May 19, 2011

Rahul Sharma

When I first had a look at Rahul Sharma, due to some reason, I didnt like him. I wished he fails, so that Pune Warriors don't select him for subsequent matches, so that I don't have to see him again. But he kept taking wickets (3rd highest in this IPL) at a great economy rate (best in this season). Then, I started to analyze what I dont like in him. It was partly his lower-lip beard, and partly something in his eyes.

And, today I read an article about him, and especially his eye condition called Bell's palsy. Some of you might have heard about Wasim Akram's diabetes and how he has to get insulin injection daily. Now this Rahul lad has to apply eye drops on his eye almost after every delivery! How testing can that be!! Despite trying to be non-prejudicial about looks, this was a classic case of my mild judgment on one's personality/attitude going wrong due to a medical condition. Learnt my lesson, and will support him one last time today for this IPL. I sincerely hope he does well in domestic cricket, and becomes a serious contender for national selection along with the ever-impressive Ashwin.

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