Dec 13, 2005

One question (Only for guys)

One curious question.. How often do you Brahmin guys do Sandyavandanam? A related question if it is sporadic is, when was the last time you did?


tt_giant said...

I do it everyday in the morning.

narayanan said...

The last time I did? I think once when I was in India 4 years back. regular'a 10th varaikkum panninadhu dhaan.


Paurna said...

well i am no brahmin.but couple of brahmins are my very good friends.while one of them said that he had never done it since he put on the sacred thread the other said he did it whenever he found time.

btw why this qn raju?

Nitin said...

i do mine everyear on avani avattam, but i used to do it regularly when i was in India. I say other slokas though. its just i need a book for sandyavandanama, a small plate, cup filled with pure water, veshti katikanum, too much work, thats why doin it once a year.

Nitin said...

did u hear about the 15year old nepali kid who has been meditating for 6months, without food or water? I dont know if its true, but thats why people are saying. They supposedly cover him up at night, so dont know what goes on at that time.

Jagan said...

sandya va patha adikadi vanakkam solluvan ...ana sandyavandanam pannathu illai

Raju said...

Deepak, u do it everyday? Ungalukku oru periya kumbidu.. Hats off to you!!!
Narayanan, 4 years back? And regularly till class 10? mm.. namma case-thaan pola irukku...
Paurna, thanks for the info.

I asked the question to sample how the current generation guys keep with the traditions of old. Curious, since I havent done it for over 2 years now.. :-(
Nitin, mm.. since you are with ur family, you are doing it every Avani Avittam.. I couldnt do that too.. :-( Once I moved to hostels during BSc, I stopped doing it.

LOL at ur 'list' for 'too much work'..

I havent yet come across the Nepali kid. I can tell this much that it is impossible to survive 6 months without water.. so the 'covering up in the night' has obviously something to do with it.. ;-)
Jagan, mm.. ninaichenn.. Ippadi edakku madakka yaravadhu comemnt pannuveengannu..

ada-paavi!!!! said...

important question to the author of this post,
first why this question (romba think pannerangal pola irukku)

how often do u do sandhyavandanam?

until i didnt know the meanin of what i was doing i din do it regularly(it was just chanting hyms for me),
l8r once i know meanin i wud do it atlease 3-4 times a week

keerthi said...

twas nearly 6 years back, when i used to do samithadhaanam too...

Vatsan, enakku konjam konjam artham theriyum da.. its really interesting. we will talk about it.
And as you said, chanting mantras without knowing the meaning, is equivalent to singing a Spanish song, but then there are other factors that will need you to chant them, whether or not you understand.

narayanan said...

nalla veLai naanum neenga edhavadhu karuthu solla poreengalo'nu nenachen ;-)


susubala said...

Poor guys, poi sollalaamaa illa unmai solla laamaannu nenaikkereengallaa !!! Be sincere...

Jagan : so cute of ur comments. I liked it..He ..he..he..

vee-jay said...

Am not a guy, but I can answer on behalf of my brother. avanukku pooNal pottadhu when he was in Class 2. He did his Sandhyavandhanam regularly till he was in Class 4 or 5. I dont think my husband has done Sandhyavandhanam at all in his life (not proud about this)

Raju said...

Vatsan, my answer to your question lies in my reply to Paurna's comment.. Unga comment-ku meley parungo.. Thinking as usual-a dhaan..:-)

mm.. interesting to know about ur change after knowing the meaning.. I still dont know.

My Sandyavandanam doing went like this:

First month: Twice a day; I got poonool on 4th May; by 30th, I knew the full mantra.

Then on till end of my class 8 (for over a year): Daily

Class 9-BSc I year: Weekends

II BSc till MS II year- very sporadic... only when I go home, that too sometimes.. To be precise, only on 'Aavani Avittam'.

Ever since, I have done only handful of times.
Keerthi, mm.. chanting any mantra has always been my way of singing the spanish song.. LOL..

Samithadaanam? Adhu enna? Naan kelvipattadhu illaiye..

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Me used to do regularly till 12 the..and do it when ever at home...with dad..
appa major poojai gives me inspiration

Raju said...

Narayanan, hahaha.. karuthu ellam solla naan yaaru? Enn kadhaiye kandhalaa irukku.. ;-)
Sumi, LOL.. I guess so far everyone has told the truth.. :-)
Vee-jay, thanks for ur contribution, despite being on the other side.. ;-)

mm.. I can correlate myself with ur bro and husbamd.
Vijay, mm.. my appa too does poojai everyday.. but that and his constant requests to do sandyavandanam have so far been ineffective with me..

Me too said...

I still complain that with the money spent on my brother's 'upanayanam', I could've got something useful!! LOL!

Raju said...

Aparna, LOL.. idhu nalla irukke? Upanayanam is one of the rare occasions where we are the 'center of attraction'.. adhaiyum ippadi kedukka pakkureengaley.. :-)

Sundar Narayanan said...

on my daughters naming ceremony day (two weeks back).. US vandhum oru varusham twice a day i used to do sandhyavandhanam.. i was considered knowledgeble enough at one point that i used to put poonal for other guys in bararas for aavani aavittam. ippo, only do it when i feel like it or when there is an occasion (pillayar chaturthi, saraswathi poojai etc.)


Raju said...

Sundar, mm.. got you. Very few continue to do it regularly over a long period of time..

Prabu Karthik said...

Raju. me no iyer but ennoda brahmin friends ku ellam onnu sollika virumbaren...

i saw one profile in
which had among other things this part . let me try to be as verbatim as possible

"should be a teetotaller, non-smoker and pure vegetarian.
no eggetarian business.
the guy should know the gayathri mantra by heart...."

idhu poga irukavey irukku well educated, braodminded, well-settled blah blah. preferably settled in abroad part....

Looks maapilla parka varumbodhu like test ellam vaipaanga pola...

and trust me i am not exxagerating one bit. sathiyama padichen...

so regulara sandhiya vandhanam panni, nalla therinchu vechukoonga, life ku rom mukiyam dhaan pola theriyudhu:(

en childhood friend kitte sonnen( he is iyer). koncham aadi dhaan poitaan. he is also 'worstu' like me. padikara vayasile love pannama ippo adu idhu nu parthutu irukaan..

yedho unga nalladhukku solren.. aprom unga ishtam:(

sukhanya said...

Theoretically it is supposed to be performed twice a day. My uncle does it regularly and I admire guy who really do it sincerely ....WOW.....I wud adore such a guy

@ prabu karthik : did u tell ur iyer friend wht I told u the other day?? innum avan ponnu theduraana??? lol..

Raju said...

Prabu, LOL on ur advice.. Enakku erkanavey kalyanam ayiduchu, Prabu.. ;-)

BTW, 'the guy should know the gayathri mantra by heart....' nilaimai avlo mosama poyiducha? Gayathri mantram romba simple aachey... suttu pottalum adhu marakkadhey.. mm..

'he is also 'worstu' like me. padikara vayasile love pannama ippo adu idhu nu parthutu irukaan..' ROTFL... padikkira vayasile love pannalaiya? mm.. panniyirukkanum.. :-)
Sukhanya, theoretically, it is thrice.. There is one to be done during noon too.. mm... One of my friends used to do it twice a day regularly.. even during the busy time of research... :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

I do sandyavandanam twice a day though I am not very strict with the timing prescribed. Always, I do it on the third phase i.e. after sun rise during day and after sunset during evening. Very occasionally I did it during the perfect time. I could very easily sense my improvement in physical and mental health. But I carry a grouse that I am not doing Sandyavandana perfectly because of my poor Sanskrit background. For me a day without sandyavandana is useless