Nov 26, 2008

Song of the month - Mundhinam

Another quick and unjustifiably crude translation of a recent song which has captivated my heart.
M: ஹாய் மாலினி!
I'm கிருஷ்ணன்.
நான் இதை சொல்லியே ஆகணும்;
நீ அவ்ளோ அழகு!
எவனும் இவ்ளோ அழகா ஒரு ......
இவ்ளோ அழகைப் பார்த்திருக்க மாட்டாங்க
and I am in love with you....

After introducing himself, he says that no one would have seen such a beautiful.... (pause and a chuckle) such a beauty. What a way to say that she is the most beautiful (not just woman, but in the) whole world. Considering that this is their first meeting, that is a very powerful statement (albeit praising her external beauty) to flatter her.

முன்தினம் பார்த்தேனே பார்த்ததும் தோற்றேனே
சல்லடைக் கண்ணாக நெஞ்சமும் புண்ணானதே
I saw you yesterday and as soon as I saw, I lost (to you).
My heart was wounded like the eyes of a sieve.

Traditionally, the sight of a woman is compared to the arrow; so, it is as if so many of such arrows attacked his heart and wounded him, that his heart has thousands of such tiny holes.

இத்தனை நாளாக உன்னை நான் பாராமல்
எங்குதான் போனேனோ நாட்களும் வீணானதே

All these days, without seeing you
where (the hell) did I go? Oh, all (my) days have been a waste..

When a person meets someone and falls in love, he/she wishes that they spent all their goneby days with that person. It is not only the happiness of the present, and a dream for the future, but a frustration for the past too.

வானத்தில் நீ வெண்ணிலா ஏக்கத்தில் நான் தேய்வதா
இப்போழ்தே என்னோடு வந்தாலென்ன
ஊர் பார்க்க ஒன்றாக சென்றாலென்ன


You are like a moon on the sky; I wane due to longing (for you)
What if you come with me now?
What if we go out, with the world watching (or what if we go sight-seeing)?

Yeah, the last line can be taken in both the ways. The first one is about the Hindu tradition of going on a procession after the marriage, so that the neighborhood can see who has got married. The latter is about the wish of a person to roam around the world with his lover.

துலாத்தட்டில் உன்னை வைத்து
நிகர் செய்யப் பொன்னை வைத்தால்
துலாபாரம் தோற்காதோ பேரழகே?

After placing you on a weighing balance,
if gold is placed to equalize with you,
wont the balance lose, my beauty?

He is not talking about the shape of his girl (pun unintended); he compares the beauty of her with the beauty of gold. He says that she is so beautiful that, a balance designed to weigh human-like fairly large objects will still be too small to accomodate the enormous gold required to compensate for her beauty. Considering the density differences between gold and human, this is a huge claim indeed.. ;), and his girl is such a beauty.

F: முகம் பார்த்துப் பேசும் உன்னை
முதல் காதல் சிந்தும் கண்ணை
அணைக்காமல் போவேனோ ஆருயிரே

How will I not hug you, who looks at my face and talks
and from whose eyes the first love is oozing out?

Women respect and like men who look at their face and talk, bcos a large chunk of the men have been notorious in that aspect. Also, the girl's instant appeal with someone who is giving his heart for the first time to a woman is given importance. Also, this is the first response of the woman after hearing what the man has said. She just reciprocates to his feelins saying that she likes to hug him.

M: ஓ... நிழல் போல விடாமல் உன்னைத் தொடர்வேனடி
புகை போலப் படாமல் பட்டு நகர்வேனடி
வினா நூறு கனாவும் நூறு.. விடை சொல்லடி

I will follow you like (your) shadow; I will touch you delicately and move away from you as how the smoke does. (I have) hundreds of questions, and hundreds of dreams; pl. give (me) an answer.

The desperation of the hero is very much evident from these lines. He is already dreaming of her and a life with her. All he wants is the answer.. Of course he wants 'yes' to be that answer. One can compare this Q&A to the western culture of the woman answering the man 'yes' when he proposes, and during the wedding when she says 'yes, I do!'. 


F: கடல் நீலம் மங்கும் நேரம்

அலை வந்து தீண்டும் தூரம்

மனம் சென்று மூழ்காதோ ஈரத்திலே

When the blueness of the sea dims,
the waves touch the far end (of the shore).
Wont the heart immerse (itself) in the wetness (of love)?

M:தலை சாய்க்கத் தோளும் தந்தாய்
விரல் கோர்த்துப் பக்கம் வந்தாய்
இதழ் மட்டும் இன்னும் ஏன் தூரத்திலே

You gave (me your) shoulder (for me) to put (my) head on..
You came near me holding my hands..
why are your lips still far away?

F:பகல் நேரம் கனாக்கள் கண்டேன் உறங்காமலே
உயிர் ரெண்டு உராயக் கண்டேன் நெருங்காமலே
உனை அன்றி எனக்கு ஏது எதிர்காலமே

I had day-dreams without sleeping
I saw two souls frictioning (against each other), without coming closeby
What is my future without you?
Only in the ultimate line of the charanam, she opens out her heart and gives the real answer that he wants to hear. By saying that there is no future for her without him, all the ambiguities of dating and courting relationship are removed and the love now reaches the mutually agreed state.


SK said...

Oh another person who loves this song as much as I do!!

Thanks for the translation, I was wondering how 'salladai kannnaga' fit in the song.

And its partly Naresh Iyer's magic that makes the song soo amazing.
And Surya's voice in the beginning, is just...tooo good.

Sriram said...


I was hooked to this song straightaway. Yaar lyrics ezhuthina? Thamarai?

Nice translation.

Raju said...

SK, welcome here! :)
Glad to find 'another person' (from my perspective) who has also written about the subtle beauties of the song.
U r welcome.. I had another reason for 'salladai kannaaga'..: A salladai/sieve is a classic example of something being there and not being there at the same place. It can be viewed as a network of solid amidst empty space and also vice versa. By saying that his heart has become like the eyes (holes) of the sieve, his solid heart has become transparent like the sieve. The 'wound' part doesnt gel with this explanation, though... Thats why I concluded this to be my usual over-analysis of what the lyricist wants to say.. ;)
About Naresh Iyer, I agree with you.. He is just amazing, though I must say that Prashanthini also has done a fabulous job. The highlight indeed is Surya's voice.. As I wrote for VA's review, another example of Gautham's clever tactic of using Surya's manly and romantic voice to capture the women's hearts, since he seems to know so much about what they like. I must say that he has succeeded...
Sriram, u r welcome here too.. :)
Thanks for ur kind words..
Yeah, it was written by Thamarai.. And, as you said, 3 songs in this movie captivated me at the first listening itself. Great job by Harris!

polynag said...

wow new look to the "graycell"

ramya said...

Nice look n feel.. looks gud

polynag said...

Looking for new outfit for the graycell?

ramya said...

hmmm.. tis one looks vry simple.. but nt bad

matrix said...

Very nice Raju. Your description feels poetic.

Raju said...

Nagesh and Ramya, the XML blogger template sucks.. I am unable to incorporate my old gadgets, assortments, etc. It doesnt allow me to choose my fav template either.. so, my blog is still in the fitting room.. ;)
Matrix, thanks.. Tried my best to do justice to this poetic song..

vm said...


Annel song desperately needs translation!

Raju said...

Vm, hmmm.. another superbly written song.. Some places are vintage Thamarai. Though most lines are simple, some are very sensuously poetic.. will write about it soon..

Anonymous said...

Simple beautiful song. I loved the way Thamarai placed some beautiful rare words. Makes the songs so rare. Minthinam and Anal Mele were so poetic. First vote goes to Thamarai's hard work. Certain words just stuck to the head, though I never heard them before.

Naresh Iyer was too good. I personally felt the female's pitch was uncomfortably high, maybe not for the singer, but for my ears:-)

Harris Jayaraj gets a vote for making this simple song so catchy with the guitar and all. But I want to hold on to this vote, since we might only find out in the future the song's original creator.


Raju said...

Kajan, yeah, agree with u about Thamarai using rare words. Compared to the scarcity of good lyricists in tamil cinema 10 years ago, I am so happy with the present lot.
Prashanthini's pitch was indeed high in some places - especially during 'manam sendru moozhgAdhO eerathilE'.
So far, I havent heard any complaints of inspiration for this song. On a different note, I observed something very funny. When Surya made a special appearance for Jodi No. 1 finals in Vijay TV, he said at least twice "Naan idhai solliye aaganum", and if I am not wrong, even Sangeetha said so. :) Looks like they are still not out of the influence of this song.