Jan 15, 2006

Coming soon: Karnataka to California - By Road

Recently, I was watching in Discovery channel, the construction of the 'Bridge of Peace' that is being constructed between Alaska (USA) and the northeast tip of Siberia (Russia). When completed, that would be the longest bridge in the world. Of course, building that is pretty difficult, since it has to withstand extreme weather conditions- such as on ice for a good amount of time every year. It is expected to be ready in a few years. When ready, it is expected to bridge the two superpowers of the world.. (can it be still called so?)

That opens up the (theoretical) possibility of reaching US from India in a car.. just that one needs to get visas from China, Russia and Canada before reaching US.. Click on the map below to see the hypothetical pink roadmap from Karnataka to CA..
Not such a long distance, considering that thousands of years ago, some Indians indeed travelled that long distance (when the place of the bridge was a land) and reached America. :-)


Nag said...

i shall venture with my pulsar one day ;-))

ram said...

probably if I get PDF in US, I may take the road route ;-))

Paurna said...

hey raju,this bridge that u mentioned.are they building it over sea.

take a look at themap

Nitin said...

wat would be the estimated number of days to arrive at america? building a bridge over the sea would definitely make the trip shorter.

Me too said...

People with Air/Sea sickness might consider this!!!

Nitin said...

Raju, how is Sehwag & Dravid batting?

Barani said...

Long weekend kku Siberia trip plan pannalaam .

Good One !!

tt_giant said...

Just wondering how many times I need to take a break for stretching my legs!

unknown said...

nice info:-)

Kris said...

Hmmm...nalla than irukkum...:-))

Raju said...

Nag, that would be a good ad for Pulsar.. :)
Ram, I am not sure whether it would be ready by then.. this looks like getting completed by 2010..
Paurna, yeah.. they are building it over sea.. 'Bering Sea' that is..
Nitin, I guess it would take weeks to complete the journey (havent calculated the distance and the possible time, though).
Aparna, yeah.. and I would guess they can beat the time difference too.. slow and steady travel.. :-)

Raju said...

Nitin, I dont subscribe to the recent series, since it is pretty expensive.. The sporadic play didnt give enough enthu to me to follow score at cricinfo.. I watched some part of play on the 4th day after downloading from a site.. Sehwag was chanceless.. there is no one who can play the way he can..
Barani, yeah.. sure.. I know of one family who drove from Wisconsin to Alaska.. That gave me the idea to write this post.. Siberia is certainly not far..
Deepak, LOL.. you need to take breaks from taking breaks for a considerable time of the journey..
Ammu, thanks..
kris, thanks.. HNY to u too..

Pradeep said...

I saw a programme in discovery channel about making a tunnel from Washington to London for Magnetic levitation train. The Train can reach 8000km Per Hour in vacuum.

Raju said...

Pradeep, welcome..

That is interesting.. Washington to London.. mm.. I guess they only hypothesize making such a tunnel.. It would take forever to complete.. Magnetic levitation is OK but how about vacuum, when you have a train running? Trans-Atlantic bridge/tunnel would be a lifetime project..

narayanan said...

This Russia-Alaska link itself would take years to approve on construction. Wonder how many would travel that route and how many days in a year this route is going to be open (Alaska is infested with snow, so should the land on the other side in the same latitude). My grandchildren would see it, provided there is that much traffic between Russia and US/Canada.


Raju said...

Narayanan, yeah.. it looks like it will take awhile to complete this bridge. Not only for travel, but for transportation, this would be a huge plus.. china to Canada/USA bilateral business would benefit with that, I guess..

aruna said...

interesting post !

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