Oct 21, 2005

A Wedding at School

Today, in the lawn in front of my department where Krishna Lunch is served everyday, there were two big 'pandhals'. Wondering what it could be, I went to have the lunch when I was told that, one of the volunteers of the HareKrishna Lunch program, Andy, was getting married to his wife, Merryll (yes, they are already married!!) according to Hindu traditional way.

There he was, in a Dhoti and kurta and she was dressed in a bright red saree. It was a short marriage, but with all the main customs covered. It seems Andy and Merryll wanted to marry Indian way and also the Hare Krishna people wanted to use this as a 'Demo' for an Indian marriage. So, there they were, in the middle of a working day, right in front of our department, getting married at about noon!! There were curious onlookers and well-wishers.. it was quite a big crowd.

Here are some fotos for you.. Have a good weekend!! :-)


ada-paavi!!!! said...

are they getting married because they really udnerstand the significance of wat they r doing, or because they get a high?? a sort of excitement frm it, i mea actually ur frnds taat u got married the indian way is a big thing isnt it?? i really dont understand. namba oorulaya nariya per dont understand the cermony. i am very sceptical bout this.

annal very interesting

Me too said...

Must have been an interesting afternoon! But spl. saapaadu irundhadhannu sollaliye?

Raju said...

Vatsan, they are staunch devotees of Krishna... They are more religious than an average Indian, I would say.. :-) IMHO, more than excitement, the liking of Indian tradition of chanting mantras and taking vows, etc. would have prompted them do so.. They gave a pamphlet which had described all the customs of Indian marriage (like maappillai azhaippu, etc.). As you said, there were many things even I didnt know. I am sure they read about all that stuff.

Her father came to the mantapam and did kanyadhanam too (the blue shirt with goggles in the second foto).

Aps, it was interesting indeed.. After seeing this quick marriage, I ran to my lab to shoot pics using the official lab camera.. :-) Oops... I forgot to mention about saappadi.. It was awesome.. Basmati rice, spinach-tofu, potato masala, green salad, cauliflower pakoda, lemonade, kesari and a strawberry cake.. (All for the usual 3 $). This kinda food is something they usually serve in the main temple on Sunday evening after pooja. I love it.. :-)

Vanathi said...

Interesting post Raju...

Nitin said...

heh. thats hilarious. aha, so Raju full kattu kattitengala sappadu.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Interesting...The Krishna Lunch scheme and the marriage.!!

Let's wish them well.! I hope they don't start watching 'Metti Oli' etc..on SUN TV.!!! :)

Raju said...

Vanathi, mmm..

Nitin, saappadu full kattudhan.. especially the gobi pakkoda.. :-)

Narayanan, yeah, the Krishna Lunch scheme really helps us by taking care of our lunch 4 out of 7 days..

hahahaha.. they know what to and what not to take from India.. so cool..

prakash said...

Wonder if they woke up at 4AM for the ceremony, didn't get a proper meal till 2PM, and had to izhuchify at 100s of people they didn't know. Adhellam pannadhaan nambe ooru kalyanam.

Padara kashtathula, innoru kalyanam pannikalaamnu thonave koodadhu.

kalai said...

coool...the girl looks like javuli kadai doll!!! :-)

Raju said...

Prakash, welcome here!!

As I said, it was a short and and quick wedding mid-day.. they didnt have to do all what you mentioned.. They did only the rituals part..

hahahaha... expected the comparison with our wedding from someone.. :-)

Kalai, yeah.. she, being an American is fair and good-looking.. No wonder she looks like a doll to you.. :-)

Ramana Siddharth said...

iscon(international society for krishna conciousness) yangayooooooooo poytange..funny pics..

Raju said...

Sid, it is ISKCON, with the main 'K' for Krishna.. even in front of ISKCON, Bangalore, the bus stop has 'ISCON' written on it..

These people were pretty serious about the function.. As I said, the main reason was to take vows according to Hindu dharma and be blessed.

Anonymous said...

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