Jul 31, 2011

Unique days

Recently I read that July 22 (22/7) and March 14 (3.14, American-style of writing a day) are 'pi-lovers' day. Interesting! As a sequel to my recent post on days and mathematical rarities,and the old one on numbing numbers, some other unique days:
October 1 & January 10: (01.10 & 10.01) Shortest palindrome.
December 21: (21.12 or 12.21). Only non-zero palindrome
July 24: 24/7. Workaholics' day
01:12:35 AM on 8/13/21 (Aug 13, 2021, again American-style) For Fibonacci fans.
01/12: (Either Dec 1 or Jan 12), an off-shoot of the date above.
Aug 24: Can also be written as Au 24 (not A 24, as April also starts with 'A'). Day for 'ultra-pure' (like unadulterated gold) people. [Au is the symbol for Gold]

If you find any other day uniquely interesting (not like september 2011, the whole month being 9/11), pl do comment.


Diva said...

How abt?
The binary dates: 01/01,01/10,10/01
2/4: 24 hours
153: Armstrong No.
1/4: AD
2/3: BC
10/10: Important positions in all clocks & watches

1/1,2/2,3/3,4/4,5/5,6/6,7/7,8/8,9/9,10/10,11/11,12/12: Dual consecutive dates of the year

vm said...

nothing beats 3/16 and 4/16 ;-)

Raju said...

Diya, good ones.. but u left 11/11, 11/10, 10/11, 11/01 & 01/11. FORGOT?
VM, t(w)oo self-serving, dont u think? ;-)

ram said...

There is great debate in the arena of mathematics about the constant "Pi". By definition the "pi = circumference/diameter" i.e "Pi = circumference/2x radius". A constant has a multiple imbibed i.e. "2". So mathematicians wanted to have constant without any factor (it makes sense) and hence "Tau". Search for "tau" you will find interesting stories.