May 3, 2009

May Madness (Updates at the end of the post)

A cricket post after a long long time, since May promises to be a cricketing month. I absolutely love this year's IPL so far. Quite a bit of twists and turns, plus plenty of drama in the past couple of weeks already.
The perennial problems for most cricket fans are to choose a favorite team, and also to decide whom to support in a clash between two other teams. For example, my hometown is Chennai; I have spent the last 8 years before coming to US in Bangalore; and, my favorite cricketer, Sachin, plays for Mumbai. So, among the 8 teams, I needed to form an hierarchy of sorts, which is the following. What is yours?

#1: Mumbai Indians - Sachin's

#2: Chennai Super Kings - My hometown team

#3: Royal Challengers Bangalore - Team from my favorite Indian city

#4: Rajasthan Royals - For Warney!

#5: Deccan Chargers - For Gilly & Gibbs

#6: Delhi Daredevils

#7: Kings XI Punjab

#8: Kolkata Knight Riders

I am very happy that my least favorite team is loitering at the bottom of the points table. From the time of the 'multiple captaincy theory', I love every controversy that has erupted there. Saurav 'Huge attitude' Ganguly was removed from the captaincy - quite good news; 'Fake IPL player' - Superb fun; 'Kolkata' removal from the team's name - WOW!! And, now, the news of Shah Rukh trying to sell off the team - Good for him!

It is amazing how Deccan chargers - a team every team had fun rolling over last year, has now made a complete turn-around while the current champions Rajasthan Royals are were struggling at 7th place, while the runners-up Chennai are at 6. The first two days of the month have already produced some great nail-biter climaxes. A total anti-thesis to last year when there was gulf between the table-leaders and the strugglers. One look at the points table says that except the miserable Kolkata, all the other 7 teams are within 2 1 points of each other. This, with the tournament at the half-way stage, is a perfect scenario for a thrilling second half in a fortnight.

Also, when everyone who could wield a bat made merry in the first edition, mostly those who have a good technique are able to score in the current one. In fact, the 'Man of the match' winners for the first 8 matches were all proper and proven test players. Also, looking at the success of retired veterans like Kumble, Gilchrist and Hayden, there is definitely a scope for experienced and talented cricketers in the mad world of 20-20.

Tomorrow's Today's matches: Punjab vs Kolkata - I expect Punjab to roll over Kolkata, which should push Punjab from 6th to 2nd position; Mumbai vs Bangalore - Though Mumbai is the team that I would love to see winning (catapulting it to the top rank), a win by Bangalore would take them to the third place and pull down Mumbai to fifth.

Update: Though it was unpleasant to see Mumbai losing a match, Bangalore's win has truly opened up the table. Four teams with 8 points and 3 with 7! And, to maintain the balance, I am routing for Chennai to win tomorrow's match against Deccan chargers, thus leaping from 5th to 1st spot.


Siva said...

I love your sequence..especailly for the last place.. I hate SRK as well as Ganguly for their attitude.. but here's my preference on the hirarchy..
Deccan chargers
Royal Challengers
Rajasthan Royals
Mumbai Indians
Kings 11
Delhi Dare Devils

Raju said...

Siva, :) the last place is going to be so special in this edition, I guess.. Last time around, both Bangalore and Hyderabad were competing for the last spot, but this time, Kolkata will win that coveted spot hands down, I guess! Me too hate Ganguly, so am very happy with the way things are going on there.

tt_giant said...

I seem to like Hayden when he plays for CSK. My order is pretty much the same as yours, except that Delhi would be last in mine! SRK paavum!

ippo chennai is #1!

Raju said...

Deepak, there is the fascinating game of musical chair going on at the top, with Chennai and Delhi swapping regularly. Looks like they two will be the finalists. Let us see..

SRK paavum-a? When I heard that his 6th placed team made a profit last year whereas 2nd placed CSK lost money, I decided not to have any mercy on him. Keezhe vizhundhalum meesaiyile mun ottadha aalungalaachey avanga..

vm said...

Hi Raju,

I'm so glad you got rid of that IKEA template :D

Ramya said...

Hi Raju, Hope u r doing good. I hardly have any say on this post. No updates on elections? That madness seemed to be more last few days.

raj said...

Raju, time for a quiz post. Your quizzes are unique and very interesting..andha maadhiri net-la vera vaaippe illai. podungalen

always said...

hey nice list you have made their..but crickety is game of uncertainities..newayz loved the article..we would like u to go through our site for current topics n share what kind of problems u face as an indian leaving in a different country..

Raju said...

Vm, :) Ikea, FYI, is one of the best for furnitures in the US.. ;)
Ramya, lotsa things keeping me busy.. thats why no posts on elections..
Raj, wow.. thanks for ur kind words, Raj.. Will come up with a quiz soon.. a week or so later..