Apr 12, 2009

An Inspired Philosophical Song

Below is a translated philosophical song whose original version , I am sure, all of you would have heard. FYI, I didn't do the translation. Read it, guess the original tamil song and post it in the comments section. As with all the quizzes, I will moderate the comments for a few days.

Revealed this city its trueness
Universe unraveled itself
Birth of the practicality in me
Understanding the numbers in people
Oh! My Sweetheart!

Nourished the disguised snake of cunningness
To get stung by the bitterness of life
Void is the relation of brotherhood
For its self inflicting performances
And meticulous calculations of time
For the love designed by the money
Vain are those blood dropped
To get outcaste
Hurt by the horns of mistakes
Scorpions’ sting my wounded soul
Oh! My Sweetheart!

Past step towards present Philosopher
Disembarked the evil from the river of sins
And dance with my naked naive ness
Rainbow of strung affinity disappear
Heavy heart filled with kinship
Inside are those ferocious animals to eat
The tainted money
And there goes the brave cow
To be chopped into the pieces of practicality
Oh! My Sweetheart!


matrix said...

He he..it's Padikathavan - Oorai Theringikitain :D

Superb translation!

Key word is 'snake' - pambu and thalaivar is inseparable ;)

Me too said...

Better late than never! "Oora therinjukitten..." from Padikkadavan.

Balaji said...

Oora Therinjukitten... from 'Padikkaadhavan' :)

Raju said...

Matrix, correct.. LOL on your finishing punch.. adhai pathi oru post-e ezhudhalam.. :)
Aparna, neenga late- ellam illai.. second (and correct) responder..
Balaji, correct! Soon I will review who was behind this translation.. :)

Nidhi said...

oora therinjukitten?

vm said...

Happy Birthday GP!

polynag said...

Well I dont know the answer.
Best wishes on your birthday.

raj said...


Sundar Narayanan said...

happy birthday...


Raju said...

Nidhi, yep, correct!
VM, Nagesh and Sundar, thanks for your wishes.
Raj, nope.