Sep 1, 2011

New faces

I've been reasonably active in fb only for the past year or so. As usual, I have added quite a few people who were my acquintances in the past 15+ years. I had formed a certain views about their personality, based on the limited time I had interacted with them. But, some of their fb activities have been quite a revelation to me. It is like, they are quite different people with interests that I had never associated with them before. It reminded me that, just like time, fb is also a learning facilitator. Never judge a cover by the book, never make opinions abt a person without digging deep :)
On that note, some interesting research articles: Here and here.


Me too said...

Not too much into fb as yet and with just a handful of 'friends', I can't keep up with the posts and comments but I see some people with friend lists as much as 3 and 4 digits!

Raju said...

Aparna, hmm.. 4-digit friends? yah sure.. I have seen too.. Used to wonder what if all those are genuine acquintances, and how many of those would be logged in at any moment..