeed. Though I dont give so much importance to religion, forceful conversion is akin to a total change in lifestyle, which is pretty hard to accept in this civilized world.

About erstwhile Yousuf Youhana, yeah.. he seems to have an eye on his career, which prompted conversion.

I was watching the test match and it was an incredible victory for Pak.. they literally snatched it from jaws of defeat.. The last day pitch was not the typical demon of the subcontinent but Danish bowled very intelligently, foxing the English batsmen. Their shot selection was poor as well.
Nitin, yeah, it was diasppointing to see our batting collapse like a pack of cards.. Luck also was not in our favour, with the supersub failure. Its indeed time for our openers to put a solid partnership at the top. Sehwag does need to fire in the next couple of matches. Otherwise, I dont see him being retained for the last two matches.

When one batsman/bowler performs superlatively, he gets awarded Man of the match. Yuvraj's innings was superb.. I kinda expected him to get the prize.
Kris, yes.. atrocious it is. Where are the self-proclaimed human right activists now?

If it happens in India, there would be huge hue and cry; the media would shout non-stop.. God knows what all would happen. Apart from mid-day, I havent seen any news about this online.. Did any of our useless news channels say anything about it?

Deepa said...

Shame Shame....
Thats some news Raju. One more time I thank God for creating me in the country I was born in.:-)

Raju said...

Deepa, welcome here.

Yeah, where did all the 'human right activists' go? I havent seen any religion whose hardcore practitioners are lunatics..

Anonymous said...

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