May 17, 2007

Who are they?

Some exclusive fotos from a new book, clicked by my camerafone during a visit to a bookshop.. Nzoy.. :)


J said...

oh sharukhaan :-) bookshop la intha photos'a? epdi?

Nagesh said...

none of them i have seen before.
In the last one, he looks like arjun in his younger days.

tulipspeaks said...



Raju said...

J, this is from a recent book on Khan - 'Still Reading Khan'. If you had watched KBC-3, this was the book that he gifted to all the final contestants in the last couple of weeks of the third season. Has got some very interesting fotos.
Nagesh, yeah, me too.. It was funny to see these fotos, so thought of posting them exclusively for the blogger friends.. :)

True he looks like young Arjun in the b/w foto..
Ammu, yes :)

tt_giant said...

first foto la therila, but second one was more recognizable!

nice ones!

Anonymous said...

In the first pic he looks like Trimurthi's( hindi movie in which he acted)villain.


Me too said...

Indha moonjiya kandu pidikka mudiyaadha?? BTW, enna appadi oru anbu ivarukku KBC contestants-meley to give such a book?

Raju said...

Deepak, hmm... I tried to put the tough ones first... ;)
Vikramadithya, welcome here.. :)

I agree with you.. the prominent nose, thick eyebrows and thin cheeks make him look like Mohan Agashe, the villain you mentioned. BTW, did you know that Dr. Mohan is an MD in Psychiatry?
Aparna, moonjiya? LOL.. Unga AK viswasathukku salaam.. :)
I think he wanted to advertise that book, by gifting it in a popular show.. Or, may be he loved them since they were making him richer by millions by fighting for thousands and lakhs.. ;)

Sowmya said...


Sowmya said...


this blog has quite interesting contents. Had a good time pass. :)

praveen said...

ooh my good...srk without teeth...gross

Raju said...

Sowmya, welcome here..

uvve-ya? :)

Praveen, welcome here..

How teeth are important for a good face, huh..