May 30, 2011

Revisiting an old post on 'olding' people

Last week was Karan Johar's birthday. So what? A few media noises could be heard about him still being single. Made me revisit a post I wrote over 4 years, or, 50 months ago. Among the 5 that I listed, only ONE got married, that too in just last year. Among the other 4, you can find that most of their contemporaries are getting married one by one, but no sign of any news for these free four.

Rahul Gandhi: On a single-minded mission to revive Congress in UP, he seems to have forgotten everything else.

Karan Johar: ahem, so the rumors are true, after all?

Yuvi: No 'special person' yet to tie the knot?

Simbhu: His market in both cine industry and in matrimonial cycles would have gone up after VTV. Any Jessie waiting for the wedding of Sim's sis Ilakkiya first?


Anonymous said...

Men are waiting till their 40s to marry these days. With career taking prominence over everything from family and health, I think the pattern will follow in future. Just like with everything else, in India too, there will be more common-law relationships.

KJ may be successful, but he appears to be very dependent on the people around him. Possibly one of the reasons for his single status.

Simbu is just 26...

- Kajan

Raju said...

Kajan, welcome back! Good to see your comment after a long time.
Ya, I partly agree with you about late marriage; here in Gujarat, most 'eligible' guys (read educated &/or well-off ones) get married by 25. One guy in my office completed his MSc only in 2010, and he is getting married in a few months. He must be 24 now. Parents cant wait to see their kids get married. :)

BTW, Simbhu is 28 going on 29. Did you refer to his age as in VTV? ;)

Dhiya said...

Nowadays guys prefer,
1. Love
2. Job

For Rahul,KJ they are thinking about the above..
For yuvi..seems he only likes dating..

Especially for simbhu even though his preferences are,
1. Love
2. Love
3. Love

Nothings seems to be fortunate for him..

Anonymous said...

Lol, you are right. He is 28. How time flies...

True, I guess in certain areas of India, the men marry much younger.

Raju said...

Dhiya, welcome to the blog :)
U think Simbhu's pref is love? From what I've heard and seen so far, I guess that would be his last priority.
Anon (Kajan?) ya. Men age quite fast in certain areas of India, may be.. ;)