Sep 26, 2011

Recent fav ads

Indian TV ads are getting one or more of: quite naughty, innovative, bold, youth-centric, and cute. These are the recent ads that would fall in such categories:
Her expressions and reactions are funny. The bg song is good too.

Got glued to it, from the first time I saw it. Nice catchy music.

A very romantic ad. Ideal-looking couple.

Another ad that targets rich and young. Very symbolic for the present generation.

As Jessie says to Anu in VTV its for "Always on facebook" ppl. Nice, simple and innovative stage concept.


Me too said...

My MIL commented on her first trip here how namma ooru Advts are the best compared to here! During India trips, my kids would beg their grandparents, Uncles, Aunts to not switch channels when Advts starts!! I've also noticed that namma ooru uses(employs?) a lot more children in the Advts.

Raju said...

Aparna, I absolutely agree with your MIL. Except may be Superbowl ads, most of them are bland. And about children, ya, children act as brand ambassadors for the suitable chocolate, candies, etc. to the unsuitable TMT bars, cooking oils, mobile phone retailers, etc.