Feb 23, 2009

He's Done it!

OscAR Rahman!!


Sriram said...

What a acheivement!

It made my day! I felt as if someone I know, very close, for long time has won the Oscar.

True legend!

J said...

What a proud moment to watch yesterday la :-) I was all jumping and clapping at home :-) I felt sooooo happy and proud! The best part is when he talked in Tamizh :-):-) Orae kondaattam dhaan enaku :-)

Super pic for this post!!!

matrix said...

Expected Alicia Keys to have a smooch with Rahman * sigh * :-(

i,me,my music said...

Yeah, It was unbelievable. Such a great moment for rahman fans, music lovers and indians.

tt_giant said...

title liye kalakiteenga!

ennaku awards paakum bodhu pullarichiduchu!

Raju said...

Sriram, I too felt as if someone close to me won it.. Legend is indeed the apt word! :)
J, Thanks.. :)

yeah.. proud moment indeed.. in my university too, people tole me it is a proud moment for Indians.. Nice to see both the general public and the critics alike have liked the movie..
Matrix, LOL... poor fella.. why make him relive that embarassing moment from Golden globe nite all over again? ;)
Ramya, I was proud of being an ardent Rahman fan.. 2 oscars were unbelieveable indeed.. I was hoping that he gets at least 1.. :)
Deepak, thanks.. adhellam oru flash-le thoninadhu.. :)
My hair-raising moment was when I heard tamil in an Academy award night.. but I felt that the 'meri paas Maa hai' was a cliched one, since it was one of the highly ridiculed dialogues of Amitabh ever..

Madhavan said...

Just i would like to share the following lines of the song he has composed.

"Kizhaku Ulagangal annalil merkku ulagathai parthanave,
indru kizhakku merkkaga meriayadhe

Oru vidhaikul emmai vaithalum miga viraivil velieri varuvome
pala viswa rupangal kolvome"

Hats off to A.R Rahman.