Oct 31, 2005

NO To Terrorism

It was shocking to know about the blasts that occurred on Saturday evening in New Delhi. Some Kashmiri terrorist outfit has claimed responsibility for these attacks. While hearing news like this, I get so much anger "Dont these people have no remorse at all, whatsoever?" Less than a month ago, Kashmir, especially its Pakistan-occupied part, got severely affected by the earthquake but still the terrorists probably belonging to that region have carried out such a brutal act.

After the massive earthquake and the help provided by India on its aftermath, I thought this would help relieving a bit of tension in that region. I had one other passing thought that, may be even God was so angry with the terrorist activities in that region, he showed his displeasure through the earthquakes. Now, it seems to me as if the terrorists are thinking "when we have just such a big calamity and recovering, how can the remaining India celebrate Diwali?".

Paharganj, where the blasts took place, is a very busy area, similar to our Usman Road. My brother-in-law stays very close to it and we have visited the market. I can imagine the huge rush on the saturday before Diwali. If the terrorists spend their time, energy and brain into some conservative deeds, Kashmir would be like any other improved state of India.

My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their dearest ones in this tragedy.


Paurna said...

the problem is these guys dont consider kashmir as a state of india.moreover kashmir is just an excuse.these organisations have become so sadistic that their only aim seems to be inflict as much pain as possible on our country

ram said...

I do severely condemn these kind of acts. IMHO the use of weapons is a sort of fear. They are very much feared about India. As said by paurna, I do agree that even if there is no Kashmir issue, they may still do these kinds of acts.

I don't understand why these people are so much brutal.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

raju, you dont understand the jehadi mentality, they dont care about people, infact a jehadi wud starve and suffer rather than accept aid from india, india is a hindu nation which tortures and subjugates muslims according to them, and it is their duty to free the second largest muslim population from cluthes of hindu rule. their aim is to convert india into a islamic nation and hope to achieve it thru terrorism. and they will carryout their mission watever the situation.

u are expecting called humanatarian behaviour and rational thinking from jehadis, which they IMHO lack.

PS: the kuran supposdely says that it is the dury of a true muslim to kill all infidels on this earth (non muslims r infidels) therefore a jehadi will lack compassion and humanatarian behaviour towards all infidels (indians)
in the end the attack didnt suprise me at all, its the expected behaviour from jehadis

Raju said...

Paurna, mm.. I understand that.. We need a strong hand as KPS Gill to bring situations under control in Kashmir and control infiltrations, thus reducing terrorism in India.
Ram, Kashmir IS an issue that makes the terrorists attack us by putting us along the lines of US, Israel, etc..
Vatsan, I do understand that.. I have had a chance to read a bit about Jihadis and what you said is all completely correct.., unfortunately.

Well.. I was not expecting any humanitarian behavior.. When I read that India has fenced LoC and lotsa terrorist-training camps were destroyed in LoC during the recent quakes, I was hoping that the terrorism would come down..

About what Quran says, it is twisted and wrongly assimilated by the Jihadis.. Quran also says that killing any human is wrong..

Hiren said...

As a Delhiite, I feel that that was quite a touching post. Kashmir can be not just any other but the most beautiful and wonderful state. Wish there was a lasting solution to all this the way we stopped militancy in Punjab.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

raju, yes, the version has been twisted, its just that the twisted version has become the real version. naalaaga, poi unmai aaidum (my thatuvam), terrorism ll never come down, its something we have to live with.

deepavali vazhathukal

Nitin said...

offcourse, terrors dont have any remorse at all. thats what distinguishes terrorists from normal people. they are willing to go as far as killing themselves to kill some innocent people. Anyways, i was so pissed when i heard about the bomb attack in new delhi. so Raju, did u check out the 3rd odi, how was the game, Dhoni's 183 is great, although sachin didn't score much. but the team won thats what matters.

Raju said...

Hiren, welcome here.

Yeah, you are right about Kashmir.. What I read about Kashmir in my school days are all about its beauty and people. Though the nature of problems in Kashmir and Punjab are tad different, I do believe that the issue can be solved in a similar fashion.
Vatsan, people twist things to their own wishes and liking. They have to realize that practically it is impossible to do anything like Jihadi over a long period of time. The events of the past 7-8 years have shown that. The problem is, with unemployment, lack of leadership, brain-washing, etc., there is no scope for respite now.

Deepavali Vazhthukkal to you too!!
Nitin, I agree with you about the suicide bombers.

Cricket - I saw the whole game.. :-) It was great fun watching Dhoni hit 6's and 4's non-stop.. It has been a while I watched such a breath-taking innings.. Worth a night's sleep.. ;) The game was awesome. I thought the Indians didnt execute their plans after the 30th over in Srilankan Innings.. Lucky we got Dhoni in great touch.. Had he got out after a quick 50, we would have probably lost it.

You cant expect Sachin to score on EVERY game, right? That was an ambitious shot he attempted.. It is not like he wanted to get out or something.. so hope he stays longer in the next game.

Nitin said...

yeah, i heard from some of my friends in chennai, who saw the match on DD. He said Dhoni simply tortured the srilankans. I wish I could see the match, do they keep the old matches on sportingstreams.com, i would like to subscribe, and watch the game. yeah, cannot expect to see Sachin hitting hundreds all the time. Hopefully he will stay a lot longer, and get some good runs. cannot believe Dhoni batted for 46 overs, i think if India would have batted first, there is probably a good chance that at the rate he was playing, there could have been a double century in odi.

Raju said...

Nitin, Dhoni didnt give a single chance to the Lankans.. No matter where they bowled, and how fast/slow they bowled, he was untouchable. Vaas, after some mauling, had to bowl with Sangakkara standing up (remember the treatment given by Jayasuriya to Prabhakar in 1996 world cup?).

They have the highlights of first and second ODI FREE for everyone in sportingstreams.com. Currently, the website is undergoing some upgradation, so those who want to become subscribed members need to wait till the main site comes back. (now it is going to a mirror site).

One failure by Sachin and some tongues have started wagging already.. It is hard to please everyone..:-)

With Dhoni kinda players and the powerplay rules, I have a feeling that two unbreached landmarks - Double century for a batsman and a team score of 400 would soon be reached.. Let us see.

NaiKutti said...

after reading the comments i don't know if i shld comment on the terrorism or cricket :-)... its been a sad diwali in delhi and we just wish and pray these things don't happen... and for cricketing fasn its been fun watching india thrash lanka...

Raju said...

Karthik, Well.. Nitin is a cricket enthusiast, so no matter what subject I post about, if there is some cricket is going on, he would comment.. :-) India thrashing Lanka in this fashion reminds me of the pre-1996 days when Lanka was the whipping boys of World cricket..

Yeah, it was indeed a sad one.. Luckily nothing more of such thing took place afterwards.

Anonymous said...

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