Jan 31, 2010

Pakistan cricket = Fun

As I was watching the auction for IPL-3, I couldnt help a smile when none of the Paki players were sold, esp. Afridi. Ever since then, the events that have unfolded on both sides of the border have added more fun to what happened at the auction. Come on Pakis, u want to be recognized by 'Indian' Premier League for your World T20 championship? That, after you have hardly won anything worth since then? Look at you, you lost one-day series to SL, NZ and now Aus, that too a horrific-for-you-fun-for-us 0-5!

To cap it all, the most recent Paki cap, Afridi wanted to imprint his teeth cap on a cricket ball, that too during a telecast which uses highly advanced technology as hot-spot !!! This, during a one-day match in which he was made the captain for the first time in his 13+ years in limited overs cricket! Sure it was fun for me, coz, that was the first time I was witnessing ball-tampering LIVE on TV.. What the hell were u thinking boom boom? Wanted to get busted? What a way to bite it.. it looked disgusting!

Also, it is time for Shah Rukh Khan to realize that he has bitten more than he can chew. While aiming for the Paki audience for his forthcoming 'My Name is Khan', he has clearly run into the danger of losing a substantial amount of local Maharashtra audience. What made you act so stupidly (again), Mr. Khan? Did the Kolkata Ridership got to you? You were trying for the Nobel Peace prize 2010? Where were you before and during the auction?

The tour of Aus turned nightmarish for Pak on the 4th morning of Sydney test. I had great fun and satisfaction seeing Mohamed Yousuf Youhanna and Kamrat Teether Akmal getting roasted for their goof-ups. It was a nice payback, I thought. Two instances made me hate MoYo. One is, his winning the first match of 1999-00 triangular series in Aus against us by one wicket.. in the last ball of the match. That day, you broke the hearts of mine and the captain, Sachin, you idiot! And the next is the six he hit off Thiru Kumaran in an Asia cup match in Sharjah, 2000 to get his hundred in the last ball of the innings. Similarly, Kamran Akmal.. he prevented us from winning the test in Mohali, 2005 (I match of the tour) and in the next year, he broke our hearts again after Irfan's hat-trick in the first over of the test at Karachi. Revenge time for u both, may you rot in a hole now on!! Hopefully your career is doomed and may I never see you again!

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