May 31, 2007

Tamil Movie Quiz - 3

1) While watching some video which I would probably write about in my next post, I was mesmerized by the super slow-mo shots. My mind went to the use of slow-mo in Tamil movies, esp. in songs. My current fav video, 'Anjali Anjali' is a good example. All the action is in slow motion, which elevates the song to new heights. I don't know what is the first Tamil song to appear fully in slow-motion; so, if anyone knows the answer, you are encouraged to enlighten me..

The more difficult part is to blend lip-sync with slow-mo. Just imagine this.. if the artists move at half the original speed, the song has to be played at double the speed while shooting the song, to enable proper lip-sync. Bcos of this reason, all the slo-mo songs have reasonably slow flow.. and it involves quite a bit of vision and trial-and-error to get the desired effect after slow-mo. Now the questions:

a) Which is the first slow-mo Tamil song with lip-sync?

b) Which is the first slow-mo Tamil song with lip-sync, and a dance sequence as well? Incidentally, the movie having this song has also got a slow-mo song, without lip-sync..
[Clue: All these three movies - Anjali and the other two were released within a period of 16 months]

As one can expect, some of the best brains have been involved with them. All the three songs, along with 'Anjali', are timeless classics.

2) The guy in the pictures above (the second foto was added... does it help?) was the hero of a movie released last year. Honestly, I hadn't heard of that movie until then. His adopted name is a very special one - that of a very famous personality, and that's what made me take note of him, after having a ROTFL moment. What is it? :)
[That name is very well known all over India..]

3) In the late 90's, a director, who has earlier given some super hit movies, wanted a unique name for a new heroine of his movie, since there was already another upcoming actress sharing the new heroine's original name. He made it as a competition in 'Kumudam', urging the readers to choose a unique name for her; the person whose choice pleases the director would get a prize. Her screen name, with three Tamil letters, was chosen thus and she was introduced. Unfortunately, the movie flopped big time, and the actress had to act opposite less famous heroes for survival.

A few years ago (6 years after her debut), she got a new lease of life out of nowhere, with a very famous director choosing her to act in a multi-star film, keeping her original name itself. The movie was a huge success and her character in the movie was praised well. She has shown good promise and talent in the few select roles she has got since then. A movie released last year brought her good fame, and some meaty roles. Who is she?

PS: Comments are moderated as usual, to keep the quiz going.

1. a) MMKR - Sundari Neeyum.
b) Thalapathi - Kaattu kuyilu (and the other song is 'Chinna thayaval')

2. His name is 'Shah Rukh'.. ;) He was the hero of 2006 release 'Aattam'..

3. Rasika/Sangeetha.


Sathish Jay said...

No.3 - Rasika/Sangeetha
No.1b - Pachai Nirame (Alaipayuthe)
No.1a - MMKR - Sundari??
If anyone answers No.2, they ought to be banned from being called a fan of Tamil Cinema.

J said...

yeyyy quiz time :-)

1) "Sundari neeyum sundaran nyaanum" from MMKR -- idhu thaan gavanam vanthathu. still thinking.

2) aniyaayam. photo vachu google panna mudiyalayae :D:D any other clue please?

3) hhmm still thinking ...

J said...

woo hoo

Ans for 1) Kaatu kuyilu manasukula from Dhalapathy. Without dance is, "Chinna thaayaval" - my fav!

Me too said...

1. (b?) "sundari neeyum" from MMKR

Sundaresan said...

Qns 1 and 2 - no idea.
For qn #3, is it Sangeetha? Her prev name was 'Rasika'. The movie 'Kabadi kabadi' by Pandiarajan.

Raju said...

Sathish, 1a and 3 are right.. 1b- Nope. 1a and 1b were just over a year apart..
LOL on your remark for (2). I have added an additional snap of this handsome hero.. ;)
J, You got both 1a and 1b right..
Aparna, actually, ur answer is right, but it is 1(a).
Sundaresan, welcome here..

Your guess for (3) is right..

raj said...

3 is Rasika @ Sangeetha. Easy one. What was that P.Rajan-Karan-Sangeetha movie? A rip-off of Katha by Sai Paranjpe.

Prin said...

1) No clue
2) Shahrukh - Aattam lol
3) Sangeetha/Rasika

Raju said...

Raj, (3) is right.. She was not introduced by the director u mentioned, but by the one who made some superhit movies with 'Pasunesan'... ;)
Prin, wow.. u r the first one to guess (2) right.. Andha padathaiyum partheengala enna? Namma 'porumaiyin sigaram' Balaji-ye adhai parkkalai.. :)

(3) is right..

Prin said...


I'm normally a BBthots viewer and I noticed he hasn't gone that low.....I haven't seen it either.....I just remember the face of that guy (probly wonderin why he became a hero)

J said...

for 3, "but by the one who made some superhit movies with 'Pasunesan'... ;)" nu soneengha - which movie is this?

and which movie of hers got released last year?

Raju said...

Prin, well, it is not like Balaji would go low for watching this movie.. From what he has said, any new tamil movie that he sees has something 'unknown'.. How it is gonna turn out would govern his review and rating... For all you know, this 'Shahrukh' might be a good actor and with some luck, can come up with a noticeable hit movie.. The laughable thing is his name.. avlodhan...:)
J, it was Gangai Amaran who introduced her in 'Poonjolai'..

The last year's movie is 'Uyir'.