Feb 16, 2012

Ek Deewana Mein

Isn't it a lovely coincidence that, like VTV, its Hindi version too is released on the month of Valentine's day? VTV has been the most unforgettable Indian movie of the last 20 years for me. What a movie!! Every time I watched it in Sathyam (and the one time in PVR, Skywalk) was a unique lovely experience. How I wish I was in Chennai this week!! 'Ye Maya Chesave' fell short in most fronts compared to VTV due to Chaitanya's dumb acting and the climax. Memories aside, I am concerned about which climax I will end up watching, because the news is that, Gautam has the 'original' (Tamil) climax for urban centers and the 'happy' (Telugu) version for rural ones. In Gujarat where Hollywood movies are mostly released in Hindi-dubbed versions, I have to keep my fingers crossed.

I also would have preferred a more poetic title than the chosen one. Especially since the first line from the original song was already tried as title (Ek Haseena Thi) with promising stars (Urmila & Saif) and bombed big time.

The songs in Hindi wern't as exciting as VTV's originals. Uninspiring lyrics of Javed Akhtar aside, most disappointingly, my favorite 'Mannippaya' was rendered by Madhushree. Why her, Rahman, why her? Whats wrong with Shreya's soothing, pain-inflicted, longing voice? Talking about Madhushree, she recently killed 'Un perey theriyathu' (Engeyum eppodhum).

Now, thinking about that song, especially its second interlude, I wonder what would have been going on in Ananya's (Ayilya) mind when she got engaged with a 'businessman Anjaneyan'? I know it is her personal life and choice, and I have no clue about this Anjaneyan guy, but couldnt help the above thought, as 'Un perey' was the song of Ananya I have seen most times.

The title of this post is mine for linking VTV with Anjaneya.


Diva said...

I totally agree with you, nothing seems to be as good as VTV. I was really thinking Gautam could have stick with the tamil version or atleast Gautam could have kept Amy as herself as a foreigner and an Indian boy loving her. I felt Amy was not at all good in this movie, i guess the makeup was so horrible. Most of the times i felt the saree which played a major role in VTV doesn’t helped Amy.

I was so disappointed watching the hindi version, I felt many things were missing when compared to VTV esp. cute dialogues.
But one thing, I felt is the scene where Jessy calls Sachin(Hindi) from Airport, that was really a strong one which was missing in VTV.

Me too said...

So, did you get to watch the hindi version of VTV? What is your verdict? For me, except for the ending nothing was impressive in VTV!!

Raju said...

Diva, I cant agree with you more. I was repenting my decision to watch EDT, but in the last 100+ days, I have slowly recovered from the shock.
Ya, her calling him from the airport added an extra dose of emotions to her swinging mood.
Aparna, I'm sorry I saw your comment just now; somehow gmail is labeling blog comments as 'Spam', so I missed reading ur comment.
I did indeed watch EDT. It was a pathetic effort from Gautam. As I said above, i was shocked at the quality of the remake.
I love every part of (original) VTV. Ending was a superb icing on the cake.