Dec 11, 2008

SabAsh.. SariyAna POtti!

In the middle of getting continuously frustrated with a-nice-but-being-spoilt-by-partial-judges-show 'Airtel Super Singer 2008', something good happened this week. This is the week of 'Unplugged' songs, and the acoustic musician who came to accompany the contestants was one Mr. Stephen Devassy. Oh boy, wasnt he fabulous.. For tamil cinema viewers who haven't heard of him, just remember the piano bit before the second charanam in 'Kaatrin mozhi' - the one where Prithviraj, Prakashraj and Swarnamalya dance on a zebra crossing as if playing the keyboard.. that bit was played by none other than Stephen.

You can google and get loads of impressive info on this 27-year old; I was totally taken aback by his talent on this week's show. And then I came to know that he has already been an integral part of a similar talent-hunt show in the Malayalam channel 'Amrita', called Superstar Global, searching about which I came across this singer Roopa Revathi, who would put the super singer contestants into shame. Watch especially for this video below wherein she sang 'SingAra vElanE' song, with Stephen playing the piano, in front of S. Janaki, no less.

I became a huge fan of Stephen, the major reason for which is the performance below. No wonder he is the best Asian student ever at the famous London Trinity college of music.

I have noticed in the recent months that the new talent in Kerala is amazing. Considering the legends like Balamurali Krishna, KJY, Janaki,Chitra, Sujatha and Jency, I should have known sooner. I first saw some shows of Idea star singer,the first Malayalam singer-hunt show which is currently running in Asianet. Several of the contestants sing tamil songs, that too very well, with near-perfect diction. Looking at this kind of abundant talent in TN and Kerala, I wonder how there can be a place for someone like Madhusree in Tamil cine music.


Madhavan said...

Hi Raju,
I am a regular viewer of Airtel Super singer ofcourse whole family.It was a great musical treat in this week.Especially a contestant name'Santhosh" who sung a song from Kadhal Desam, it was a real treat. Even when Srinivas sung few songs along with stephen,his fingers just played with piano.In that show he was quoted that he played piano in front of Pope.

i,me,my music said...

WOW..thanks for tat video.. tat s breathtaking.. roopa's voice rocks.... and how effortless tat guy plays.. simply a great treat..
Definitely kerala has got more talent than tamilnadu..thats evident in lot of music contests in malayalam channels.. I have heard 'Even chaaiwala sings well in kerala'..


J said...

Hi Raju, how are you :-) I too am regular viewer of Airtel Super Singer - my fav show. Only today I came to know that a few contestants have already participated and won in other music competitions (Jaya TV ennodu paatu paadunghal, Raagamaalika). my fav is Rohit, Ravi and Renu in this show.

wow thanks for posting the video; Roopa was amazing. never knew about this show. Stephen - what to say! too much of talent. Unplugged round was rocking!

Raju said...

Murthy, :) Me too likes Santosh's voice but I have heard his better singing. There is an online music forum where he posts his songs for everyone to hear; this week's is definitely not among his best.
Stephen had an amazing control of his fingers.... it is as though piano is for music to him, as any keyboard is for words to us.
Ramya, U r welcome.. Glad u liked the videos. :)
Totally agree with you on Kerala's singing talent. Quite a small state but the sweet voices are overflowing.. I am thinking why.. may be it has to do with their coconut-oil cooking? May be someone can do a research on "Effect of coconut oil on the vibrating frequencies of the diaphragm and the smoothness of the singing voice".. ;)
LOL on your concluding punch.. Yeah, 'Nair kadai chai'-na summava?
J, i'm fine, thanks... Long time.. :)
Its my current fav show too, despite some judgments. You are right... some have already won in other TVs' competitions. Even now, one of the rejected contestants, Rajeshwari, is doing good in Raagamalika. And, Ranjani has participated in Vijay TV's 'Paadum office'.
Your choice of three are my favs too.. I feel that Rohit is a dark horse in this competition. My order of elimination would be Ragini, Aruna, Prasanna, Vijay, Ranjani, Santosh, and Ajeesh.

Anonymous said...

Raju said...

Anon, wow.. thanks for sharing the news.. Jency is one of my fav singers.. I missed her especially during this week in the retro round of Airtel super singer.. Hope this is her second coming.. I especially wish her dream of singing in ARR's music come true..

J said...

Watched some of Idea star singer episodes. Most of them sing in Tamizh and kalakaraangha. Are the contestants malayalis or Tamizh people? They completely match the original song and sing soo well. Really talented than our Airtel super singer guys.

Raju said...

J, all the contestants are Malayalis, though I believe some know some tamil too, like the Palghat iyers. The most impressive thing for me is their singing without even once looking at the lyrics. In that sense, I am quite disappointed with the ASS contestants most of whom look at the lyrics, despite Unni mentioning that he prefers them not to do so.

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