Aug 5, 2011

Overrated post

I heard from one of my senior colleagues "Hair is overrated". Most of u can guess the obvious reason why he said that. I have heard/read a few others:
"Facebook is overrated", "iPhone is overrated"I guess one can prepare to hear similar ones like
"Height is overrated"
"Leanness is overrated"
"Figure is overrated"
"Talent is overrated"
"Hard work is overrated"
"Cricket is overrated"
"Love is overrated"

Any overrated remark you have heard?


vm said...

it's just a way to console themselves!

Diva said...

"xxxx" film is overrated
Friendship is overrated
Culture is overrated
IT is overrated

Precisely "everything" is overrated in this damn society....

Raju said...

VM, exactly!! What came to my mind when I heard it was 'sour grapes'. :)
Diva, films and film personalities are the most common hits in this. I've heard about friendship too. I've to agree with culture, esp by putting down Americans saying 'ur culture is only 400 years old, whereas ours is 4000 years'. So what?