Sep 13, 2008

Demography of bloggers

Blogging has become another important social networking tool in the past few years. Through blogrolling, commenting etc. we keep in touch with fellow bloggers of similAdd Imagear interests and/or nationaliry. I have heard from some of my friends that it is quite difficult to know a person through his/her blogs. I always used to tell that, one can hide certain personality traits for sometime, but over a long period of time and several dozens of posts, they would eventually be revealed. In that sense, this is my attempt to categorize the bloggers.
* Happy-go-lucky:
Starting with a positive point, these bloggers, who are mostly unmarried, write about everything they like and what they are happy about. When one reads such a blog, it will look as if the world is one big happy sphere with nothing but positive energy vibrating through it. They have the uncanny ability to see the good in everything around them. Its good to visit such blogs once a while.

* Dual personality:
And then there are some who write so sweet posts which totally apply to one and all, and we form one sort of impression about them. In the very next post, we see a nasty attack on some celebrity and they totally defend what they write. When someone strongly protests their writings, they go to the usual offending mode of "This is my opinion, and I can write whatever I think in my blog.. who asked you to come and see me?" kind of things. IMHO, blogs are open to public and are of course criticizable. These bloggers are highly temperamental and moody too. People who comment regularly in such blogs are also scared to write anything -ve about that person. Even if they write a simple but -ve comment like "I think you are wrong" they put a smiley in the end. I laugh at those smileys, which, to me, look like white flags saying, "Hey I am your friend.. dont shoot me!!".

* Deer in the disguise of a tiger:
These are the bloggers who show a very brave, smart and 'I-know-all' face in the blog. They are introvert &/or shy &/or scared in real life that they lead a pseudo life in the blog world. They get exposed when they are seen in real, or when they appear in some media. Just a few minutes ago I saw a tiger stripping itself to show the bunny inside. It was so hilarious. My whole impression on him has changed dramatically that I tend to see his writings in a totally new light.

*Harmless citizens
They simply mind their business. They have their small world of family, movies, music, books and things around these, about which they blog. Sometimes I imagine them sitting in front of their desktop when the kids are playing around them, and the wife is calling from kitchen saying that the dinner is ready. They hardly get angry, and I dont know how to show my anger to them if they write something I strongly disagree. Thats bcos if someone scolds them in the comments, they still reply with a smile, and they dont hide their biased view.

You cant just visit these blogs any time of the day. It is advisable to visit them only when you are at your alert best, bcoz their writings make you think a lot and you need to break your head. In order to fully understand their personality, several months are required. They cant simply write an XYZ post... their standard of intelligence has to be seen in every post. I wonder how they will be at their home.

* Anonymous
They love writing, and enjoy sharing their thoughts with others. They want to write so much but they have some restrictions. They can't afford to reveal their identity, due to some hesitation or shyness or fear. Their sp0use doesnt like their blogging activity, and hence there is some conflict. They keep a pseudoname and write carefully so that no hint about them is known. Very hard to see comments from people who personally know them.

If you think about some other category, feel free to comment. And, yeah, have a good weekend!! :)


Anu said...

You have pretty much captured every kind, and I must say dead on about the anonymous bloggers (Ahem)!
So what kinds are you ? :D!

i,me,my music said...

Good analysis Raju.. I hv nt identified sum of ur categories till now.. i wud like to add one category which s just opposite to ur first(happy go lucky.) may be i wud call thm sorowful blogs.. long long posts or one liners brimming with depression, grief n wat not.. i wud regret for entering such blogs.. they have the ability to put anyone down..

Pranathi Srinivasan said...

Hi Raju,
I started reading blogs off late.. could relate to all the types you just mentioned! In fact your analysis throws a light on the multi facets of human nature in general.. anyways, I love the happy go lucky types and dont go near the intellectuals types because I am not one to understand what they write..and it really is one's choice to read the harmless citizens.

matrix said...

Great list.

Here are some that you can add :

Chronic complainers - even a grain of sand is a big complain for them.

Revolutionist - tries to straighten the society through their writings, aka online-gabtun

Female seekers - tries to be funny but not so funny

Peters - tries to sound like ABCD to people back home

Raju said...

Anu, :) yeah, the anonymous bloggers have captured my maximum curiosity..

Me? U know from what I write, rite? :)
Ramya, thanks..
Luckily I havent visited those sorrowful blogs yet.. and, yeah, plz dont forward me their URL's.. thanks.. :) Let my ignorance in this be a bliss.. ;)
Pranathi, welcome here.. :)
Hmmm.. multi-facets.. true. I donno if someone has done a research on the type of post a blogger when in different moods. Would be interesting.
Matrix, thank u.. :)
Your list is fantastic too.. I especially loved the second one.. Online gaptun huh? LOL.. And one person immediately comes to my mind when I read that.. :) Very true.

Matrix said...



Also have you realized that the goody-goody one's get minimal comments unlike the nasty controversial ones. For some, this could have rendered their transition from "once upon a time quality hero" to " mass pulling senseless heroes ".

Here's my list of association of celebrities to the types of bloggers:

Happy go lucky : Sundar C & Venkat Prabhu kinda movie-makers

Dual personality : Dharani ( Kuruvi aft Ghilli) & Gautham ( PKMC after VV )

Deer in the disguise of a tiger - Lawrance

Harmless citizens - Female dominated movie heroes or Children oriented movie-makers

Intellectuals - Mani Rathnam. Kamal ?( he does confuse me in his interviews )

i,me,my music said...

matrix, this association list s even more good..
To intellectuals, I wud like to add vairamuthu too..

matrix said...

i, me , my music,

Thanks. opsi, missed out.

Raju said...

Matrix, wow.. great innovation. But you know what happened.. I woke up at ~4 hungry and was having a midnight breakfast when I saw your comments. Obviously I was asleep, and after seeing 'bloggers' in the line before your list, my mind immediately related Sundar C to Sundar Narayanan, Venkat to Venkittu Narayanan and Prabhu to Prabhu n Ferrari. Then I wondered how these three bloggers, who in fact, are good examples of three different types of bloggers that I and you mentioned, can be put under 'Happy go lucky' mode. Only then did I realize what you meant. :) I think it is a good example of operant conditioning. :)

BTW, had a hearty laugh at your examples. Best of the lot was Lawrence.

I still dont have much complaints about PKMC, though it was certainly inferior and in a different genre compared with KK and VV.
Ramya, Vairamuthu? LOL.. I love to hear him.. I try to listen to his 'Neram' in Aahaa fm.. When he says thonnootru ondru puLLi onbadhu for 91.9, kaadhil thaen vandhu payura madhiri irukkum.. :) Yeah true, sometimes he speaks like how Kamal does but I love them both.. :D

mitr_bayarea said...


a great post, you've captured all the types, must have put in a lot of thought into this. I may fit into 1 or 2 categories, not sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi raju,
This is the first time I am reading any blogg. Why are people so eger to open out their minds to toal strangers ?

Raju said...

Mitr, thanks.. :) Yeah, I guess you do.. :)
Anon, welcome to the wonderful world of blogosphere, and specifically here, to my blog.. :)
You have asked a very interesting question, which deserves an entire post. So, instead of answering in the comments section, look for it in one of the next posts.