Jun 19, 2009

Tamil Cine Quiz - 8 (With ANSWERS)

A short one this time.. As usual, the comments are moderated until a certain number of correct answers are received.

1. There is a unique similarity between a song each from Kaathirukka Neramillai, Rang De Basanti and Varanam Ayiram. Though it can be argued that the similarity extends to a song in Silambattam, the genre of the latter song is different, thus making it miss the similarity of t he first three songs. What is the 'relationship' between the first three songs?
Clue: Look at the bolded word. The first ever Ilayaraja song can also be added to the songs mentioned above.

Ans: The songs are: Yeh machi machi (Kathirukka neramillai), Hey saala (RDB) and Machi machi (Varanam ayiram). The Silambattam song is 'Machan machan'. Now you know what I meant by the 'relationship'.. ;)

2. What puts legendary singers SPB, Chitra, Swarnalatha, Unni Krishnan, Vasundhara Das and Shankar Mahadevan in one team?
Clue: The similarity is in achievement and in association.
Answer: All the above singers won the national awards for their singing in AR Rahman movies.

3. What are the similarities among a song each from the movies Rendu, Bheema and Marudhamalai?
Clue: If you were watching one particular TV show at 9:05 PM on the July 6th, you can guess the answer.
Answer: The songs are: "Mobilaa.." (Rendu), "Enadhuyirey.." (Bheema) and 'Marudhamalai maamaniye' (Marudhamalai). These were sung by the finalists of Airtel Super Singer-1 (2006), viz., Maya, Nikhil Mathew and Anita, respectively.

4. What is uniquely common among the AR Rahman albums Uzhavan, Duet and Indian?
Clue: Think about association and a legend.
Answer: These are the only three movies for which the legend KJ Yesudoss sang under AR Rahman's music.


Pinku said...

Really high quality video songs..Thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not again!

2. I wish you had removed Unni and Swarna, that would have made it easier ..all are FAT!


Raju said...

B, :) Whats wrong with testing you all once a while?

LOL at your answer... I wish some answers in life are as simple as the one you provided.

raj said...

Raju, oNNu kooda idea varalai. Yosichitti varen

raj said...

2. They have all won national awards - very feeble but how about national award for tamil songs?

VijayGanesh. S said...

answer solluppa... mudiyalai....

J said...

4. Is it Cinematography by Jeeva?

Raju said...

Raj, sorry yaar... looks like it was a bad quiz...
And, your guess is 50% right.. National awards for songs in AR Rahman's music.
Vijay, :)
J, nope.. None by Jeeva.

raj said...

Raju, romba kashtama irundhudhu. Problem is my unfamiliarity with some of the new movies.Rendu? Bheema? mMalai?

I didnt know the Vaaranam Song machi. So, it was quite tough.

I got the national award connection but didnt know Vasundhara had one so it kind of distracted me from Rahman.

Then KJY has sung in Kabhi Na Kabh9, no?

Raju said...

Raj, Hmmm... with easy quiz questions run out, i churn them out when I end up analyzing some music deeply.

KJY has sung in Daud (Oh Bhavre). So, I must say that those are the only TAMIL movies in which ARR has used KJY.

Anonymous said...

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