Jul 29, 2011

Meet Flexy Stu

whose name deserved to be floating on the water (I call it "தண்ணீரில் ஓர் கவிதை" - thaNNeeril Or kavithai). Flexy Stu is the choreographer of VTV's songs. The salient part of his dance movements was that, it was stylish and simple (or looked simple, thanks to the dancers) while appearing new for Tamil cinema. Especially for Hosanna and Omana Penney, it was simply brilliant! Hats off to you, Stu !! Wish to see more of your contribution in Tamil movies.


Diva said...

Wow.. is he the one? I love Hosanna and Omana Penne bcoz of 2 reasons, one is AR and then the choreography.. it was really great… Seems adiye koludhey from varanam ayiram was also choreographed by Flexy Stu

Thanks for the heads up in showing Flexy stu Raju.. Check Flexy Stu in the Vodafone ad as well..


He himself is like a hero ;)

Raju said...

Diva, ya I agree with u..
Thanks for the vodafone video.. it was gr8 Flexybility..

Flexy said...

thank you so very much.
your support touches me and speeds our return to india.
my love and thanks

Raju said...

Flexy, is that really YOU? If so, you are most welcome. It was a pleasure to watch your dance steps in VTV. I'm sure there are plenty of stars here waiting to work with you. Keep dancing! :)

wetfire said...

du yuh hv ur dance videos?? O' any dance institute??? Plzz lemme knw :)

Flexy said...