Aug 10, 2011

Name check

Just a quick and random search in facebook revealed the presence of dozens of people with these names:

Shaguni & Shakuni (Most are women !!)
Judas Iscariot

Just saying ! :-)


vm said...

According to my professor, Indian parents believe that a girl who is named Seetha will have a bitter life. I wonder what happens to those with the names you've mentioned.

Diva said...

hmm..interesting..there might be some reasons of people liking such names..a friend of mine told me once that if she is blessed with a baby boy she will name her boy as "Vandiyadevan" eventhough its a very old name, she got admired by that character.

Raju said...

Vm, about 'Seetha' name, ya I have heard about it. In fact, there is a 1990 movie with the same name in which the protagonist suffers a lot at her marital home.
Diva, Vandiyadevan ah? It is one of my favorite fictional characters in tamil historic fictions.