Apr 29, 2008

Tamil Cine Quiz - 5

After over 6 months, time for another quiz now.. This is more of a music quiz.. As usual, the comments are moderated (sorry for the glitch of y'day which hid all the comments), and more clues will be given depending on the response.

1) One criterion separates Harris Jayaraj from Ilayaraja, AR Rahman, MS Viswanathan, Yuvan, Imman, Bharadwaj, Deva, Devi Sriprasad, Gangai Amaran and Vijay Antony. What is it? (Apart from his working with Gautham Vasudeva Menon, plz.. :) )
PS Clue: Add Vidyasagar, T. Rajender, SP Balasubramaniam, Maragathamani (aka Keeravani/ MM Kreem), Karthik Raja and Shankar Mahadevan to the latter list.
2) SPB and Hariharan are two of the all-time greatest singers of our time. It would be a treat to listen both the legends singing in the same song. I think it has happened only once, but not for a Tamil song. AR Rahman was the music director who made them come together for a Hindi song. In fact, a famous female singer Chitra has also rendered her voice for this fabulous song about which I havent read anything in the blogosphere so far. What is the song and which movie is it from?
3) This is about friendship in music. It is also about their loyalty to a music director. Two famous actors A and B have had a very different relationship with a music director C. Over a period of 15 years (say, from X-15 to X), I can think of at least 40 movies which each of A and B have acted in which C was the music director and most of them are superhits. In fact, for 10 years from (X-10) to X, C was the music director for all of A's movies. After the year 'X', B wouldnt have worked together for 15 years with C, though A has done 4 movies in this period with C. Who are A, B and C? Try to answer the year 'X' as well, if u can.


Nitin said...

heh, dont know the answer to any of them, but the last question just had too many variables, lol.

Nitin said...

just saw your twitter message, it is sad about lollusabha jeeva though, didn't like his attitude in jodi no.1, but hopefully he returns to what he does best, lollusabha, it seems he quit or got fired, and there is another mokka that has taken his place.

matrix said...

Raju, don't you have a better snap of Harris? it doesn't have a contemporary feel ..haha

Ramya harish said...

Hi raju, just saw this post. Interesting. I have nt seen any of ur quizzes b4.. I am thinking over 1 & 3.. And the answer for 2 is Mere yaara dildhara from Kabhi Na kabhi.. I am mad abt this movie songs.. somehow they were not great hits.. I love 'mere dil khabon shehsadha' by asha bhosle.. lovely choreography n grt song.. i wud tell its another 'Yaayre'(rangeela)..

Ramya harish said...

first question s too blunt.. need more clues.. n third reminds me of my favorite algebra.. different relationship?? wat do u mean by that?? anyway X - 80 , C - Ilaiyaraja nu thonardhu.. rest?.. clues venum..

J said...

okay...commenting again:

YAYYY !! Quiz time :-) thanks :)

1) Harris Jayaraj mattum dhaan inum paadalai. right'a?

2) Hindi movie - no knowledge. sorry :(

3) Wooo ..need some time. will get back.

raj said...

2. Kabhi Na Kabhi? Mera Yaara Dildaara?

raj said...

3 Kamal-Rajni-IR?
But the clues dont corroborate that...

Prin said...

1) Harris doesn't sing, whilst the other all do.

2) something from swades?

3) deva as C?

tt_giant said...

1) Harris Jayaraj is christian and none of the other are?

No idea about 2 and 3.

J said...

3) A - Kamal
B - Rajini
C - Ilayaraja
X - 1990


Anonymous said...

1) Guessing; he has worked for most number of music directors or that he does only 1 film a year.

2) Easy. The film is Kabhi Na Kabhi and the song is Yaara dildara. Released at a time when ARR was reaching phenomenal popularity in Hindi. Dunno about film, but songs were played on a popular Hindi radio show in Toronto often; at the time of release.

3) Actors are A - Rajni, B-Kamal. Music director is Ilayaraja. Rajni and Ilayaraja last did a film together 15 years ago, roughly, I think. Was it called Ejamaan?


(If any of these are right, I seriously need to get a life:-))

Raju said...

Nitin, what to do.. many a times I think of quiz questions mathematically..

LOL on 'mokka'.. :) I saw 'Ponnumani' in Lollu Sabha last week and didnt like the guy who did Karthik's role. I felt that Jeeva was the backbone of Lollu Sabha and the other three main guys were too loud, repetitive, boring and one-dimensional. Sad to know that he has quit/been fired. Or may be he got hurt by what happened in Jodi No. 1 and switched to some other TV...
Matrix, aamam... romba mukkiyam.. He looks good, and with more hair, looks defintely better than in some recent color fotos..

Raju said...

Ramya, ur answer for #2 is correct.. Yeah, those songs that you mentioned are famous for good music and choreography..

Ur guess for C in #3 is correct.. Have added more clues for #1 to make it little easy. Especially the addition of one particular person (a Guinness entry) should make the question easy.
J, sorry for the mess-up with showing/hiding of the comments..

Ur answers for #1 and #3 are right..
Raj, ur guesses for both the questions 2 and 3 are correct..

I agree that the clues dont corraborate much, but who are the actors who would each act over 40 movies in 14 years with just one music director and who else can be the music director to compost music for 80 films involving just two actors over 14 years?

Balaji said...

Raju, as always a fun and very interesting quiz :)

1. HJ hasn't yet sung a song in his own music?

2. Mere Yara Di Dara... from 'Kabhi Na Kabhi'

3. A-Kamal, B-Rajni, C-Ilaiyaraja
X is probably 1994, when 'Veera' was released, after which Rajni hasn't worked with raja. Kamal has done 4 movies 'Sathi Leelavathi', 'Hey Ram', 'Virumandi' and 'Mumbai Express' with raja since '94.

Now the suspense is going to kill me till u reveal the answers :)

Raju said...

Prin, ur answer for #1 is right..
#2 - No, not from the movie u mentioned.. Must say it was released 7 years before that..
Ur guess for 'C' in #3 is not correct..
Deepak, no.. even Vijay Antony is a Christian..

U should be able to guess #3.. U have blogged about A, B and C in the recent months.. ;)
Kajan, neither guesses for #1 is correct.. He certainly does more than 1 film per year, illaiya?
#2 and #3 are both correct. You were almost correct with the year X too.. Your guess is just (X-1).. and the last movie with B and C together was 2 movies after your guessed movie.

LOL on your PS... If that is the case with you, then what about me, who has come up with these questions? ;)

Raju said...

Balaji, I just missed your comment..

No need to lose your finger nails.. As I thought, all your answers are spot on.. English-le sonna Super.. Tamil-le sonna Dhool... (Thanks to Lawrence).. :)

Ramya harish said...

Raju, Adding clues to the former part shud be helpful no..like the 'CRITRERION' s with regard to music/personal/directors they worked with??.. or sumthin like tat..

J, Prin... wats the answer for #1.. tell me..

yours truly said...

has been a long long time since i posted anything (even a comment in the blogosphere) But your quiz provoked me :). Here are my guesses

1. Harris Jeyaraj did not sing in any of the films that he composed?
2. Kabhi na Kabhi - Mere Yara Di Dara??
3. Kamal-Rajni-Ilayaraja or Sivaji-MGR-MSV???? Not sure. Could be neither of these two also!!

Raju said...

Ramya, I have highlighted one name from the list to make the distinction with Harris Jeyaraj better. Strikes a chord?
Yours truly, welcome back.. Late-a vandha kooda latest-a vandhirukkeengaley.. All the three answers-um absolutely right.. (For the third one, your first set of trio is right)..

The answers will be revealed sometime tomorrow morning...

matrix said...

This ain't mirror reflection !


A-kay said...

1) Harris Jayaraj has never sung a song so far - this is just a wild guess :)

2) Not sure

3) Kamal Rajini and Ilaiyaraja? Is the year 1993 and the movie Valli, after which Rajni has not made any movie with Ilaiyaraja as the MD. Not 100% sure about this, but I do know that most of the 90s movie, Deva was the MD for Rajini and ARR for a few. Can't think of any recent Rajini movie with IR as the MD.

raj said...

che romba simple #1 - he doesnt sing in his or other movies , does Harris?
SPB bold pannina appuram tube light flashed inside my head :-)

raj said...

I cant figure the year for A. b & C

Veera was last Rajni-IR movie - was that in 1995?
SO, 1985-1995 all Kamal movies were IR? Not so sure.
1. Paasa Valai, remake of a K Viswanath telugu movie was Maragadhamani
2 Chanakya in Malayalam was someone else - think SP Venkatesh
3 But maybe you meant all Tamil Kamal movies were IR?

But then you also said from year 'X' Rajni and IR havent worked for 15 years, that makes X as 1993. So veera was in 1993?
I am not able to reconcile the years!

raj said...

"I agree that the clues dont corraborate much, but who are the actors who would each act over 40 movies in 14 years with just one music director and who else can be the music director to compost music for 80 films involving just two actors over 14 years?

Yeah, 80 films for 2 actors- that clue said obviously IR, and then as a corollary, Rajni-Kamal(or Kamal-Rajni, depending on your fan club!) but as I mentioned in previous post, I couldnt figure out the year X, which made it difficult.

Anonymous said...

btw, it is when you do these quizzes that your blog sparkles :-)
And those tamil-Hindi comparisons. Those posts rock!

Anonymous said...

How could I be so dumb? Of all the oversights? For some reason, reading , it just clicked after reading Shankar Mahadevan. Harris has never sung( I think). All the others have sung their compositions and are music directors as well. But haven't heard all his albums. Nor am I positive about Vijay Anthony. I have unfortunately heard all the respect(SPB and Shankar not on the list:-))


Murthy said...

The answer for the first question is i think, Harris doesn't use SPB in his any of the movie.

#3 is i think Kamal and Rajini.

Am I right Raju.


Raju said...

Matrix, wow.. same blog color.. Thanks for that link.. Now I know someone whose blog looks like mine..
a-kay, Welcome here..
Your answers for 1 and 3 are right..
It was 1994 when Rajni and IR came together last for 'Veera'. In 9 movies since then, Rajni has opted for others. In fact, that is the whole point behind the question.
Raj, now u got it right..
Veera was released in 1994. Though we are not 15 years from '94 yet, since Kuselan and Robo were already decided for the next 2 years, I chose to put it down as 'B wouldnt have worked together for 15 years'..

So, that makes 1994 as the year X and between 1984-1994, in all of Kamal's tamil movies, Ilayaraja was the MD.

Raju said...

Anon, from the comments, I guess you are Raj.. Thanks.. And yeah, there will soon be a post on Tamil vs Hindi cinema..

And, A is Kamal; B is Rajni, bcos Rajni acted in movies where others like Chandrabose, Hamsalekha and Deva were music directors were the MDs.
Kajan, u r right.. Vijay Antony is a promising and upcoming MD; he has sung two songs in his recent album 'KAdhalil vizhundhEn'.
Murthy, welcome here.. :)
Are you the Murthy I know?
Yeah, your answer for #3 is right..

Ramya harish said...

huh nice ones.. i went on asking these to my friends n relatives n had fun..

Murthy said...

yes, the same Murthy.

Raju said...

Ramya, thanks.. Glad u had some fun.. :)
Murthy, hey nice to see your comment..

In fact, your guess for #1 is very good.. I never thought about it, and it appeared that you were right.. but then, last week's Sun TV movie 'Arul' had one song (Pathu viral) by SPB... Even if SPB had not sung for Arul, I dont think Vijay Antony, a music director in the list of 16, has used SPB either..

To ALL: The answers can be seen above in the comments section, especially from Balaji's comment.

Anonymous said...

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